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Brilliant ads that really make you think


Advertisers have been waiting for this moment of time their whole lives! They can target us however they would like to, they can put ads in tons of places such as your favorite website, your favorite app, phones, TV, and many other places. It’s simply hard not to see an ad, or avoid anything that a brand would like you to see! And if we’re being honest here, companies have to hire creative advertisers to up the ante when it comes to standard means of advertising. Because we’ve gotten so used to advertising all over us that we don’t pay that much attention to them anymore!

So, as we talked about in the previous paragraph, marketing agencies must start thinking innovative and be creative in order to catch our attention! The question is what can they do to get our attention and not be as obtrusive as the more traditional ones out there? These geniuses have reached the pinnacle of advertising and creativity. They’ve managed to create ads that can not only catch our attention but also look as beautiful as every other ad out there! In today’s article, we’ve decided to gather the best examples of these ad campaigns and deliver them to you to hear your opinion on how they look!

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat!

The slogans of some companies have been around for long enough for us to start connecting them with those words as soon as we hear them. Nike’s “Just do it”, the slogan of Skittles, one of the greatest ones “Taste the Rainbow”, and the one everybody knows and there isn’t a person who hasn’t heard this one, I’ll let you guess whose slogan this is “I’m Lovin’ It” are a great examples of what a couple of well placed words can get you as a business. So, when the mouth-watering chocolate bar “Kit Kat” came up with their slogan – “Have a break. Have a Kit Kat” the room for advertising companies was HUGE! This advertisement is allowing you to actually have a break when you’re having your Kit Kat and I personally love this one!

Get them off

This one takes advertising to the next level! Walking around the mall, the train or the bus stations you might not think that you would be a part of a great advertisement. But, once some of these people saw these pictures on the internet they were amazed because they didn’t realize that they were being a part of an advertisement! Here, the advertising company used regular people to raise the awareness of people who own pets. This company decided to use regular people in order to show others what they achieved. It feels like a flash-mob of some sort, the more you try not to look at it, the more you’re engrossed in their singing and dancing.

Break The Glass and Get The Money!

At first, I thought that these things were happening only in my country. Namely, wherever I went whether it was a bus station or just an advertisement board, it looked like people love smashing the glass. Well, this advertising company took things up a notch and decided to use a catch in their advertisement board. Namely, they put a regular looking glass advertisement panel in the middle of the street, and in between the two sheets of glass they put 1 Million US dollars, and on the glass, they wrote: “Take all the money you can from the glass, if you manage to break it!” And until today no one has managed to break the glass and obtain what was in it. What do you say of this kind of advertising huh?!

Save the planet

People keep pushing advertisements upon us trying to tell us that we need to save the world! And, those advertisements have gotten so boring that we stopped giving them the attention that they need to get. The amazing thing is that the WWF has come up with an amazing idea of an advertisement which socializes with people of all ages on a daily basis. Namely, this is an advertisement in which people are encouraged to take care for the planet by saving paper towels, and it is represented by a hole in the paper towels dispenser in the shape of South America. With every paper you take out of the dispenser you’re depleting South America, pretty creative right?!

I’m lovin’ it

We mentioned it before and there’s no way you thought that this article was going to skip one of the most widely known slogans of all time! So, they decided to take a perfect spin on their advertising here. No matter where you go in the whole world, the sign where you can cross the road is pretty universal. Straight rectangular lines! McDonald’s decided to take a spin on this sign and use it at their advantage. They somehow got the idea to turn the big white rectangles into their French fries, and it got viral on the internet! You could go as far to say that the people were “Lovin’ It…”

Just Do It! RUN!

There are companies which take a great part of our lives, and all they’re doing is selling clothes and sneakers, right? No! Let’s take Nike as an example. Their primary objective is to sell clothes and sneakers, yes. But they’re doing much more than just that with their interesting and unique advertising campaigns. In fact, they use their advertisements to promote healthy living and exercising. In this one advertisement campaign, they’ve decided that they will need to deface a perfectly looking park bench, and just write “RUN!” On it putting their logo below the text… Creative, pretty creative Nike!

The Simpsons Love Donuts!

Marketing for the new movies that come out practically go all in once that happens. Trailers of said movie come up everywhere and all the time. Posters are everywhere you go and even the radio is not a safe place to have a bit of calm. But, there are some marketing teams that love doing something out of the ordinary when they need to do the marketing for certain movies. There was the Dead Pool marketing which got the movie on the 1st place for the net worth of movies. But, this Simpson Movie marketing campaign is pretty amazing. Each and every one of us knows how Homer feels about donuts, but watching the donuts on the stairs going into his mouth as you go down is pretty genius wouldn’t you say so?!

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