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Celebrities And Their Net Worth’s That Make No Sense


We all know that being in Hollywood comes with its perks. Most of the stars, regardless of what they’re famous for have lots of cash in the bank, but do you know what their net worth is? If you want to find out just how much these people are worth, keep reading!

Denzel Washington – $220 Million

NY Daily News

Whether he is remembered for his role in the American medical drama series “St. Elsewhere,” a cop in “Training Day” or for his role as Malcolm X, Denzel Washington is a household name across America. As the first African-American actor to obtain two Academy Awards, the brilliant actor and filmmaker has come a long way since his 1977 film “Wilma,” packing up a fortune of well over $220 million along the way.

He has also made it to Forbes’ richest actors in Hollywood list. Despite his numerous biopic roles, the 1981 “Carbon Copy” star remains an original version of himself, appearing in numerous awareness campaigns.

Chelsea Clinton – $15 Million


Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. With a far from average family, one would expect this only child to inherit her parents’ wealth, but this Stanford graduate has made a name for herself.

She has earned a fortune of $15 million through her career at McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group and as a board member of the Clinton Foundation. Her top investment banker of a husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is also a successful entrepreneur and has an estimated $15 million to his name as well. “Two shall be become one” definitely applies here, only further adding to her already wealthy status.

Ivanka Trump – $300 Million

The Daily Beast

Not only is she the current first daughter, try adding American businesswoman, entrepreneur, former model, writer and heiress to the list. From designing jewelry to her own line of handbags and footwear, and joining the family business, Ivanka is estimated to have a net worth of $300 million.

This Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania graduate is adding to her millions through the various books she has authored, truly earning that Trump Card and “Playing to Win in Work and Life.” When considering her powerful last name, Trump, and her influential father and the family’s financial status, this is no revelation.

Angelina Jolie – $160 Million


As one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, the Tomb Raider star has been stripped of her combined $400 million fortune following her messy separation from husband, Brad Pitt in 2016. The pair worked alongside each other in films such as “By The Sea” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The American actress has a net worth of $160 million, which she earned throughout her acting career, securing roles in the Lara Croft franchise and the voice for features such as Shark Tale and her most successful film, Kung-Fu Panda, which had worldwide gross earnings of $632 million.

Ellen – $400 Million


Ellen DeGeneres is a Louisiana native and actress, comedian and TV personality. She has gone way past her TGI Friday’s and J.C. Penny days to be named the Funniest Person in America by Showtime in 1982.

This former waitress landed her very own sitcom, “Ellen,” in 1984 and in 2003, she went on to launch her daytime talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” one of the most-watched shows on daytime television.

From her movie roles to being a judge on the ninth season of American Idol, Ellen has amassed a $400 million fortune along the way, earning an annual salary of $75 million.

Hillary Clinton – $45 Million

National Review

She is an American politician who served as the United States Secretary of State and is married to Bill Clinton. As the leading Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election, Hillary hoped to defeat her rival to become the 45th President of the United States, a position her husband, Bill Clinton, once held.

The presidential race and debates were indeed a battle to the finish line from unpleasant criticisms, numerous witty tweets to unleashing the ghosts of the past. Though she has yet to shatter the highest glass ceiling, she is packing up a fortune of $45 million.

Rex Tillerson – $300 Million

The New Yorker

This Wichita Falls, Texas native is an American energy executive, diplomat, civil engineer and politician. This University of Texas graduate was the general manager at Exxon USA’s central production division, president of Exxon Yemen Inc. as well as many other positions before becoming the United States’ 69th Secretary of State in 2017. Sounds like a massive position in comparison to the others he has held? Affirmative!

A decision like this allowed him to place $180 million worth of Exxon’s stock into a blind trust, sell his privately owned shares, re-investing them in “permitted property,” consisting mostly of securities and mutual funds. But with a fortune of $300 million, that’s doable!

Steven Spielberg – 3.7 Billion


With a career spanning over four decades, this screenwriter, producer and director’s name is synonymous with successful movies. Although his beginnings were humble, his dreams and imagination were humungous. His journey from charging neighborhood children 25 cents apiece to watch his short films to winning an award for his film “Escape to Nowhere,” took him everywhere as he went on to become the youngest director to ever sign a contract with Universal Studios.

This rise to fame and stardom came with many jaw-dropping films from “Jaws,” “E.T” and “Indiana Jones,” just to name a few. With his skyrocketing career in film, there’s no surprise he was able to accumulate an out of this world net worth of $3.7 billion.

