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Bride has a Surprise at the Altar And It Has The Entire Wedding Party In Tears


Weddings can get a bit stressful at times. And, with all the hustle, oftentimes a simple task of just creating the guest list can turn out to be a pretty demanding one, and it can get even worse if you’re planning to invite some of the spouses-to-be ex-partners. This is what actually happened for the bride to be – Katie Musser. And, when some partners would ask their – soon to be life-partners to try and leave the past where it belongs – in the past, Katie did the exact opposite.

The Decision

She decided to dive into the problem, face first, and that turned out to be hers and her partner’s best day of their lives. As an addition to inviting the ex-wife of her partner, she was planning on talking directly to her while in front of the altar. This will surely take you for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. So, be prepared!

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

Not Your Typical Wedding Day!

First thing’s first, let’s get to know the couple that’s getting married. The couple that was in question was Katie and Jeremy Musser. They decided to set the date for the most important day of their lives on September 2017. And, while they were standing at the altar, all of their guests expected the typical out of them, to prepare and say their vows. But, that didn’t happen, instead what the then 24-year-old bride did next would show the guests that this wasn’t to be anything that they expected it to be!

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

And, what made it even weirder is the fact that she didn’t only invite his ex-girlfriend on the event, she even asked her to stand up in front of everybody that was there. The relationship between them started out pretty bad, so this is an outcome that none of them could have predicted before it happened. But, eventually, this turned out to be a pretty good thing for both of them because it grew into an internet sensation quickly after the wedding.

It Started Much Earlier

The journey of the two, Katie and Jeremy started a couple of years before their wedding, and they were already making headlines. They met at their college and started going out back in the year of 2013. In the beginning, they seemed like they were starting a new relationship. Although Katie knew a little bit about her then boyfriend’s past they decided to do it. But, not too long after they started going out, she was going to find out much more about Jeremy’s past.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

Jeremy decided to keep something big about his life to himself and not share it with his girlfriend. But, he couldn’t hide it from her, and a couple of weeks into their relationship, he decided to come clean with her and tell her something that would impact their relationship and future life together hugely. And, when Jeremy decides to come clean, Katie would start to repeatedly doubt their relationship.

The Big Reveal

They were six weeks into their relationship, and they both felt that everything was going as it should. But, that’s when Jeremy decided to reveal the information that he was hiding from his girlfriend. One night while they were texting on their mobile phones, Jeremy started revealing something to Katie that would throw her completely off guard. And, what was a seemingly good day for the two would become the defining point in their lives.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

This started as a regular conversation between a couple, just like every couple talks these days. But, it quickly turned into a big and an unusual moment for both of them. The reason why this turned upside down in such short notice was that Jeremy decided to reveal to Katie that he had a kid – a son. Katie needed some time to take in what her boyfriend actually said, but as he kept talking, she would get more and more shocked.

Questions, Questions, Questions…

She couldn’t process the information, and the questions in her head were piling up. She was not able to think straight given how important the information that she just received were. And, even though it’s not something new, but it’s not that common for a student in their early twenties to have a kid. She was able to think just enough so she wouldn’t say something that she might regret later down the road, but she asked Jeremy how old his son was?

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

Katie didn’t know about the boy, let along seeing him, but for some reason, she had imagined that the boy was somewhere around 2 years old. Maybe this was because it would be easier for her because this would mean that the relationship between Jeremy and his ex, ended earlier, and it had settled down. But, once Jeremy answered her question to her she was left without any words.

