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Boy With Autism Writes Emotional Poem That Goes Viral And Inspires People Across The World


A New Yorker boy suffering from autism has decided to write a poem after their teacher asked his class to write some poems that would describe them. The boy decided to go deep into his feelings and express everything that he was feeling with all the emotions he had inside. After his poem went viral on social media, it has started gaining traction and impacting other people all around the globe.

The Homework Assignment

The 10-year-old boy from New York, Benjamin Giroux, had a pretty interesting homework by his teacher. He needed to write a poem, but this shouldn’t be a random poem. The poem that they should’ve written was supposed to describe the children themselves. And all of them got the same first two words of the poem “I am”.

Image Source: Twitter / Benjamin Giroux

The autistic boy wasn’t used to expressing his feelings in poems and at first sight, this felt like something new to him. But, he seemed to like the assignment, and he couldn’t wait to get home in order to do it. After he put a bit of thought in it, he wrote an amazing poem that would blow his teacher away, and she wasn’t the only one who could admire at this young boy’s talent. Soon, the poem would go viral and the whole world could see his talent.

Expressing Himself in the Poem

Soon after he got home he started writing the poem that was about to impact millions of people. At the beginning of the poem, he explains what his feelings are that he doesn’t feel like he fits in with the words I am od I am new, and how he continues to ask himself if he could fit in.

Image Source: Twitter / Benjamin Giroux

Once they laid their eyes on the poem, his parents immediately became emotional and sensitive. They couldn’t help him in any way with the problems that he expressed in his beautiful poem. In the following couple of sentences, he explains that he knows that he is odd, but he also knows that so is everybody else, in their own way. His father said that this was the message that his son was trying to put through.

Impacting Millions upon Millions

His parents decided to share the poem on their social media accounts immediately, and so they did. I am not blown away of the fact that the poem went viral, because it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever read, and keep in mind that it’s written by a 10-year-old, with autism. Even the National Autism Association decided to share this poem on their Facebook page using the hashtag #OddToo.

Image Source: Facebook / Benjamin Giroux

The ten-year-old won a lot of rewards for the poem that he wrote, the words from the book were even used in a children’s book. He got tons of letters from millions of people around the world who were really touched by the boy’s poem. He has even started some new hobbies that include drawing and playing music.

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