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Burglars Find Out That Stolen Puppy Is Hiding A Huge Secret


Owning a puppy can bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction imaginable. There’s just something about the innocence and vulnerability of a puppy which appeals to the heart of a human being in a way that only a few pets can. From the day you bring your puppy home right through its adult life and eventual passing, that pet becomes a part of your family, and its loss is extremely painful. Unfortunately for one Australian family, they had to deal with the sudden loss of their beautiful puppy in one of the worst ways possible.

Upon arriving home one day, they realized that not only had their house been burglarized, but that their puppy ‘Sasha’ was nowhere to be found. They had no idea that Sasha was holding a secret which would eventually lead them to discover her whereabouts.

First Encounter

Ryan Hood and Elena Sardi are the lucky Australian couple who welcomed Sasha into their family when she was just a puppy. From the onset, it was clear that this yellow Labrador Retriever was going to be the right addition for this small family. She was cute, adorable, and more importantly, Maia, their four-year-old girl, really loved the puppy.


As soon as she had laid eyes on the puppy, she fell in love. It was as if Sasha were the missing piece that Maia needed to be happy. Out of all the puppies they could have brought home, Ryan and Elena were satisfied with their decision. The most important thing for them was that their daughter loved the dog. They felt that Sasha’s welcome to the family would signal the beginning of a very happy period in their lives, especially for Maia.

Getting Close

As to whether it was love at first sight or just childhood excitement, it was obvious to Maia’s parents that her daughter loved Sasha a lot and appreciated the extra company that she would bring. As the days went on, she and the puppy grew very attached to each other. To her parents, it was honestly no surprise that she clung to Sasha so much.

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For a while now, Maia had been a little down-and-out. Sometimes, she felt all alone. She had no brothers and sisters of her own with whom she could have played. Her parents knew this. However, they didn’t intend to have another child for a while. Therefore, they decided that a puppy might be a good companion for their little girl, and so far, it seemed to do the trick! With Maia happy, everyone was happy.

It Was Fate

Maia was so thankful that her parents had thought of getting her a puppy so that she didn’t feel all alone anymore. Before, she really used to feel lonely and often longed for a companion. Now, Sasha had come around, and she no longer felt lonely. She finally had a friend of her own with whom she could do any and everything. The two were like two peas in a pod: simply inseparable.

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Wherever Maia was, Sasha was sure to follow. They would spend most of the day together, and Maia loved that. In the short time that she had spent home, Maia and Sasha had developed such a strong bond. Her parents knew that their daughter would have bonded with whatever puppy they brought home, but they felt that something about Sasha really put a spark in their daughter’s eyes. Because of the strong bond between Maia and her beloved pet, the travesty which was about to befall the family hit them even harder than it would normally have.

The Fateful Day

To Ryan and Elena, it seemed like a regular day. Nothing seemed to be off, nor did they get the slightest inkling feeling that something horrible was about to happen to them. They decided to leave home to head to their family doctor to get their usual checkups. They left Sasha at home while they went to the doctor. They could have never expected what was going to happen.

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The only thing that concerned the family about leaving Sasha home was that the puppy might have damaged their furniture. That said, they figured that Sasha was reasonably well-behaved, so the chances of that happening were very low. All in all, they didn’t see anything wrong with leaving the puppy at home. Sadly, during that short time that they were at the doctor’s office, their property had been burglarized. If that wasn’t enough of a shock, when they found out what was taken, they were simply devastated.

The Biggest Shock

When they got back home from the doctor’s office, the family couldn’t believe their eyes. Someone had managed to break and enter into their home during the time that they were out of the house. It was obvious that the perpetrators had forcefully broken in. When they began to evaluate the damage done, they were shocked. The culprits had managed to make off with so many of the family’s most costly possessions, including jewelry, iPads, laptops, and just about every and anything in-between.

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The family couldn’t believe it. How could something like this have happened to them? They were gone only for just a short while. How could someone have robbed them like that? They had lost so many of their valuable items. To make matters worse, the insecurity they felt from having their personal space violated like that was overwhelming. Still, that wasn’t the biggest shock of all.