Barack Obama – $40 Million

Time Magazine

The 44th President of the United States and former Illinois Senator, Barack Obama has a net worth of $40 million. As the first African-American president, Obama has earned his fortune chiefly from the sales of his books “Dreams from my Father” and “Audacity of Hope,” which were massive hits then and now, earning him $1.12 for each paperback and $3.75 for hardcover copies sold.

As one of the youngest ex-presidents of the United States, Obama is looking to make quite a bit of “Change” from the proceeds of his books, speeches and the numerous opportunities ahead.

Ron Howard – $140 Million


With a net worth of $140 million, this American producer, actor and director started raking in cash at the tender age of five when he starred in the sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show.” His most unforgettable roles came from acting on the sitcom Happy Days and in several other films such as Apollo 13, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Da Vinci Code.

As a National Medal of Arts awardee and the 2009 recipient of the Austin Film Festival’s Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award, Ron Howard is child star who progressed to be a powerhouse within the film industry.

George Lucas – $5.1 Billion

FOX News

A young George Lucas had his eyes fixated on race cars, but after a possibly fatal accident in high school, his career shifted gears. This director, writer, producer and businessman has an astounding $5.1 billion to his name and owes some gratitude to his friend and fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg whom he befriended while at the University of Southern California.

His Star Wars Franchise earned him the recognition as a Hollywood film legend. In 2012, when Lucas signed a deal to sell all of his company, Lucas Film Company, for an incredible $4 billion to Disney, he almost doubled his net worth, increasing his already wealthy pockets.

Dr. Mehmet Oz – $14 Million


Dr. Mehmet Oz, also known as Dr. Oz, is a Turkish-American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon and author who hosts his daily television program where he focuses on various health and medical issues. His inspiration to enter the medical field came from his father at the age of seven, and in 2004 Dr. Oz obtained his big television break on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The exceptional surgeon, who specializes in heart transplants, has found ways to broaden his approach to healing, with a heart like his, Dr. Oz is by his fans with the highest daytime TV ratings achieved in 2009. With his three consecutive Emmy Awards has a net worth of $14 million.

Martin Scorsese – $100 Million


Martin Scorsese, who is considered a great American filmmaker, is a producer, director and writer. His success as a filmmaker can be attributed to his intense asthmatic condition which affected him as a child, prohibiting him from playing any sporting activities and allowing him to spend his days watching films.

His street-smarts developed from the experiences gathered while growing up in New York were a source of inspiration for his collaboration with actor Robert De Niro in the feature “Mean Streets.” Scorsese has come a long way from the New York streets, winning over 130 awards and accumulating a fortune of $100 million along the way.

Sonny Bono – $4 Million

Famous People

Salvatore Phillip Bono or Sonny Bono, as he was called, has held every professional title under the sun, from recording producer, recording artist, songwriter, actor, politician and restauranteur. When he wore his recording artist hat, he and wife at the time, Cher, had their fair share of success with award-winning hits like “The Beat Goes On” and “I Got You, Babe.” Throughout his business career and up to his time of death he accumulated a measly $4 million. How unfortunate for Sonny, his career earnings went into multiple divorces, so much so that after his death his estate was sued by Cher for $1.6 million worth of unpaid alimony.

Bill Cosby – $400 Million


Once upon a time, this old timer was one of the highest-earning celebrities on the planet, famous for his most successful sitcoms of all time, “The Cosby Show.” He has won seven Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Performance and three consecutive Emmy Awards and has hosted numerous programs, game shows and represented big brands like Ford and Coca-Cola.

As one of the wealthiest people in the entertainment industry, there’s no surprise that the comedian, television star and producer has an incredible $400 million in the bank. But as the curtain closes on his career in the limelight, Cosby is sucked right back in with several allegations of sexual assault and rape, but that’s a matter for the court to decide.

Michelle Obama – $40 Million

Vancouver Courier

The former first lady of the United States, American lawyer and writer, Michelle Obama has a net worth of $40 million. Mrs. Obama serves as a board member for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Having signed a book deal for her memoir “Becoming,” and the scheduled release date of November 2018, there is no doubt that her wealth will grow even more.

This South Side girl, as she refers to herself, hopes that her journey inspires readers as writing the book was a profoundly personal experience. With her husband’s $40 million, the wealth of the two increases.