He Kept it a Secret

Jeremy answered that his boy’s name was Landon and that the kid was born on 28th of April in 2013. Katie was sitting in her apartment and she couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. She couldn’t believe that Jeremy was hiding this from her. As she started taking in the information, she started realizing that Jeremy had been going out with her for about 6 weeks, and he had a 3-weeks-old son, so that meant that he had hidden the fact that he got a son from her while they were going out…

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

This meant that he didn’t tell her that he was expecting a baby boy when they started dating, but what was worse according to her was the fact that he even kept her in the dark for the three weeks since the baby was born. She couldn’t realize why wouldn’t he tell her… Millions of questions were racing through her mind, she was not even sure how should she react to that information. And, the next couple of words that came out of Katie’s mouth were so unexpected by her…

She Didn’t Expect That

These are the types of news that can really shock you. And, despite the fact that their relationship was pretty new, she thought that Jeremy should’ve told her this information much earlier than he did. This came as a big bombshell to Katie. So, she was trying long and hard to focus and think of something to say back to Jeremy.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

After some time, she managed to compose herself and she finally wrote back to him. She got back with something that she never thought she would say after finding out about something like that. In fact, she never thought about getting this kind of news. She said that she thought that the news was amazing and exciting. So, they kept on talking, and Jeremy started diving deeper inside his relationship with the mother of his son. He told her the whole backstory. But, Katie never even imagined the role that she was going to play further down the road. And, when you take the events that were about to happen in consideration, the actions that she took on their wedding were even more surprising.

“You Just Need to Trust me”

Jeremy went on explaining his relationship with the mother of his son, he told Katie that the relationship with his ex, Casey Bender, ended much earlier from when he and Katie started dating. But, with that explanation, he also told Katie that he still was a father and that he wanted his son to be his driving force for him.

Image Source: Facebook/ Jeremy Wade

Katie seemed like she didn’t want to lose Jeremy, but in a later interview, she also explained how hard it was for her, and how much she struggled in those times. She was constantly questioning her own decisions, she was panicking and overthinking stuff, and oftentimes she even felt like Jeremy was hiding a lot more things from her. She said that she was constantly wondering if she was missing something and if Jeremy might be hiding more things from her. She truly loved him, and that’s why she was hoping that he told her everything and he was not hiding anything from her, but she was constantly questioning what her boyfriend was saying to her. And, their life together would be full of similar challenges that she would have to overcome in order to come to the amazing moment at their wedding.

The Baby Makes an Impact

Since Landon was born, Katie noticed that Jeremy was acting kind of weird. She also added that she could notice that there were constantly battling, and as she puts it, this was because of the reason that co-parenting was not easy for Casey and Jeremy, but they weren’t the only two impacted from this, Katie was also in the smack middle of it all.

Image Source: Facebook/ Jeremy Wade

Although Jeremy might have continued with his life after separating with the mother of his son as well as his ex-girlfriend and went on dating Katie, she could still notice that Casey was not so pleased… As you would expect, the ex-girlfriend and the current one weren’t getting along at all, at the time. And, things between them were only worsening, until, the wedding day came, and Katie did what she thought was right…

They Didn’t get Along at all

Katie knew that there was not any specific reason why she didn’t think well of Casey, and they only didn’t like each other simply because it seemed like it was the normal thing. The two of them had thought something about one another, which they either made up, or they didn’t have any facts to think that. Whatever the reason was, they had a pretty uncomfortable time while they were in each other’s presence.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

Yes, some partners can oftentimes move on, and not think about their connection with their ex, but Casey and Jeremy had one of the strongest bonds because of which they had to stay in contact. The bond was their son. The struggle between the two women didn’t stop for the following months, but however they felt about each other, they too had something that both of them liked.

The Thing in Common

Yes, they might’ve had a couple of differences between the two of them. But, they still had one thing that they both liked and couldn’t live without it. It was Landon, the baby connected all three of them. Yes, the two women might not play the same role in the kid’s life, but, they were both there for him since he was born.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

It didn’t actually matter how Katie felt about Landon’s mother. The important thing for her was the relationship that he had with the baby. And, to be honest with you, Katie seemed to be in love with the cute little thing, the same way that she fell in love with his father… And, as you would expect, Landon was the most important thing that had ever happened in Casey’s life! Landon was the main reason why Katie thought that she had to make a change in her life and learn to live with Casey because this would be great both for Landon, as well as for the relationship between her and Jeremy.

What Have I Became?