Where Was Sasha?

The family was simply devastated. Apart from the loss of some of their most expensive items, they felt vulnerable and unsafe. A complete stranger had been in their private space and made off with their personal possessions. They rummaged through their belongings and took whatever they wanted. Sadly, they took something else which hurt the family more than any physical possession that they had lost.

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The burglars had made off with their beloved puppy Sasha. They called out her name but got no response. They searched high and low but couldn’t find their innocent pet. Everything else that they had lost was now irrelevant. They could have replaced personal possessions. But no pet could replace Sasha. They were destroyed, especially Maia.

Coping With The Loss

Understandably so, the family was destroyed beyond words. Speaking on behalf of her family in an interview, Elena was candid. She stated that they were broken beyond repair. For her, it was both the fact that their property had been stolen as well as the fact that their personal space was intruded upon was extremely hard to deal with. However, the most painful part was knowing that their puppy was stolen right from their home.

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For them, their material possessions weren’t significant when compared to the loss of their puppy. For them, Sasha had become a part of the family. How could you replace a family member? They wanted nothing more than for Sasha to be back with them. They had developed such a strong bond with the puppy: all they wanted to do was fill the void which Sasha’s absence caused in their lives.

A Tight Bond

Some might feel as if the family was overreacting when it came to the loss of their puppy. After all, it had only been a week since they brought Sasha into their home that she had been stolen. How could they have developed such a strong attachment in the span of a week?

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For Ryan, Elena, and Maia, Sasha was a part of their family. The length of time she spent was irrelevant in the face of the amount of bonding they had done up to that point. Sasha was an instant hit for the family and was easily assimilated into their small circle. For Maia, Sasha was her best friend. They did practically everything together. Her friendship and bond with Sasha were now destroyed because of the actions of a heartless burglar. Maia was torn.

Maia’s Pain

Undoubtedly, the family member who took Sasha’ loss the hardest was little Maia. In the week that the puppy was home, the two were inseparable. Maia would even allow the puppy to sleep in the same bed as her. The two spent every moment of the day together. Maia had found a new best friend whom she hoped to have by her side for several years to come.

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Now, all of Maia’s hopes came crashing down. In a matter of a couple of hours, Sasha had been snatched right out of their lives with no prior notice or warning. The loss devastated Maia. She started having frequent nightmares and was ill-at-ease. All she wanted was to have her best friend back to be happy again. How could someone have done such a thing to her?

Trying To Console Their Daughter

For the family, it was difficult to deal with the loss of their property. However, the real killer was seeing their daughter suffer emotionally from being robbed of her best friend and light. They understood all too well what the puppy meant for their daughter. They tried to console her, but for them, it was one of the most challenges experiences they ever had as parents.

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For them, trying to console a child who had just lost something so precious to her was something that they could have never expected to do, and at such short notice at that. What could have prepared them for such a disaster? They were devastated as parents. The entire family mourned the loss of their beloved pet in solidarity and tried their best to comfort each other during such a trying ordeal.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Ryan, Elena, and Maia were all distraught. The loss of their beloved puppy hit them really hard. However, there was still hope. Although the family was going through one of the darkest periods of their time together, there was a silver lining in the cloud that they could have taken advantage of. There was a chance for them to recover their beloved pet, one which the burglars could have never expected.

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Before the parents adopted the dog, they had had her microchipped just in case she ended up getting lost, or worse, stolen. With that, at least they could have tried to track her down. This is definitely something which the perpetrators could have never counted on. Now, the chance of restoring their family to relative normalcy was within reach, and finally, Maia could be with her Sasha yet again.

What Exactly Did They Do To Sasha?

If you’re a pet owner, you should really consider getting your pet microchipped. It can save you a lot of headaches if you can’t find it, and better yet, it also sets your mind at ease to know that you can always track your pet. What’s more, it’s not a very expensive procedure, and your pet won’t undergo any sort of pain whatsoever. The microchip is as small as a grain of rice, and your pet won’t know what happened when the procedure’s over!

