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Biggest Lottery Winner Ever Stays Anonymous And Donates Huge Amounts To Charity


Lottery, it is one of the biggest obsessions of millennial people. It is also a way of gambling that has gathered a lot of money from people, but it has also awarded some people. Imagine what you would do if you won a lot of money tomorrow. Scratch that, no pun intended, imagine winning the biggest lottery award there is for somebody to win. It would undoubtedly change your life, wouldn’t it? That’s what happened to one such winner, he decided to stay anonymous, but he did something unusual with his award. Read on and find out what she chose to do with the money that he got from the lottery.

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Winner Takes it All

You know that feeling, the feeling of anticipation when most of the numbers are drawn, and they are the same as yours, and you’re waiting for the last couple of numbers? Well, that’s the feeling that this woman had felt before the final number was drawn and it matched her numbers. Once she discovered that she was the winner of the prize, she was left in shock. I mean, who wouldn’t be, after all, she won 1.5 billion dollars. She decided to take out all of the money, and this left her with nearly 880 million dollars.

The Lucky Winner

When the woman told the story to the interviewers, she mentioned that as it turns out, it was all down to luck. Because, as she puts it, she had let somebody else go in front of her before the computer had picked her numbers, so as it turns out if she didn’t do that, the person she let go before her, would’ve won the prize. And, she didn’t realize what was happening until the end of the draw, when her whole life was about to change.

Image Source: En News Ner

She didn’t want People to Know Who she Was

The winning ticket that the woman had was bought in South Carolina, USA. And, as it turns out, this is one of the few remaining states that allow the lottery winners to stay anonymous. She was looking around what she needed to do in order to remain anonymous and hide her identity. This is when her lawyers stepped in and stated that she would be sending some of her winnings to charities.

The Woman’s Generosity Raises Awareness!

The winner of the prize decided not to show off how much money she sends to charity, but she announced where she gave money and the names of the organizations she helped. She wanted to share the organizations in need and raise awareness for them, but she also wanted to keep her winnings and herself safe from other people.

She even delayed when she claimed her prize. Because of the fact that shortly after she won a tornado hit Alabama, she said that she didn’t want to enjoy the money while other people were struggling to rebuild their homes. The money she gave out could help a lot of those people though


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