Michael J. Fox – $65 Million


Best known for his character, Marty McFly, in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, Michael J. Fox is a Canadian-American actor, author, activist and producer whose acting career started at 15. His successful career has allowed him to amass a wealth of $65 million. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, he has formed The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to assist with advance research work. If only he had a time machine, no doubt he would try to change the course of history and alter the future, finding a cure for patients.

Hugh Jackman – $150 Million


The Australian actor and producer has a net worth of $150 million. Famous for his roles in films such as The Prestige, The Greatest Showman, Australia and his portrayal of “Wolverine” in the X-Men movie franchise and his work in hosting The Tony Awards for four times. After graduating from the University of Technology in Sydney, he went on to pursue his career in acting, gaining his first big break in the popular Australian TV series Corelli. The boy from down under obtained his very first Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for Les Misérables in 2013.

JK Rowling – $1 Billion

Hello Magazine

Some of us fall asleep on the train while others simply listen to music, but if you’re JK Rowling, you come up with an idea for a novel. This British author and movie producer is best known for her Harry Potter series which quickly gained popularity around the globe. Her quick comebacks and twitter tirades during the 2016 United States Presidential election left all her fans wanting more. By creating her books, films and licensing industry and breaking literary sales records, JK was able to accumulate a fortune worth $1 billion, making her the first author and one of the wealthiest private citizens in the United Kingdom.

LeBron James – $400 Million

Sporting News

From his miniature hoop as an infant to the life-size hoops of the National Basketball Association (NBA), LeBron James was destined to be a superstar. He is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring a slam-dunk with his $400 million in riches. He has an annual income of $80 million which includes a $25 million annual salary and over $55 million worth of endorsements from McDonald’s, Microsoft, Dunkin-Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Nike and more. With a life that revolves around basketball, he has been crowned “King James” by his fans, a name he has more than lived up to.

Bill Clinton – $80 Million


As the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton served two terms and has a current net worth of $80 million. A young Bill Clinton visited the White House in 1963 as a Boys Nation Senator, a visit that would seal his destiny as a future president. When elected as president in 1993, he expanded the earned income tax credit among the passing of bills and acts obtaining an approval rating of 66%, the highest since World War II. But what’s the Oval Office without a couple scandalous allegations? He remains an outstanding and well remunerated public speaker with an average fee of approximately $200,000, there is no doubt his wealth will increase.

Brad Pitt – $240 Million

Entertainment Tonight

The award-winning film actor and producer, Brad Pitt, starred in the highest grossing film of his acting tenure, Troy. He has gained recognition for his performance on the 1995 crime drama, Seven, as well as winning a Golden Globe for his film, Twelve Monkeys. He was married to Angelina Jolie and together Brangelina had a combined earning of a remarkable $400 million. Since their far from friendly divorce battle, he now has a standalone net worth of $240 million. Somewhere between producing films and involvements in humanitarian causes, Pitt assists with raising his six children.

John Travolta – $170 Million

The Mercury News

Born John Joseph Travolta, this multi-talented actor, singer and producer has amassed a $170 million dollar fortune during his tenure. With a profession spanning many decades, Travolta’s career experienced a lull in the 1980’s after several movie failures but by age 24 he became one of the youngest actors to be nominated for best actor at the Oscars. In the 1990’s, after acting in “Look Who’s Talking” and “Pulp Fiction” he jetted into the ranks of a respectable actor, building on his image from his first successful iconic role in Saturday Night Fever.

Julia Roberts – $25 Million

Vanity Fair

This mother of three and five-time People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” has an estimated net worth of $190 million. She shopped her way into stardom after headlining the romantic comedy Pretty Woman, which grossed $464 million worldwide yet only netted her a measly $300,000 fee. Three Golden Globe Awards later, Julia Fiona Roberts netted an unprecedented $25 million fee for her role in Mona Lisa Smile. As an avid follower of Hinduism, she named all three of her children after Hindu gods and is known for her philanthropic work.

Christopher Nolan – $180 Million


This British-American film director, screenwriter and producer is a traditionalist who prefers to use film rather than the modern digital approach. An interesting fact about Christopher Nolan is that he does not own a cell phone nor does he own an email address. Despite his reasoning for not following societal expectations, this non-film school attending, self-taught powerhouse, has directed his way to the tune of a whopping $180 million. A spectacular accomplishment for the red-green colorblind film director, as this disability is thought to influence his use of color towards light color palettes, such as blue, yellow and various shades of grey within his movies.

