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60 Celebs Who Died Without Anyone Noticing


The death of a world-renowned celebrity usually attracts a huge amount of media attention. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news of David Bowie passing away in 2016, and who can forget hearing the news that Michael Jackson had died in 2009?

News stories about deaths of popular celebs tend to dominate headlines for weeks at a time, but that’s not always the case when a celebrity retires or slips out of the limelight. Some celebrity deaths seem to go by completely unnoticed.

Throughout the years, which celebrities have passed away without any mention or attention from the media? Some of these deaths may come as a surprise to you!

1. Teena Marie

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Mary Brockert AKA Tina Marie, was a big hit during the 80s under Motown Records. Well known for her vocal skill being filled with emotion and soul, her untimely end was unpredictable, to say the least. While in her hotel (in 2004), a picture just above her head, unhinged and made its way to the center of her skull. Needless to say, her bright future ended by way of a fallen picture frame. She did not die immediately which is why it was unnoticeable. She suffered much mental trauma and shortly after passed in 2010. Had it not been for her daughter Alia Rose, Tina’s death would’ve remained hidden.

2. Johnny Stopanato

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If anyone’s into gangs (more specifically, the mafia) they’d know about LA’s Micky Cohen. The important connection here is that Stopanato, was a bodyguard for this notorious Mob leader. Apparently, he died by a brutal stabbing, of which, we haven’t been able to pinpoint. Rumors say it was his ex-girlfriend, some say it was ex-girlfriend’s daughter who brought him to the knife. You’d think that someone as intimidating as himself would have died in his ‘line of work’. He probably didn’t foresee it happening so ‘close to home’.

3. Andy Hallett

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The TV series Angel is the source of our next death on the list; the death of Andy Hallett. Having only a supporting role in this series, he died at what people would call the ‘age of his prime’. At 33 years, the ‘angel of death’ came in the form of a dental infection, flowing through his blood, attacking his heart. Visiting the hospital numerous times within a 5-year period, his condition worsened, and he eventually succumbed to his ‘dental enemy’. Not to take this lightly, but this gives us even more reason to take care of our dental health.

4. Elvis Presley

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AKA “The King” is one of the most popular performers who graced the stage during the late 1900s. Many jazz songs back then (and even today) are inspired by his noteworthy prowess and ability on stage. It was indeed a great deal when Elvis was found dead in an uncomfortable position on the bathroom floor. It was said that there was a large number of pharmaceutical drugs found in his system. What spurred the decision to overdose? One can only guess.

5. Trevor Goddard

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Our next person on the list is from a movie that I consider to be one of my favorites growing up, Mortal Kombat (1995). For those who remember, he was the actor who played our half metal half human friend, Kano. Being an actor in the ‘movie of death’ — no seriously, this movie is literally about killing all your enemies — it was quite ironic that Kane himself was found dead in his home, having overdosed on various types of drugs. Perhaps the atmosphere he surrounded himself with (making the movie) was too much for him to bear, though, this is merely conjecture.

6. David Carradine

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Definitely one of the most bizarre deaths on the list lets take a look at Mr. Carradine’s death. He was in Bangkok, for a movie shoot. After his time on set, his peers who sought to look for him, found him bound in unusual ways in his closet. The rope was tied around not just his neck, but his wrists, as well as genitals. He died due to sexual asphyxiation. After news got out of his death, his ex-wives (whose names won’t be mentioned) did indeed say that he fetishized self-bondage and enjoyed things on the kinkier side of life.

7. Paul Gleason

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Anyone who remembers Paul Gleason will likely remember him as a stern disciplinarian who spent his Saturdays punishing rebellious teenagers in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club. His performance in this classic movie was so strong that he became as iconic to the movie as the six actors in the main cast, despite having a fraction of their screen time. After The Breakfast Club, Gleason took on more than 100 further roles as a character actor. His death from lung cancer at age 67 may not have attracted much media attention, but his long career as an actor and countless onset friends ensured he received a large sendoff within the cinema community.

8. Anna Nicole Smith

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In the world where America’s models dominated the fashion industry, Anna Nicole Smith was a triple threat to watch out for. An actress, TV personality, and model, she was made popular by her involvement in Playboy, during the late 1900s. Following the death of her son a little over a decade ago, Smith died through the consumption of a drug cocktail. Unknown to us was whether it was suicidal or homicidal. The publicity and irony of the similarities between the deaths of herself and her son makes her death even more ambiguous.

9. Richard Griffiths

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Richard Griffiths had a long and illustrious acting career, with much of his notable work coming from his many theatrical performances; however, American audiences will best recognize him for his role of Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter franchise.

Griffiths was a Tony Award-winning actor who passed away in 2013 at the age of 65, due to complications from a significant heart surgery. Though he may have played a callous jerk in Harry Potter, he is still greatly missed for his unforgettable performances on stage and screen.

