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Boy With Down Syndrome Wins School’s Kindness Award, Can’t Hide His Excitement On Stage


We all loved our childhood, the feeling of not worrying about anything, and the constant joy that we feel as kids are sure a thing that we would like to come back. And, as we grew older and started socializing more, we start learning how we should be acting around other people. But, some kids might learn that the only way to leave a mark here is by being angry and aggressive towards others, not knowing the important golden rule that they should be treating others the same way that they want to be treated.

A primary school based in Georgia has been recognized for giving out a unique award to one of its students. Namely, the student in question got the “Kindest Student Award.” This award immediately started growing in popularity amongst social media users because of one particular thing.

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The Middle School in question is the Mill Creek Middle School based in Woodstock, Georgia. The students from this school were released last week, and they said goodbye to the graduates from eighth grade. There were tons of awards being given out on the graduation, and most of them were revolving around the academic performance in and around the school.

But, one of the graduates in the school got a unique, new type of an award, and that was the “Excellence in Kindness Award.”

Namely, the fifteen-year-old graduate named Christopher Yancy was the person that received this new award. Christopher was born with Down syndrome, and he received the honor for kindness with a pretty happy attitude. He was running all over the stage, jumping around and high fiving teachers and classmates. After receiving the award, Christopher got a standing ovation by everybody in the hall.

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The moment when the youngster received the award was caught on video, and the video has started growing in popularity, and is now viral!

There have been dozens of interviews after the youngster got his award, and there are lots of interviews where his mother Brenda Page says how proud she is of her son being honored with the kindness award. His mother continued to talk about how much she values kindness, and that to her, being kind is much better than not being kind and having a high DPA and perfect attendance. Brenda also turned to the optimistic outlook that her son had on life.

In an interview with the WSB TV, Christopher’s mother, Brenda, revealed that her son wakes up every morning full of energy and with a smile on his face. And, the kids at the school where he was studying also embraced him as one of the kindest people they have ever met.

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Christopher was studying in Middle Creek, but he was enrolled into the special needs classes, and he is happy to tell us that he is planning on moving forward to his next challenge, going to high school the following year. His mother said that her son can’t stop talking about his future and that he was very excited about what was waiting for him there.

Here is a video of the youngster receiving the award for kindness:

Posted by Brenda Page on Thursday, May 23, 2019

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