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It all happens so fast. Basically, a chip is implanted in your pet’s neck, but in one of the least painful ways possible. Actually, the procedure is done so quickly that your pet usually doesn’t even notice that it just got an implant! The microchip allows the pet to be easily traced back to its rightful owner. While it might not be able to pinpoint the exact location of a pet, it’s still a great tool which helps reunite the owner with his or her pet.

Could They Find Sasha?

Thankfully, when Sasha was microchipped, Ryan and Elena were smart enough to ensure that the chip had a personalized number so that a shelter volunteer or vet would know that she wasn’t a stray puppy. It was really an ingenious way to ensure that anyone who found the puppy would be able to identify its owners.

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Among the information which could have been accessed through the microchip was the address of her family as well as a number which one could contact should the need arise. When they had her chip implanted, they felt as if it was a smart thing to do just in case they would have needed to track her down. Little did they know how important it would have become in just the span of a week.


Despite the fact that the microchip is barely noticed because of its size, it carried some crucial information to Sasha’s identity and who she belonged to. With this, if someone were to do some investigating, it could mean that someone might contact them to tell them that they have their found their precious Sasha.


Essentially, one uses a piece of technology which scans the information on the chip. Typically, this type of technology is found either in shelters or in veterinary clinics. Considering that she was such a young puppy, whoever abducted her might take her to the vet for a checkup. The family hoped that an observant veterinarian would have spotted the chip and eventually return the puppy to its rightful owner.

Wishful Thinking

The family was really banking on an attentive worker in a veterinary clinic discovering Sasha’s true identity. Most vets across the State have this type of technology which can detect and read a chip which is implanted in a dog. In doing so, she would surely be reunited with her beloved family.

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Needless to say, this period was a very stressful one for everyone in the family, especially Maia. The thought that she could no longer see her pet and best friend was hurtful, to say the least. She truly missed Sasha and hoped that her parents would be able to locate her and bring her back to their house.

Doing Things Their Way

In as much as the family had high hopes that their dog might be found, they were still distraught about the whole ordeal. They had barely had the puppy for a week until this disaster happened. Now, their already small family was made even smaller. It was a tough pill to swallow. To make matters even worse, Ryan and Elena had to watch their only daughter go through the emotional struggle of losing her pet so soon. Feeling like there was no other option, they decided to do things their way.

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In an effort to scare the burglars, they issued a public statement indicating that should Sasha not be given back to them as their rightful pet, the perpetrators would possibly be caught if Sasha’s chip was scanned. Granted, Ryan and Elena knew that the chip could not work as a GPS tracking device. But, they figured that it was worth a shot. Maybe the burglars didn’t know this and would cave in from the fear of being caught.

Making Use Of Their Resources

The family didn’t stop there. They wanted to do everything within their power to get their puppy back and restore their daughter’s zeal and energy. Ever since the puppy had been abducted, Maia was in a real dump. Their parents were hell-bent on changing that. They decided to use social media as another tool to create more awareness of the issue they were facing.

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They hoped that in posting their story on social media, they would increase the chances of getting their dog back. Perhaps if someone had some information regarding Sasha, now they would have an outlet through which they can contact either Ryan or Elena. Turning to social media ended up being of great assistance to the family. It just so happened that it got so much attention that a news station in their town shared the story with the entire community. Now, everyone was on high alert to find the family’s lost puppy.

Outpouring Of Assistance

Ryan, Elena, and Maia weren’t the only people doing their part in finding Sasha. Some members of their community were so disgusted that a burglar would do something as horrible as stealing a puppy from a family. Therefore, they were compelled to help the family get Sasha back. The police also joined forces with them and shared the tragic story of Sasha’s disappearance on their social media pages.

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Everyone in the community lent a helping hand in trying to recover Sasha. People couldn’t understand how someone could be so cruel and heartless. What’s more, to see poor Maia heartbroken was enough reason to help. With help coming at them from every corner, all the family could do was sit and wait to see what may come of their efforts.

A Shocking Discovery

As the days went on, the family became more and more anxious as to whether a break would come in the case. While they never lost hope, they couldn’t deny that it was one of the most difficult periods that they had ever gone through in their lives. The parents were doing everything possible to reunite the puppy with Maia so that their daughter could be happy again.