They spent a couple of months together, but Katie still had doubts about Jeremy and his ex-girlfriend. Slowly but surely this was taking its toll on Katie. And, as she said in a Facebook post that she posted after her wedding, she started hating who she became.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

She Really Wanted to Trust him

The only thing that Katie wanted was to be able to trust her boyfriend. She was not interested in the disbelief she had towards Jeremy and the hate towards his ex. She wanted everything to get back as it was before Jeremy told her about Landon. She was decisive, and she wanted to move past that event, and now, when Landon and Jeremy became such a big part of her life she decided to change. And, with Landon’s first birthday coming close, she was preparing a brave move…

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

“I Just Want to Change”

As Landon’s birthday was coming closer and closer every day, this would be an important event, not only for Landon but also for all the adults that were involved in his life. In these moments, when Katie was questioning herself, she took a good look in both Jeremy and Landon, and she decided that she just wanted to change, if not for herself, for those two guys.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

Set a Good Example

The real reason why she wanted to change was Landon because she wanted to be a good role model for the kid and also set an example for him. She wanted to end the poisonous things in their lives once and forever. So, she decided to ask her boyfriend to tell her Casey’s number. She took a while, but she managed to gather the strength and overcome her ego. She called Casey. She asked her if they could sit down and talk, but Casey did not feel ready to do just that. After some time has passed, Casey finally agreed to sit down and talk, woman to woman. But, none of them expected the discussion to go in the direction that it ended up in.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

Taking the Step Up!

It felt pretty hard for Katie in the beginning, but as the conversation went on, she managed to pull it together, and she explained how she felt and told Casey everything that was on her mind. And although she did not expect Casey to trust her immediately, she wanted to be honest with her. The conversation was mainly centered around Landon, and the fact that the boy was spending time with both of them, it was only right for the two of them to sit down and talk.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

Katie told Casey that despite the fact that she isn’t Landon’s mother, and she maybe wasn’t there for Landon’s first steps, or his potty training, she still felt like she was connected to the boy. She said that she cared for him and she loved him as if Landon was her own son. But, after they said everything they had to say about the boy, their conversation turned on another topic, it was a topic that none of them expected to talk about that day.

Repairing Their Relationship

They managed to find a lot of things that they both had in common. Landon wasn’t the only bond between the two women. Casey added that they connected on different levels, and they found out that they were pretty similar in some things. She also added that she thought that Katie would make an amazing co-parent to help her with the things that she couldn’t do. They never expected that something like this would lead them closer to each other.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

Katie and Casey continued to nurture the relationship that they had just started building, and they kept on growing close and closer to each other. They set up a meet-up between the two and they called it a “mommy date”, they spoke about everything, but the conversations were more centered towards the boy. As soon as the two women would start to strengthen their bonds, another person would enter in the middle, and this would shift the gears between the two once again.

Shifting Gears

It’s true that a lot of women wouldn’t find the strength and willpower to put all of the differences behind and do what Katie and Casey did. But, they tried and mutually built up a relationship and started a friendship. But, in 2015, their relationship was once again shaken by Casey’s soon to be husband – Tyler. But, the cause that shook the relationship between Casey and Katie were the men. Now, they couldn’t stand to see each other.

Image Source: Facebook/ Casey Bender

Tyler wanted to be a parental figure in Landon’s life, but the problem was that just like the women in the beginning, neither Jamie nor Tyler could not forget their past. Katie and Casey knew that they pulled through and they thought that the men could do it too, but for now, they were not able to. One time, Katie’s boyfriend sent Jeremy a message that amazed her.

Coming to an Agreement

Namely, Jeremy said that he was thankful for the fact that Tyler managed to be there for Landon when he couldn’t be because of the situation. He added that he could see both of them as the father figure to the boy, and he took his ex and his current girlfriend as an example that it is possible.

Image Source: Jeremy Wade

What he was actually trying to do, was to invite Tyler for a drink and conversation. He wanted to talk to him about their current situation. But, there was one problem. Although they came to an agreement that they would respect each other, they couldn’t become as close as their partners did. They ended up not going for the drink, and they decided not to make any other plans. And this is why the thing that would happen on Jeremy’s and Katie’s wedding would be that more unexpected.

She Said YES!

