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Bicyclist Rescues Stray Kitten And Adorably Tours Europe With Customized Cat Bike


Dean Nichols, a 31-year-old backpacker, decided to start catching up to his life because it seemed to him like his life was passing him by. And, what’s a better way of catching up to life than bike-riding your way all around Europe? This is how Nala, the stray cat found its way into Dean’s life while he was cycling through Bosnia and Herzegovina and she decided to stay there forever!

Leaving his Old Life for a New, Better One

The Scottish man from Dunbar was working as a welder for most of his work life, up until he decided to leave everything and start living his life the way he wants to live it. He gathered up some of the stuff he thought would be necessary to him and cycled off into the distance planning to circle around the world with his bike. It didn’t Dean a lot of time in order to get to see Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia as well as many other beautiful countries.

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Finding his new Best Friend

After a couple of months of cycling Dean finally got to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He stated that he was cycling down the streets of Bosnia when all of a sudden he heard something weird. He went to discover what it was, and as he got closer, he noticed that it was a cat meowing on the street. He saw if the cat was alright, and turned back to cycling but, he noticed that the cat was following him and meowing all the time. He stopped the bike, got down from it, and pet the little cat.

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He Took the Cat With him

After their first encounter Dean knew that the cat wanted to be with him, so he took her on his trip. He gave the cat a name, and he decided to call her Nala. He left the cat down on the ground trying to leave without her, but the cat just wouldn’t stop following him. This was his sign to take the cat with him and give Nala the care she didn’t get on the streets of Bosnia.

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Now Everybody Notices Them

For all those months dean felt alone on his trip around the world, and soon, he finally found a partner to keep him company. Nobody noticed him while he was pedaling alone, but, now when he got Nala, everybody wants to take a picture with them. It’s not every day that you see that picture, a man like Dean cycling around the world with a small cat such as Nala on his bike.

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The Insta-Famous Feline

Since then, Dean decided to make an Instagram profile on which he would post pictures of his and Nala’s trip around the world on a bike. The Instagram profile where you can see these pictures is @1bike1world, and they have more than Three Hundred Thousand followers from all around the world. Today, Dean and Nala are traveling in Africa, and Nala is recovering from a surgery she had to do.


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