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However, as the days went on, they were slowly becoming less optimistic about their chances of getting their puppy back. That was until one fateful morning when Elena spotted something moving in the yard. There was movement in Sasha’s kennel. All of a sudden, Sasha had mysteriously reappeared in the dead of the night! What a shocking discovery!

Reunited And It Feels So Good

The family had no idea how exactly Sasha found their way back to them. Ryan has a strong hunch that the culprit probably got spooked and returned the puppy late one night when everyone was sleeping. In any event, they were so happy to be reunited with their beloved Sasha again!

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Granted, the fact still remained that the family was robbed and had their personal space violated. They did not get any of their material possessions back, and they would have had to spend a lot of money to replace the stolen items. Still, they were grateful that they had their dog back. Finally, they could see the sparkle in their daughter’s eyes again. Maia was obviously the happiest person in the family. She was overjoyed to see her best friend again. Pets are surely extremely valuable to us, and we would go the extra mile to safeguard them as they would do for us.

A Touching Story

Some people say that dogs develop a stronger bond with kids than they might do with adults. They claim that it’s because a dog can sense the innocence, helplessness, and vulnerability of an infant, and consequently, will see that that infant is never in danger. The following is a beautiful, heartwarming story of a dog who risked it all in order to save his infant owner from the jaws of danger.


The incident happened so fast that no one could have prepared for it in time. Actually, because of the dog’s sudden reaction, some onlookers thought that it was a brutal attack instead of a rescue mission. The mother bore witness to it all, and she was positive that her dog was going to kill her baby. However, upon realizing the dog’s true intentions, she was moved beyond words.

A Dog In Need Of A Home

When Catherine Svillicic first had Charlotte, her baby girl, she was hesitant about whether she wanted to have any more children. However, she understood that if Charlotte were to grow up without any siblings, she might have felt really lonely sometimes. Therefore, to fill the void in her life and give her some companionship as she grew up, Catherine decided to bring home a Doberman. She had saved him from the horrible treatment he was receiving at an abusive home.

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Catherine had gotten warnings in the past about Dobermans tending to be the more aggressive breed. Nonetheless, when she adopted Khan, she felt as though he would have been the ideal addition to their family. What’s more, the dog was expected to be euthanized within a couple of days. Her poor heart couldn’t take it, so she decided to give him a home instead of giving him a death sentence. She saved his life. She could have never expected that he would return the favor.

Making The Decision

For Catherine, considering that she didn’t know whether she wanted to have any kids, adopting a pet seemed like a great decision. It was actually a pretty simple task to decide on a dog. After all, dogs are known to be family pets who love and protect their owners. What’s more, she herself had grown up with dogs in her household. She remembered the joy and happiness which they brought to her while growing up, and she wanted her own daughter to have that.

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The only difficult decision she had to make was when it came to determining what breed of dog she’d like to adopt. She was a bit on the fence about adopting a dog which was renown for being aggressive. She had heard that Dobermans had some aggressive tendencies. What’s more, in comparison to other breeds, they’re not well-known as being family dogs. Would she risk having such a dog around her baby girl?

A Dog Loves, No Matter What

For Catherine, when she first laid eyes on Khan, she did not see an aggressive, mean dog which would have been violent in her household. No: she saw a beautiful Doberman who she felt would have been the perfect match for her baby girl. She sensed that the dog would have been loyal to her family and would have been a great companion for Charlotte. So, she decided to adopt him.

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At the shelter, she was informed of Khan’s abusive past and that because of that, it might have been difficult to reassimilate him into a family environment. She also knew that he was expected to be euthanized the following week. Still, neither that nor the words of caution thrown at her from friends and family could have dissuaded her from adopting this dog. She felt that something was different about him. So, she brought him home to see how he would react when he met little Charlotte.

An Inseparable Bond

Initially, Catherine was very particular as to how she made Khan socialize with Charlotte. She understood that he had had a very rough past, and as a result, needed to have been slowly reintroduced into a family setting. What’s more, she did not want her baby daughter to be at risk from a sudden interaction with a Doberman. However, over time, the two developed an inseparable bond and became best friends!