All these events only helped Katie’s and Jeremy’s relationship to get even stronger than before, after a couple of years of going out, the two finally decided to get engaged. So, Jeremy asked the question, and Katie said YES! Katie couldn’t wait for her Jeremy and Landon to become a family, but she was still missing something when she was writing her vows.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

After some thinking, she managed to realize what the missing piece of the puzzle was… And, after some secret plans, she was finally ready for the wedding day. She couldn’t decide if the secret plan was okay or not, and if she should go through with it, or if she should just cancel it. She was worried about what the other guests would think about it, and if they would understand why she did it. She couldn’t know what they would think so she decided to risk it, and see what would happen.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day was here. Katie was looking beautiful in her white dress, and Jeremy was amazing in his wedding suit. Before going down the aisle, she prepared with her bridesmaids, she gave them bracelets that would match with the theme of the wedding – sunflower bracelets.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

When it was time to go down the aisle, she was ready to take the steps that she had been practicing for. As the guests were settling down in their seats, they could see Casey and Tyler, and despite the fact some of the guests were giving them strange looks, because of the past between Jeremy and Casey, none of them knew the backstory to the two couples. Before taking the first step down the aisle, Katie felt nervous because she knew that she needed to go through with her plan.

Wedding Day Filled with Surprises

The wedding ceremony started amazing, and everybody could feel the excitement in the air. But, no one of the guests expected what was about to happen. It was time for the couple to exchange their vows. Katie was supposed to be first. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she was trying to collect herself for sharing her vows. Nobody knew about her secret plan, and she took everybody, even Jeremy by surprise with it.

Image Source: Daily Mail

As the bride was slowly collecting herself, the wedding officiate called for Casey and her husband to stand up. It seemed as though everybody held their breath at that moment. But, nobody was sure what was about to happen, Jeremy wasn’t aware of this, so he wasn’t sure what his soon-to-be wife was doing.

Tissues Anybody?

Each and every one of the guests was amazed when Katie started addressing Casey and Tyler… She started by thanking Casey for accepting her as her friend, and also for letting her be a part of Landon’s life.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

One Big Family

She continued to promise Casey that she is going to take good care and be an amazing substitute for when she’s not there for Landon. She also promised her that she is going to work with Casey so that they could be the most perfect co-parents that anyone has ever had. She added that she loved both of them and that she feels all five of them as one big family. But, Katie still wasn’t done with her vows, soon she would continue to surprise the guests, and after this one, I don’t think that there was anyone with dry eyes in the room…

Image Source:

Emotional Moment at the Wedding Party

Her voice was still shaking from before, but she still wasn’t done. Now Katie asked for Landon to come near her. She bent down to the kid and continued reading her vows, now to the boy. She continued with the emotional promises, she promised Landon that she’s never going to leave his site, to listen to him, and love both him and his dad with all her heart.

Facebook/ Katie H. Muss

I Love You!

She also added that she is going to remain best friends with both his mother and his step-dad Tyler. She repeated that she wanted them to be one big family, and to continue to live a happy life together. She knew that this was going to tear her up, but she did not expect that the entire wedding party was going to be sniffing after her secret surprise. She continued reading her vows to her soon-to-be husband Jeremy, and after she was done, they all hugged together. When the wedding party came to an end, Katie explained why she did what she did.

Image Source: Instagram/ Katie Musser

The Reason Behind the Wedding Surprise

She was thinking a lot before getting in front of all those people and doing what she did. When she felt like she was missing something, and she thought about it, she realized that she wasn’t only marrying Jeremy, so, it was only fair to share vows with everybody in their “big family” as she likes to call it. She also explained how she and Casey became more than just best friends, but she also added in that the driving force for her was someone else…

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

4 Years, she has gone through Jeremy hiding Landon from her to getting best friends with her boyfriend’s ex, and now she was marrying that same boyfriend. But, Landon was the main driving force for her. She explained how the little boy managed to turn their lives upside down, and their lives were not the only thing that changed, they were completely other people with Landon. What was even more amazing was the fact that Casey did not only take part in Katie’s vows, she included her in one other way.