10. Jack Nanse

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This next individual suffered a death that was initially deemed to be a mystery. An actor in the movie Eraserhead, he was found in South Pasadena, California. He had told friends (prior to the date of his death) that he was involved in an altercation with a homeless person, leaving an oddly shaped bruise under his eye. Going home with a headache, he suffered a subdural hematoma, which ended his life the following morning. Police have yet to find evidence of the said altercation.

11. John Cazale

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Though John Cazale only had two major roles, they were both in extremely recognizable movies: The Deer Hunter and parts I and II of The Godfather. Despite his lack of formal acting experience and an unimpressive filmography, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing the role of Fredo, as Cazale masterfully depicted an insecure beta character who couldn’t handle the stress and pressure of running his own business and eventually became a threat and liability to the family name. Cazale’s death didn’t come as a surprise to anyone close to him, as he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and knew that he didn’t have long to live; Cazale’s close friend Al Pacino, who directed The Deer Hunter, rearranged the film’s shooting schedule so Cazale could finish all of his scenes before his passing.

12. Chris Cornell

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In the music world, proficiency in any singular instrument is worthy of praise, but being able to both play and sing, is a feat in and of itself. Cornell, died in 2017, at the age of 52, found dead in his hotel room. According to the autopsy report, he had committed suicide and hung himself. Why he chose to end his career is a mystery to his friends, family, and the public; indeed, an untimely end.

13. Glenn Quinn

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Irishman Glenn Quinn started acting when he was only 20 years old, appearing in commercials and bit parts while he built his acting portfolio from the ground up; he got his big break shortly after the beginning of his career, when he portrayed Mark Healy on the long-running sitcom Roseanne. Quinn would also go on to appear in nine episodes of the TV series Angel. In 2002, Quinn passed away at the surprisingly young age of 32, still in the prime of his life and his acting career. His body was discovered on a friend’s couch, and his death was ruled as a heroin overdose. Quinn’s career had only just begun, but it goes to show just how fast the consequences of drugs can strip you of everything you have.

14. Ronni Chasen

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What do the names Michael Douglas, Mark Isham, and Hans Zimmer have in common? Well, this woman here is the answer. She was the journalist who represented each of these actors/musicians. Being shot during the fall of the year 2010, the most that is known is that she was on her way back home after the premiere of Burlesque. Aside from that, the killer and motive remain unknown and remains as such. What could she have done to warrant such a death, was it random or was it intentional? It’s fitting to say that “dead men tell no tales”.

15. James Avery

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James Avery had 177 acting credits before his death, but by far his best-loved role is Phillip Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which ruled TV listings throughout the ’90s. His onscreen chemistry with Will Smith made the show an instant classic. Avery died at the age of 68, as a result of complications during open heart surgery. You might have read about Avery’s death online, but his passing was mostly hushed at the request of his family, and out of respect for his years of dedication to television. After Avery’s passing, Smith credited Avery with teaching him many of his most valuable lessons in both life and acting.

16. Cory Monteith

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Glee a show filled with inspired music, masterful covers, captivating dance numbers, and enjoyable actors, any fan would remember Monteith. Playing one of the main characters in Glee, he was the typical football jock who joined the glee club because of his hidden ‘singing talent’. Definitely an inspiration to those who have trouble being true to themselves. To everyone’s surprise, this actor’s lifeless body was discovered in a hotel room. He had overdosed on alcohol and heroin.

17. Harold Ramis

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Harold Ramis was one of the greatest comedic minds of his generation. We have him to thank for so many beloved classics such as Groundhog Day, Bedazzled, Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and Animal House. He also served as a mentor and influence for the next generation of comic writers, such as Adam Sandler, Jay Roach, Jake Kasdan and the Farrelly brothers. To call Ramis one of the most influential cinematic screenwriters in the past few decades is an understatement, which makes it all the more shocking that his death went mostly unnoticed. In May 2010, Ramis contracted a severe infection that robbed him of his ability to walk; after learning how to walk all over again, a severe relapse the next year forced him back into a wheelchair. Ramis finally succumbed to vasculitis in 2014, but before he passed, he said that if an afterlife existed, he hoped for a chance to haunt his families and friends.

18. Paul Walker

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If you’re like me, you love yourself a stellar action movie and the Fast and Furious series is one of the most popular action series. A couple of drivers (usually) get together, street race, to combat some international criminal, in a nutshell. Paul Walker was one of the main protagonists of this popular movie series, and died, ironically, in a high-speed car crash. His death was definitely one mourned by the world. It had such an impact that the character he played debuted in the following movie, as he had died during that movie’s ongoing filming.

19. Michael Clarke Duncan

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Michael Clarke Duncan’s death was probably the most publicized of anyone on this list, but not nearly enough was said about him considering what an accomplished actor he was. He had roles in blockbuster movies such as The Green Mile, Talladega Nights and Planet of the Apes. Michael Clarke Duncan was certainly not old when he passed, and no one expected him to suffer a sudden heart attack at just 54 years old. After 20 days of hospitalization, he finally passed away in 2012 from respiratory failure.