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Charlotte and Khan did everything together. The Doberman was one of the most loyal pets that Catherine had ever seen. He followed Charlotte’s every footstep and was always by her side whenever she needed him. He was her companion dog, and he brought her a lot of joy. Catherine was so happy to see that the dog had developed such a strong relationship with her baby girl. Clearly, the people at the shelter were wrong: so far, nothing bad had happened neither to her nor to her daughter.

Doubts Plagued Her Mind

While Catherine was happy to see Khan and Charlotte bonding so well, there were times when she had her doubts about the dog. At times, she felt that the dog’s horrific past coupled with his breed’s alleged temperament would trigger something in him which would make him lash out at her daughter. When she first went to the shelter, she saw that he was in really bad shape. He was initially sold to someone who treated him as if he were the worst pet on the Earth.

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When Khan got to the shelter, his body was in shambles. He was extremely underfed and he had a few broken ribs. It was obvious from the get-go that he had been in an abusive home. However, his situation looked so bad that some felt that he wouldn’t have made it, hence the reason he was expected to be put down the following week. Catherine was aware that the dog had had a turbulent past and that that could have affected his interactions with the baby. She knew that adopting Khan was the right thing to do. Still, she couldn’t get over the fears that she had of something going terribly wrong.

A Horrible Incident

The time came when Catherine would bear witness to an event which gave credibility to the warnings she had received from the shelter about the dog’s possible sporadically violent behavior. Catherine had never felt so powerless in her life. She saw from her bedroom window that Khan and Charlotte were playing outside in the backyard. All of a sudden, Khan began acting strangely.

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He kept nudging Charlotte with his nose, something which she ignored. Then, all of a sudden, in one swooping motion, Khan grabbed Charlotte by the diaper and began swinging her around incessantly. It happened so fast that Catherine could have barely reacted from the shock. She made her way as fast as she could outside to see how best she could save her baby. But it was too late: by this time, Charlotte had already been tossed to another side of the yard by Khan. Catherine was devastated. How could her dog do this to her baby? She was just about to condemn Khan for what he did when she realized that he wasn’t trying to kill her baby. Actually, it was quite the opposite.

Khan Is A Hero

After checking on her daughter, she realized that Charlotte was fine. She suffered no injuries. She then saw Khan make his way towards where they were. However, as soon as he got there, he just collapsed without any warning. What was going on? Catherine was puzzled. Her baby had just been tossed like a rag doll by this Doberman, and now he’s collapsed at her feet?

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Although she was still reeling from the shock of the incident, she quickly recognized that her daughter wasn’t the one in danger: actually, it was her Doberman. She knew that she had to get him medical attention soon or else he might not make it. Somehow, she was able to calm herself down quickly enough to speed him off to the vet. She could only have hoped that she wouldn’t have arrived too late.

Understanding What Happened

Catherine was able to make it to the vet in time without Khan dying in her vehicle. As soon as she arrived, she was immediately attended to and her precious Doberman was examined in a heartbeat. After the initial inspection, the vet found that Khan had been bitten just above his right paw. The bite mark indicated that he had been bitten by a snake and a venomous one at that. It was clear to her now: Khan wasn’t trying to kill Charlotte. On the contrary, he was trying to protect her! This heroic act now left the dog unable to move and on his possible death bed.

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Realizing that he had to act fast, the vet decided to give the Doberman as many antivenom formulas that he could. Really, at that time, there wasn’t much that the family could have done. They just had to wait and see if the antivenom would work or not. Thankfully, they had got there early enough to get him medical attention. If they had got there any later, there might not have been any hope. What type of snake was it that bit Khan?

A Meeting With The King

When Charlotte was playing with Khan in their home’s backyard, neither one of them could have expected that danger was lurking so close by. In the bushes biding time before its deadly strike was one of the most venomous snakes in the known world: the mulga snake. This snake is also called the king brown snake and is known for being a real killer when it comes to its venom.