They Saved Me!

Katie continued telling everybody how Landon and Casey opened up to so many new situations and things she never thought about. And, she loved every little thing that they did for her. She also added that Casey was the shoulder that was there when she needed to cry, the person to talk to (because she knows how to listen), and she gave her strength when she needed it for the wedding. She said that their bond only got stronger before the wedding and that she was thankful for that.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

So, as a way to thank her for all of those moments, Katie decided to give Casey one of the sunflower bracelets that she gave her bridesmaids.


All weddings are filled with all kinds of emotions, but Katie’s and Jeremy’s was something special. The guests at their wedding cried, laughed, danced and celebrated, but just like every wedding, this one had to end too. And, near the end of the night, Jeremy found Katie, and he told her that the blended family wouldn’t be as happy if it wasn’t for her and Casey. And, at the end of the day, he was thankful for that.

Image Source:

And what was Casey’s reaction to Katie’s secret plan you ask? Well, as Katie puts it, Casey wanted to kill her… okay she didn’t want to kill her literally but it would’ve been better if there was some kind of warning before it happened, Casey said. But, she was grateful for the words that Katie wrote. But, this was only the beginning for the big blended family, they had a long road in front of them.

Their Internet Fame

Only a year has passed from Kate and Jeremy’s emotional wedding, Katie decided to publish a Facebook post that would explain their whole journey from the start to the present. In this post, she attached photos and a video from her wedding night where she executed her secret plan. This post has gotten viral and people from all around the world were watching the video shedding tears over her perfectly executed secret plan.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie Musser

She posted it wanting to share it with her friends on her personal account, but millions upon millions of people that were involved in the act of co-parenting saw this video as a motivational message to try and do the best for their kids. She said, that this might not be possible for each and every person that watches the video, but for the ones that are able to, she would like to encourage them to try and communicate with each other. She also added in that they should try and leave their egos and do what’s best for the children.

They’re still Close Friends

Katie Musser and Casey Bender are still close friends even to this day. And despite the fact that they’re a three-hour drive apart from each other, they are still keeping to a visitation schedule, and the women are the main reason why. Casey has one more child since the wedding, and they’re planning to one day go on a vacation as a big blended family.

Image Source:

In an interview with “Today,” Casey said that she knows how much Katie loves Landon, and she says that as a mother she is really happy that her child is loved by her ex’s wife. And, as the two women – Casey and Katie put it, being close friends and nurturing their relationship might not be an important thing, but taking care of Landon, and being his co-parents sure is. And, as it seems, both father figures of Landon – Tyler, and Jeremy have come to an understanding.

The sat for the Long-Awaited Drink, Finally!

Yes, initially they might not have started their “friendship” on the right foot, and they might not have taken Katie and Casey’s friendship as a great example of everything that’s possible, they started hanging out more after Katie executed her plan on the wedding night. And, that’s when Tyler felt it was only right to propose something to Jeremy.

Image Source: Facebook/ Casey Jo Bender

After the end of the wedding reception, while their wives were talking about what Katie did, Tyler decided to approach Jeremy and say goodbye to him, but he also had an offer for Jeremy. Just as they were shaking their hands for goodbye, Tyler said to Jeremy that it would be good if they took that drink that they never got to take. In an interview with the “Daily Mail” Katie also spoke about this moment, she told the “Daily Mail” how hard this proposal hit Jeremy later. She also added in that they were finally making it, and Jeremy admitted to her that they would never become this one blended family if she didn’t ask for Casey’s phone number at the beginning of their relationship.

More Members in the Family

Landon was lucky enough to get 2 parents that loved him with their whole heart, but he was even luckier to get two more step-parents that were willing to love him as much as his parents. But, what was even better for Landon was the fact that his mother was expecting a new baby, he was going to get a brother, Jax. 2017 was the year when Tyler and Casey got their addition to the family, their son Jax. And, the best part of Casey’s pregnancy was the fact that Tyler and Casey, were more than happy to include Katie and Jeremy in the excitement.

