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Boy with Down syndrome left naked in the rain and ‘crying like a baby’ as teachers watched on


Being a teacher is one of the hardest professions that anyone can get into. When I think of a teacher, I am thinking of a knowledgeable person, who cares about his students and loves to give their best in order to educate young people.

But, consistency is not everything for a teacher. They need to be compassionate and have the patience and ability to adapt to each and every group of youngsters that they are teaching. This is the main reason why I get angry with teachers who are taking advantage of their power of authority and abuse it. Or the teachers that are neglecting their duty of taking care of their students. And, this is why I feel good when I read a story similar to the one that we will be talking about today.

Namely, three teachers have been left without work after they were suspended because of the fact that they left a boy suffering from down syndrome outside in the freezing cold. This whole event happened in Merseyside, the UK. And, the school made sure to take the needed precautions in order to stop this from happening again.

These three cruel teachers left Levi Blackshaw, an 11-year-old boy suffering from down syndrome outside in the freezing cold weather naked and curled up into a boll in front of his school – Stanley School back in October the 30th. And, as you would expect his mother, Suzanne Cole was really mad with this.

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As she put it in an interview for the Metro, she didn’t even know what happened to her son, and she wouldn’t have found out if an eye witness didn’t tell her one day after the whole ordeal had happened. In the interview, Cole explained how she felt after she found out, Cole stated that she couldn’t stop crying once when she found out. And, immediately after she found out, she headed to the school, and as she puts it, she nearly smashed the whole classroom. The security removed her from the school, and her partner finished talking to the social workers.

After this whole ordeal, Cole asked to see the camera footage from her son’s headteacher. And, she did not get the recording for two weeks.

In the interview, she also mentioned that when she and her son saw the video, both of them started crying because of the fact that the whole event was frustrating. And, what’s even worse, Levi can’t talk about his feelings because he is non-verbal and his feelings don’t work like ours, he is much more sensitive.

After a year-long investigation concerning the headteacher Anthony Roberts, his deputy Cecilia Maxwell, and his assistant, Helen Clements, they have all been suspended – the recording proved them to be guilty.

Alex Kearney, Cole’s partner, stated that the footage from the CCTV shows everything from the boy being left outside to the witnesses’ claims that the boy was curled up in a ball and crying in the freezing cold.

Image Source: En News Ner

How It All Happened

After the investigation, it was proven that Levi was acting out before being left alone in a classroom. While in the classroom, alone, he decided to play with water and got wet. So, he decided to remove his clothes. After that, he was taken to another classroom, and that’s when Ms. Maxwell chose to tell her colleagues to take him outside. They wrapped a towel around his shoulders and left him outside in the freezing cold. After a couple of minutes, they decided to give him a pair of shorts, but they left him out there for another 22 minutes.

Teachers should be patient and teach us how to cope with people like Levi, and not do the things that his teachers did to him. The only thing that I am hopeful about is that they will get what they deserve, and they will be held accountable for the things that they did. This is a big black spot in Levi’s life that he might not be able to get past it.

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