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That said, considering that they were living in Australia, Catherine knew that there might come a time when they would have a deadly intruder on their property. After all, the country is known for having a wide array of species, especially lethal ones. However, she could have never expected danger to come knocking on her door at this inopportune moment, let alone that her child could have nearly lost her life. However, the attack, as gruesome as it may have been, did let her know something about her dog, Khan.

Khan – The Story Of A Hero

It was obvious that Khan was a true hero in the story. While they were playing in the backyard, Khan spotted the snake. The nudges which Catherine saw from the window were his attempts at letting her know that they should get out of there. However, when she ignored him, he realized that he had to take matters into his own paws. He knocked her down, grabbed her by the diaper and swung her as far away from the snake as he could have.

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In doing so, he was willing to take the snake bite for his beloved Charlotte. He was ready to die a martyr, his name forever synonymous with loyalty and passion for his owner. When you look at it from this perspective, it’s clear as day that he was a true hero who risked his life to save Charlotte’s own. However, when Catherine initially saw the scene play out, without knowing all the facts, she thought the worst. Now, she knew that it wasn’t the case. Currently, this hero of her’s was fighting for his life after being dealt with a nasty snake bite. Would he make it out alive?

Grim Hopes

Catherine had done everything in her power to try to save her Doberman’s life. She literally raced through traffic and made her way as quickly as she could have to the clinic to get her dog treated as soon as possible. She knew that time was of the essence. Therefore, she feared the worst. Would she make it in time? Would Khan succumb to his injuries before she got there? Could he have made it after having been injected with so much venom?

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It had only been a few days since he had been brought to the family by Catherine. How could something so disastrous have happened in the span of a few days? Still, she was thankful that the dog had done something so heroic. Now, it was time to see if he would make it out of this situation. She was certain that he would make it. He was a fighter. If he had made it out of an abusive home, there was nothing that he couldn’t beat.

The Possibilities

Catherine was aware of the two obvious results of the vet’s treatment: either it would work and Khan would recover from the deadly attack, or it wouldn’t and Khan would meet his untimely death. However, there was a third possibility which Catherine hadn’t thought of, one which she was made aware of at the vet.

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They were sure to let her know every possible outcome of this disaster. They told her that he may have survived the deadly venomous bite, but that his life might never be the same after that. He could end up paralyzed for the rest of his time on Earth. That said, that was just a possibility and not necessarily reality. There was still hope that he could come out unscathed. All they could do was hope that the snake hadn’t injected too much venom in the dog’s blood to kill him.

 Making It Through The Night

Catherine and her daughter Charlotte stayed at the vet until it eventually closed. At that time, they were advised that there was nothing more that the vet could have done except wait and see if the dog’s condition would have improved. What was clear was that Khan was going to have a very long night at the vet. His body had been pumped with as many antibodies as the doctor could have administered. It was now left to be seen whether he would make it on his own.

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With that, the family decided to go back home. It was a rough night for both of them. They could barely sleep: they spent most of the time worrying whether Khan would make it through the night. They tried their best to be hopeful, but doubts began to flood their mind. They couldn’t wait to go back to the vet in the morning to get a verdict on what would happen to Khan.

Making It To The Vet In The Morning

Catherine and Charlotte made their way speedily and anxiously to the vet the following morning. They were up all night worrying about what would happen to their beloved Doberman. Would he make it? When they got there, the office still hadn’t been opened yet. They had to wait a little while before they were allowed to go check up on their dog’s condition.

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They were eventually let into the building and were told about Khan’s condition. Thankfully, he was showing signs of progress. Not only had he managed to make it through the night, but he was also beginning to show signs of recovery. He was expected to make a complete recovery and be back to normal health. The family was relieved. They were so happy to know that the dog was expected to make a recovery. This meant that Charlotte would be able to grow up with her best friend by her side, always. He was her hero, and for that, the family was eternally grateful. However, this incident would prove to be the beginning of an interesting discovery for the family!

Khan Inherited His Heroic Behavior From His Grandfather

The family was overjoyed to know that their dog was going to be all right. After heroically saving Charlotte’s life from a deadly snake, it was clear that he was the right dog for them. They could have never expected his behavior to be inherent! Based on information they had received from the shelter, Khan’s grandfather had also been a hero in his own right! He had also saved another innocent victim, a girl just like Charlotte.