Sandra Bullock – $200 Million

The Daily Beast

Sandra Annette Bullock is an actress, comedian and producer who stands no taller than the average 5 feet 7 inches and has garnered towering earnings estimated at $200 million. In 2009, this actress, most notable for her role in Speed, experienced one of her largest grossing films in “The Blind Side” which paid her $20 million. By 2013, her pay for two movies alone totaled an astounding $80 million. For what many considered a solo performance, Sandra received an astronomical $70 million from Gravity, giving her one of the largest paychecks in Hollywood history.

Harrison Ford – $210 Million


This Indiana Jones star and father of five began his career as a radio voice actor. He got his big break in the role of Hans Solo in the Star Wars franchise which catapulted him to stardom. This environmental activist has been honored for his work by having two new species named after him the Calponia harrisonfordi and Pheidole harrisonfordi. From his humble beginnings of not being able to finish out $15 an hour flight school training because he couldn’t afford it, he is now worth $210 million. Since then Harrison Ford has gone on to complete his flight training, to own his own aircrafts and has been in the headlines for crashlanding them on two separate occasions.

Robert Downey Jr. – $260 Million

Famous People

Who would have guessed that Iron Man could sing? The New York-born singer, producer and actor’s career kicked off at the age of five. He is famous for his superhero character, Iron Man, in the Marvel films and earning even more success with The Avengers films. As one of the highest paid actors worldwide, the Marvel movies box office earnings are making Downey Jr. as rich as his on-screen character, Tony Stark, with a fortune of $260 million. With $50 million contracts and no attempts at retirement, the “Less than Zero” star’s bank account will continue adding the 0 digits to his name.

Mark Wahlberg – $255 Million

Rizen Magazine

As the youngest of nine children, the baby of the family in his stint as a rapper named “Marky Mark,” produced two albums with one of his singles going platinum and earning the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This former Calvin Klein model also had a reputation for dropping his pants in public which he inherited from his musical career. Though he was a tough cookie in his youthful days, serving forty-five days in prison, he has totally transformed his life into an A-List actor and producer. After starring in numerous films such as the “Transformers” series, “The Departed,” and “The Perfect Storm,” he is definitely taking Hollywood by storm and collecting an amazing $255 million along the way.

Leonardo DiCaprio – $245 Million

Den of Geek

Leonardo DiCaprio had a slow start in his Hollywood career by acting in a few commercials and television roles when he was a child, with his biggest early role coming during the final season of Growing Pains. He went on to star in several box office hits like “Romeo + Juliet” which netted $147.5 million worldwide and “Titanic” which smashed all box office records. After numerous Academy Award nominations for his performances during his acting career, he finally walked away with the award for Best Actor in The Revenant. “The Wolf of Wall Street” star surely built up his personal empire on and off-screen to achieve a net worth $245 million.

George Clooney – $500 Million

Bank Rate

People Magazine named George Clooney the Sexiest Man Alive in 2006 because the actor has strutted his stuff across our screens in an unimaginable number of films. He is the first actor to be nominated for acting in one film and directing another, making Oscar history. The American actor, director, screenwriter and activist has played a role in a variety of political causes, but with a British-Lebanese human rights lawyer for a wife, could he really be any different? As one of the most desirable A-List actors in Hollywood, he has accumulated a net worth of $500 million.

Will Smith – $260 Million

Capital FM Kenya

This American actor has won four Grammy Awards and plays the role of Deadshot, a trained marksman who is known for not wasting his bullets in the DC’s Suicide Squad. Coming from modest beginnings, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star has risen to become one of the leading actors on the face of this planet. The rapper, actor and film producer has a wealth of $260 million and has constantly been itemized as one of the “Richest 40” in Fortune Magazine. In addition to his numerous roles, the legend has been a devoted philanthropist, donating to various causes.

Sean Connery – $350 Million


The Scottish producer and retired actor is referred to as the greatest James Bond of all time, starring in 007 of the James Bond movies. He has starred in quite a number of movies including “The Untouchable,” and “The Rock,” and played many iconic roles such as Indiana Jones. At 69, he was voted “The Sexiest Man Alive” and “The Sexiest Man of the Century” by People Magazine. He was a true legend and he did what true legends do; he got knighted by the Queen to become “Sir Thomas Sean Connery.” “The Greatest Lining Scotsman” as he is called, has gathered a net worth of $350 million throughout his dynamic acting career.

