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Can You Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight? 8 Hacks to Make Your Travel Time more Enjoyable


Long-haul flights are not an easy thing to go through, the problem with them is that no matter if you’re traveling for your holiday, going somewhere for a business, or you simply want to go visit someone close, there’s always something that will ruin your day! Whether it is a crying baby, cramps, snorers, or simply a loud-talking person sitting next to you, might ruin your flight in no time. But, you’ve come to the right place, because if you’re traveling in the near future, especially if you have a long flight waiting for you, here are a couple of tips on what you can do to significantly improve it!

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I feel with all of you traveling long-haul flights because I know how much of a nightmare they are! And yes, you will find the airline companies that will provide you with some kind of entertainment systems, others will leave you there on the mercy of your own traveling gadgets that you bring. The fact is that there is no reason to pay companies a fortune to be able to enjoy your long-haul flight. What you need to do is to plan ahead and be prepared. Also, try and find things that will help you to fall asleep and relax you!

In the next following couple of paragraphs, we’re going to reveal our top 8 tips to help you survive a long-haul flight, with a lot of entertainment!

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Clothes are one of the more important things that have the ability to significantly improve your comfort or really ruin it! You don’t really want to wear any tight clothes that will suffocate your body. Try and wear some clothes that you feel comfortable wearing, this will make your life a lot easier, and it is also going to help you out with getting through the flight! A great tip that we would want to give to you is that you could also put your Pj’s in your carry-on luggage. This will let you change into them later on in the flight which is going to boost your comfort levels!  Be sure to plan the clothes you will carry in your carryon luggage because sometimes air companies keep the cabin pretty cool, and others tend to warm it up a bit more. So be sure that you make it easier on yourself to change your clothes whenever it is possible, and whenever you feel like it!

Travel Insurance is a Must!

This tip is both for you traveling the long haul flights and the ones that are going on a shorter trip! Picking the best travel insurance for you can be a great thing, and if you don’t pick a good travel insurance it might be a nightmare! It isn’t a secret that a lot of times luggage and belongings get lost and misplaced. Some travel insurances will protect your belongings in an unwanted event!

Do Not Disturb Mode – On!

Conversations with people on flights are a great thing to do if you’re not tired and you don’t want to sleep. But, oftentimes when taking the plane we love being alone and just relaxing by ourselves, and we don’t want to talk to anybody! Eye-mask and noise cancelation headphones are an amazing way to block out all of the noise and light, leaving you, alone and relaxed! You can also get a travel pillow (neck-pillow) which is a nifty little thing for people constantly traveling! Inflatable ones are even better because they won’t be taking as much space in your luggage, and they still function the same way as a regular one!

Audio Books, a Blessing in Disguise!

Audiobooks are also an amazing way to lose some time on the plane! If you don’t feel like reading a printed book, these are a great way to help you ingest books in a way that you can enjoy the flight, and the best thing about them is, that they don’t require you to keep your eyes opened!

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Exercise Before And During Your Flight!

Airline companies oftentimes are promoting exercising in the plane. And no, we’re not talking about a classic workout routine of course! We’re talking about a quick and easy leg and arm stretching that will help you a lot with keeping the comfort. You can also stand up and take a walk to the bathroom in order to stretch!

A Massage Before Boarding!

A massage before getting onto the flight is a great way to help you comfortable during the flight! Long periods of sitting, and low cabin pressure might oftentimes result in swollen feet and this is where you would feel much better if you listened to our advice! Namely, a massage can help you out with relieving the ache that swelling might be causing. If there’s not another way to decrease this, you can even take your shoes off. Carrying some golf balls can go a long way because you can actually roll them with bare feet on the flight in order to help you with the swelling!

In-Flight Hobbies

Whether you’re knitting, learning to draw, or teaching yourself a new language, make sure to find hobbies that will help you out in filling the time on long haul flights! You can catch the opportunity that they give you to learn something new or even getting better at your existing hobbies.

TV Shows and Movies

TV shows and movies are a great way to fill your time in the air. If you haven’t had the time to watch the TV show at home, a long haul flight can be a great way to catch up and even watch a full new TV show if the flight time allows it.

Hygiene Is Everything

When we’re talking about feeling comfortable, we’re not only speaking about physical comfort, we’re also speaking about mental comfort. I mean who likes to feel dirty and smelly!? No one, right!? So fill up your toiletry bag with the necessary items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and some wet wipes. This will go a long way to help you out feel clean and fresh, and in that way feel comfortable on the flight!

Bring Your Snacks and Food!

If you tend to consume healthier foods, we would recommend you taking your own food on board. This is because the food that is served on planes oftentimes can be pretty unhealthy and filled with sugars, fat, and salt. Don’t over pack food though. In fact, try and bring only a couple of snacks that you think would help keep you full. Also, we’d recommend you to avoid consuming any alcohol while on the flight, and drink as much water as possible!

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