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The family couldn’t believe it. They knew that the dog was a hero, but to find out that he was bred from another dog who had also done something heroic was simply incredible. As news of his incredible save spread across the community, he was given the honorific title of “Khan The Wonder Dog” in recognition of his great achievement. Catherine was so happy that she had decided to adopt Khan into the family. She knew that she had made the right decision, and with that, her mind was at peace.

Khan, The Hero

As the news got around about Khan’s heroic save, he was considered a hero. He became a symbol of a loyal dog who would do any and everything to ensure that his or her owner is always kept safe. What’s more, he was also testimony to the fact that even abused or mistreated dogs still love. He was somewhat of a celebrity, but he had no idea. As far as he was concerned, his goal was to be Charlotte’s best friend and companion, and that was enough for him.

Credits: CloudFront

Catherine was so proud of her dog’s achievement. She was eternally grateful to him for having saved her daughter’s life from certain death. Had he not been there or reacted so quickly, Charlotte could have been killed by the poisonous snake. Charlotte escaped death thanks to Khan, and for that, Catherine showered him with gifts to show her appreciation.

Friends Forever

Wondering what life is like today for Charlotte and Khan? If you thought that distance would have weakened the bond between these two, you are sadly mistaken! The two are as close as ever. Charlotte can’t imagine life without her best friend and savior, Khan. For her, he is living proof that coincidences don’t exist. She is positive that she was destined to be with Khan, and no one can tell her otherwise.


Catherine is also so happy with her decision to bring Khan into the family. He has proven his worth as a loyal dog and protector, and she always lets him know that she appreciates him. She shows him lots of love and always gives him treats. She hopes that this story will help erase the stigma attached to Dobermans and other “aggressive breeds” as pets. There are other heroes like Khan who help to prove that dogs are really a man’s best friend, putting themselves in the line of fire to protect you from harm’s way.

Nala And Cole

For Cole Lewis and his pet dog Nala, it was an ordinary day in Southern California. The two were enjoying a bike ride on what seemed to be a fairly normal day. Suddenly, a green Mojave rattlesnake darted out of some shrubbery and lunged right at them! While they were both able to avoid the first strike, the second strike would prove to be nearly fatal.

Credits: SimpleMost

Recognizing that her owner was in danger, Nala put herself between Cole and the dangerous snake. This time, when the snake lunged forward it got Nala right on the nose. Cole grabbed Nala up in his arms and peddled as fast as he could back home to find his step-dad, Anthony. In no time, Anthony and Cole were going full speed to the vet to get her medical attention.

Nala’s Bravery

Nala did one of the bravest acts imaginable. Cole stated to one reporter that she had the heart of a champion and was willing to do anything to protect him from the dangerous snake. Thankfully, Cole’s father was somehow able to pinpoint the type of snake which bit Nala, and with that information, the veterinarian was able to give her the correct anti-venom. That said, that was just the easy part. They had to wait and see whether she would make it through the night.


Anthony and Cole were both told that the next few days would be extremely difficult for Nala. As soon as the anti-venom was administered, for 24 hours Nala was placed in a hyperbaric chamber. They now had to wait to see if Nala could make it. Then, the family had to think about the cost associated with the treatment. It was an expensive procedure, and for that, they had to create a Go Fund Me page. They hoped that people would donate after reading about Nala’s story.

Brought Together Again At Last

As they waited for their pet’s fate to be announced, anxiety began to set into the hearts of Anthony and Cole. All they wanted was to be reunited with their beloved pet. You can imagine their relief when they were finally contacted by the vet letting them know that Nala was going to be all right. Thankfully, everything worked out just fine. When they were reunited after Nala was discharged, everyone was happy.


Nala was so elated to see Cole that she could barely contain her excitement. The family was reunited with their beloved pet, and for that, they were at peace yet again. Cole was so impressed with his dog’s heroic act. He knows that if it wasn’t for her quick thinking, he probably wouldn’t be alive today. Today, he shares his story via social media with the hope that viewers would be aware of some of the many dangers which they may encounter when cycling along a trail.

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