Bjorn Ulvaeus – $3oo Million


Although his name may seem a bit unfamiliar, his songs will shed some light on just who he is. Bjorn Ulvaeus is a Swedish musician, songwriter, composer, producer and writer, and one of the original founding members of the Swedish pop band, ABBA. With golden hits like “Waterloo,” “Fernando,” “Take a Chance On Me,” and “Dancing Queen,” the group danced its way into fame and fortune with success spanning for over a decade. He has also co-produced the musicals and film “Mama Mia” which added to his wealth that is now worth an estimated $300 million. Money, Money, Money indeed! To Bjorn Ulvaeus, we say “Thank You for the Music.”

Jackie Chan – $350 Million

Wild Aid

The Hong Kong native Jackie Chan has starred in numerous comedy and action films. His breakthrough came with the 1978 film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow,” and he is best known for his role in the Rush Hour films. The famous martial artist is also an entrepreneur, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, choreographer, comedian, singer and stunt performer. Although sometimes we cannot understand a word that comes out of his mouth (which is part of his act), his stunt performances and acrobatic stylings have definitely left us speechless; he has managed to pile up a whopping $350 million throughout his action-packed career.

Bruce Springsteen – $460 Million

The Daily Beast

This guy is a rock and roll legend who first pulled the strings of a guitar in his teens and has held on since then. The American singer and songwriter whose name requires a drum roll has sold over 120 million albums globally. He has lent his talents to the film industry, contributing to the soundtracks of “Philadelphia.” He achieved immense success for his third album “Born to Run” which has been certified platinum fifteen times. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who was described as the voice of the working class, worked his way up to garner a staggering $460 million over his musical career.

Keanu Reeves – $360 Million

Indie Wire

At the age of 18, Keanu dropped out of high school and moved from Canada to California in pursuit of an acting career. In 1983, he landed his first role as a cyclist in a Coco-Cola commercial. In 1994, he tasted his first booming success as a co-star in the movie “Speed,” which had a $30 million budget and raked in $350 million at the box office. Displaying no hardship for money, Keanu turned down an $11 million offer for Speed 2, in order to tour with his band. Now worth $360 million, this actor has shown a proclivity of picking roles with the name John, ranging from John Wick, Johnny Utah, John Constantine, Jonathan Hacker to name a few, can now patiently wait for his next role as “John.”

Jessica Alba – $350 Million

TV Line

Jessica Alba is a 36-year-old businesswoman and actress who plays the character, Susan Storm, in Marvel’s superhero film, Fantastic Four. With a fortune worth $350 million, no doubt she has earned the designation of being #42 on Forbes list of America’s Self Made Women and GQ’s “25 Sexiest Women of All Time.” Despite being a big-screen actress, another source of her earnings come from being a co-founder of The Honest Company. Not only does she take on the world on camera, but her company also produces eco-friendly baby products and cleaning products with revenues over $150 million a year. That’s one side job anybody would be willing to take.

Robert De Niro – $200 Million

The Daily Beast

Here’s one superstar we won’t mind having as a Godfather. The 74-year-old film and stage actor is regarded as one of film’s greatest actors. He made his acting debut at the age of 10 in his high school’s “The Wizard of Oz” production which set him on the yellow brick road to a prolific acting tenure. This high school dropout landed his first film role on the set of “The Wedding Party” and his profession took off from there, allowing him to muster up a fortune of $200 million.

Taylor Swift – $380 Million


Famous for her songs written about all the guys who gave her “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift is an American songwriter and singer who started in the country genre and transitioned to singing pop music. Taylor no longer has teardrops on her guitar having accumulated a net worth of $380 million. She has earned over $50 million between June 2016 and 2017 and has achieved more than $150 million off touring, album sales, merchandise and endorsements, over several years. Having made it to number one on the United States Country Music chart and number five on the US Billboard 200, with platinum albums and various real estate investments her fortune continues to increase.

Clint Eastwood – $375 Million


Clint Eastwood is an American actor, producer and director. At a young age, acting captured his interest but he fought the urge by pursuing other activities such as playing the piano, lifeguarding and joining the United States Army, all of which were short-lived. Thanks to Arthur Libin who had an eye for beauty and talent, he suggested that Eastwood take acting lessons and as any good student would, Eastwood did. Good looks surely went a long way, and for Clint Eastwood, his movie star appearance did pay off big time! Over his long career, he gathered himself a fortune of $375 million.

