Burglars Find Out That Stolen Puppy Is Hiding A Huge Secret

Owning a puppy can bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction imaginable. There’s just something about the innocence and vulnerability of a puppy which appeals to the heart of a human being in a way that only a few pets can. From the day you bring your puppy home right through its adult life and eventual passing, that pet becomes a part of your family, and its loss is extremely painful. Unfortunately for one Australian family, they had to deal with the sudden loss of their beautiful puppy in one of the worst ways possible. Upon arriving home one day, they realized that not only had their house been burglarized, but that their puppy ‘Sasha’ was nowhere to be found. They had no idea that Sasha was holding a secret which would eventually lead them to discover her whereabouts.

First Encounter

Ryan Hood and Elena Sardi are the lucky Australian couple who welcomed Sasha into their family when she was just a puppy. From the onset, it was clear that this yellow Labrador Retriever was going to be the right addition for this small family. She was cute, adorable, and more importantly, Maia, their four-year-old girl, really loved the puppy.


As soon as she had laid eyes on the puppy, she fell in love. It was as if Sasha were the missing piece that Maia needed to be happy. Out of all the puppies they could have brought home, Ryan and Elena were satisfied with their decision. The most important thing for them was that their daughter loved the dog. They felt that Sasha’s welcome to the family would signal the beginning of a very happy period in their lives, especially for Maia.

Getting Close

As to whether it was love at first sight or just childhood excitement, it was obvious to Maia’s parents that her daughter loved Sasha a lot and appreciated the extra company that she would bring. As the days went on, she and the puppy grew very attached to each other. To her parents, it was honestly no surprise that she clung to Sasha so much.

Credits: BoredomFiles

For a while now, Maia had been a little down-and-out. Sometimes, she felt all alone. She had no brothers and sisters of her own with whom she could have played. Her parents knew this. However, they didn’t intend to have another child for a while. Therefore, they decided that a puppy might be a good companion for their little girl, and so far, it seemed to do the trick! With Maia happy, everyone was happy.

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