Image Source: Facebook/ Casey Jo Bender

The Benders even took a family photo with Jeremy and Katie while Casey was pregnant with her son. And that’s exactly why Katie is thankful for the relationship that she and her friend Casey managed to grow. She says that she knows that not everybody have the luxury of an understanding co-parent. But, as she put it for the “Daily Mail” all you need to do is to communicate and talk to each other, you’ll eventually find a way to get along.

He Loves his Brother

The brotherly bond that Jax and Landon have is an amazing example of true love. They love doing everything together, starting from board games, through reading books, coloring, wearing matching clothes, etc. Casey is more than happy to capture all of these amazing moments between the two brothers, and she’s constantly sharing them on her social media accounts…

Image Source: Facebook/ Casey Jo Bender

It is not an easy thing to expand your family. And the case with Landon is even harder, simply because of the two homes that he has, and the two pairs of parents. But, Jax didn’t shake the relationship between the two couples, if anything he strengthened it. Casey’s the on that makes sure that the brothers spend as much time together as they can, and the best part of it all is that their father, Tyler, loves to join in on the games that they are playing.

Fun, Fun, Fun and More Fun

Landon also loves spending time with his step-mother Katie and his father Jeremy. He especially loves to get paint and decorate the Halloween pumpkins, and the family kitty loves to help him. Katie loves thinking of things that her stepson would love to do, and make his stay there as interesting as possible.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie H. Muss

Katie loves Landon, and she treats him as if he was her own son. She constantly comes up with mother-son activities to make the stay there more enjoyable for him. The constantly go out on summer holidays, they go to the beach and spend lots of time with their friends and family. They are all really cute together.

Sharing her Story

The story about Katy and the blended family is still shared all over the internet. It continues to motivate people all around the world, and it continues to get positive feedback with constant comments and questions. The reason that this story went viral on the social media was the fact that it perfectly shows how a blended family should function, and what you can do in order to get where she and Casey got.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie H. Muss

Katie is constantly contacted by lots of people, she’s contacted even by some people that don’t know her at all, they are loving her story… the comment on the picture how much of an impact this story actually has on people that can find themselves in it. But, Katie is not the only one that loves sharing the message and her story all over the internet…

Not the Only One

As it turns out, Katie is not the only one who wants to share their story on the internet. Jeremy also got his hands to the post and decided to share it. He shared the beautiful story about the blended family and said that he’s thankful for the persistence of Katie and Casey to improve their blended family. He even said that he can’t describe it with words, how proud he is of his wife Casey.

Image Source: Facebook/ Jeremy Wade

Jeremy thinks that by telling their story they can encourage others to do what they managed to do even if at the time it seems impossible to them. He wants people to know that even 4 parents are able to keep the family happy and fulfilled. And he expressed his feelings in this amazing post that he posted on Facebook.

People Want to be Just Like Them

For all the people that have read and engaged with their story, Katie, Jeremy, Casey, and Tyler are co-parenting goals. All the readers were amazed at how despite the fact that they split up, Landon’s parents stayed so close together. One commenter evens aid that he would love if every separated couple could be as close as they are.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie H. Muss

Katie was the main reason that all of these has happened. Her decision to ask her then boyfriend for his ex-girlfriend’s number was the key to this blended family success story. People were thrilled to see the positivity that was coming out of Landon’s parents. He is surrounded by positive energy, and he is really lucky to have all of them for role models. Now, they can teach him too, that even though his parents split up, they can always stay close in order to bring him happiness and joy in his life.

The Most Important Person in Their Lives

Before going through with the wedding, they had to ask for one person’s blessing, that was more important to them than any other person. Katie and Jeremy asked Landon for his blessings before getting married, his opinion mattered to them, and they were pretty lucky that he gave them his blessings, if he didn’t they wouldn’t have been able to get married.

Image Source: Facebook/ Katie H. Muss

So, making Landon the most important person in the wedding decision was not enough. And Katie thought that it would be a great idea to make Landon the most important person in each and every decision that she and Jeremy will bring in their lives. She was decisive to show him that he had 4 parents that all loved him equally and that they loved co-parenting him.


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