Johnny Depp – $200 Million

Hello Magazine

Johnny Depp is one of the world’s greatest movie stars known for taking on out-of-this-world roles. He has played an artificial man with scissors for hands in “Edward Scissorhands,” the delusional Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland” to everyone’s favorite eccentric pirate, Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Although his claim of fraud against the group who managed his finances, the American actor and producer has come a long way from his band days to unleash a treasure chest filled with his $200 million fortune, becoming one of the planet’s highest paid actors.

Jack Nicholson – $400 Million

The Political Insider

Jack Nicholson can easily be nominated as one of the wealthiest and most-award-nominated actors in American history. The American actor’s first onscreen appearance was in the 1958 teen thriller entitled “The Cry Baby Killer,” and from then on, he has captured the hearts and minds of his fans as the most loved psychopath televised. He is a man of many talents, working in front of the camera, behind the camera, writing and directing, ultimately becoming one of Hollywood’s most prolific performers. Having appeared in over sixty films and nominated for twelve Oscars, this outstanding actor has managed to bank a jaw-dropping $400 million.

Sylvester Stallone – $400 Million


Sylvester Stallone has tried many different professional paths from acting, screenwriting, producing and directing, grossing a net worth of $400 million dollars. Dropping out of college to pursue screenwriting was a good move by Stallone who is best known for his roles as “Rocky Balboa” and “John James Rambo.” He portrayed these two characters in a combined ten films, having written and starred in the Rocky films, as well as various others. His most recent film has been the Expendables, featuring a group of loyal men on a mission and as his movies continue to global hits, his riches can only skyrocket.

Oprah Winfrey – $3.2 Billion


As a media tycoon, television host and author, Oprah Winfrey’s rise from abuse, prejudice and poverty has earned her the position as one of the most influential people to ever walk the planet. In 1984, she debuted “The Oprah Winfrey Show” where she has since managed to transformed the television talk show arena by hosting interviews which span from health, world and humanitarian to spirituality issues and many other diverse topics. Her extremely profitable media empire earns her an annual salary of $315 million and an astounding wealth of $3.2 billion. With that amount of cash in the bank, everybody’s getting a car!

Steve Harvey – $140 Million

Business Insider

This West Virginia actor, author, TV host, comedian and radio host has accumulated an estimated $140 million throughout his career. Being the host of Showtime at the Apollo, starring on “The Steve Harvey Show” and hosting “Family Feud,” are just a few of his many accomplishments.

His bestseller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” has gone on to the big screen as a romantic comedy “Think Like a Man,” earning almost $100 million at the box office worldwide. With all this fame came three marriages, a few lawsuits, a couple of feuds and a disastrous mistake that the “universe” will never forget.

Mel Gibson – $425 Million

The Hollywood Reporter

The 62-year-old Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, simply referred to as Mel Gibson, is well-known for his roles in action films but more specifically his role as Max in the Mad Max series, earning an initial paycheck of $1 million. But it was not until his role in the 1987 film, “Lethal Weapon” was his Hollywood A-List status cemented. The Australian/American screenwriter, director, producer, investor and actor has won the Oscar for Best Director of his film Braveheart. With a wealth of $425 million, it’s easy to become a father of nine when money is never much of an issue.

Harvey Weinstein – $50 Million

NY Times

Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer and film studio executive, co-founding Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company. When his career was at an all-time high, Weinstein’s net worth was at a staggering $300 million, which was based on the value of the Weinstein Company. But what’s fame without a scandal?

Try adding a few here, there for this man who was fired from his own company and forced to pay a divorce settlement of $20 million, both of which caused Harvey’s net worth to plummet to a mere $50 million. This Flushing native is far from flashing a large bank account having informed a judge that he was too broke to meet his spousal support commitments in 2017.

Robin Williams – $50 Million

USA Today

Who would have guessed that our favorite grandma impersonator was a shy kid who barely even spoke! From witty one-liners to his erratic behaviors, Robin Williams was an American comedian and actor famous for his roles in “Good Will Hunt,” “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Bicentennial Man,” ” Jumanji” and the ever successful “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Although his films grossed more than 6 billion dollars worldwide, his wealth plummeted after two divorces ended in combined settlements totaling over $30 million which had to be taken out of his fortune. He died on August 11, 2014, leaving behind a net worth of $50 million.

Stephen Hawking – $20 Million

Los Angeles Times

At the time of his death, Stephen Hawking had a net worth of $20 million. Not only was he an English theoretical physicist, try adding cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge to the list of positions he held throughout his career. At the age of 21, Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and as the condition progressed, he was almost paralyzed his entire adult life. With numerous ground-breaking scientific discovers named after him, he shed light upon the black holes in the world of science.

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