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Boy Sends Letter To Dad In Heaven And Gets Heartwarming Response From U.K.’s Royal Mail


Holidays can be a great time to relax and feel amazing. But, when someone experiences the loss of a close one, they can turn into hell and not be as pleasant of an experience as we initially had thought. In today’s article, we’ve decided to tell you the story of an amazing mail carrier and how they ensured that the kid that sent his father a birthday letter, was informed that the letter got to his father! Even in heaven!

A Day To Remember!

Kids don’t really understand life and death. So when James Hyndman’s birthday came to be, his 7-year-old son decided to surprise his father. But, there was a problem in the kid’s plan. His father, James, passed away in 2014. And what Jace, the 7-year-old decided to do will actually blow your minds!

Yahoo News UK/ Teri Copland

Namely, the little boy along with his 10-year-old sister decided that they are going to send a letter all the way to heaven for their father’s birthday! They commemorated the day by remembering the good and the bad times that they passed with their father. Jace decided that this year he is going to do something new! He wanted to send out a letter to his father with a precious message and he sent it out for heaven! And if you think that this seems impossible, then you’re probably right. But, a little bit of humanity can go a long way, especially for a little boy! And what happened next, made the 7-year-old feel pretty good!

An Amazing Act Of Humanity (Faith, Restored)!

The son started writing the letter, and once he was done he addressed it with a cute message telling the “Mr. Postman” to take the letter to heaven, and make sure that his father reads it. And when the mother of Jace sent the letter out never thought that they would get any kind of a response! But, only after a couple of weeks later something very amazing appeared at their doorstep. And here’s what it was!

Mirror/ PA

The post office of Royal Mail, despite the fact that they could just dismiss the letter, they decided to make something amazing to cheer up the holidays for this kid. Namely, they decided to get a successful delivery for the letter, and made sure that it was pretty clear for Jace that the letter reached the final destination without any problems!

Here Is The Response Of Royal Mail!

As we said earlier, the heartwarming, human gesture by the Royal Mail, went a long way for Jace. Namely, they decided to write a letter for Jayce and notify him that the letter reached the destination successfully! And taking into consideration the fact that they could’ve easily leave Jayce’s letter and not bother with it at all, Teri was amazed by the response letter that they got!

Teri Copland/ Facebook

Teri said that Jayce was really happy that the letter got to his father. Teri was out of words, and couldn’t pick the words to thank Royal Mail enough for their effort to improve the holidays for her children! She even posted a picture of the letter on Facebook thanking the company for their effort. We assure you that Jayce will remember the great service he got out of Royal Mail!


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