20. Heath Ledger

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Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Aqua man … and the list goes on. All are superheroes who stood as many people’s childhood heroes. In addition to the list above, is the hero known as Batman. Though a hero worthy of praise, he is only as good as his villainous counterpart, The Joker. Right at the end of the filming of Dark Knight Ledger was found dead, accidentally overdosing on prescribed drugs (painkillers, sleeping pills etc.). This death was not only a shocker but also a sad one; he only took them to help manage his mental health.

21. Les Lyle

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Those of us old enough to remember the early days of the TV channel Nickelodeon undoubtedly have fond memories of the TV show You Can’t Do That On Television. Les Lyle played every one of the adult males on the show, and he enjoyed a long career both as an actor and as a radio host. Les Lyle earned a 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists for his accomplishments, and is still considered one of the best in his field. Lyle passed away in 2009, at age 85, having suffered a heart attack seven years prior.

22. Logan Bratayley

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Currently, conventional television has become replaced with online streaming, with the streaming giant “YouTube” sitting at the top of this online empire. This young person (only age 13 when he died), was known for his YouTube commentary on a popular game in the gaming community, Minecraft. This humble beginning led to his being signed by Disney’s Maker Studios. Suddenly he stopped posting on his YouTube, Instagram, and other social media accounts, and later the public found that he had died of ‘natural causes’. Closer analysis illustrated his death was due to an underlying health issue.

23. Marcia Wallace

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Marcia Wallace appeared in several different films and shows, but you’d probably recognize her voice before you recognize her face: she was the spirit behind The Simpsons character Edna Krabapple. Wallace was present for 176 Simpsons episodes, making her one of the longest-running characters in a show that has broken records for longevity. Wallace was always described as an incredibly pleasant woman, and her death was widely mourned by her fellow cast members, though her death remained largely unpublicized.

Wallace’s death was the result of a medley of horrible conditions, including pneumonia, sepsis and breast cancer. She passed in October 2013, a week before her 71st birthday. Wallace knew she didn’t have long to live, and rather than spend her time in solitude, she decided to make as many Simpsons episodes as she could, so her character could carry on and bring joy to as many viewers as possible. After Wallace’s passing, new episodes featuring the character of Mrs. Krabapple continued to air for an additional six months. The writers and cast of The Simpsons also dedicated an episode of the show to Wallace’s memory.

24. Cathorina White

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If anyone knows Jim Carrey, everyone knows the many dynamic roles he’s played, for me the most noteworthy being the green guy in The Mask. This post is about his ex-girlfriend, Cathorina White. Though not a celebrity in her own right, her life, and death while with Carey, makes her an individual to remember. She is most remembered by the lawsuit against Carey over false claims of sexual assault (through STD transmission). Years after she was found dead, with her suicide note appearing a while after her body was discovered. Carey pities the circumstances as it was a tragic ordeal altogether.

25. Len Lesser

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Seinfeld fans might not know Len Lesser’s real name because the character of Uncle Leo is so memorable. However, Lesser had a monumental career that spanned more than six decades and included many roles in both classic films and TV shows. Lesser had a great acting range, and the news of his death in 2011 saddened his costars and fans alike. Lesser passed away at the ripe age of 88, due to pneumonia that was related to his cancer diagnosis. Lesser may have had a larger career, and life, than most could ever hope for, but he never did learn what the deal was with airline food.

26. Amy Winehouse

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This name is definitely an unforgettable one, as her singing complemented well, her dynamic mix of music genres/styles. Winning 5 Grammy’s in 2008, she took the prize as the female who won the most Grammy’s in one sitting. A few years later she was found dead apparently having drunk herself to death. The toxicology report numbers showed that her blood alcohol level was more than 5 times the legal upper limit for drivers in the UK. Her death untimely death came as a surprise, as just the night before, she had told her doctor that she didn’t have any intention of dying, life in that way, is really unexpected.

27. Michael Jeter

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Michael Clarke Duncan isn’t the only actor from The Green Mile who can no longer be counted among the living. His costar Michael Jeter, who is most loved for his portrayal of Mr. Noodle on the popular kids’ show Sesame Street, passed when he was only 50 years old. Jeter had been living with an HIV diagnosis, but wasn’t showing any serious or worrisome symptoms at his time of death; a spontaneous seizure caused him to fall into an unresponsive and eventually fatal state. Jeter won both a Tony for his performance in the Broadway musical Grand Hotel and an Emmy for his appearance in Evening Shade, but he said his time on Sesame Street was the most fulfilling role of his professional career because it brought joy to so many young children.

28. Marilyn Monroe

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A remarkable presence in the entertainment industry from the roaring 20s to the 1960s, Monroe, was a force to be reckoned with. Even years after her death, she still ranks top 30 on lists such as: ‘People we Wish were Still Alive’, and ‘The Most Beautiful Women of All Time’. Her legacy is definitely one to remember. During the filming for Something’s Got to Give she was discovered dead when she didn’t show up on set. The cause of death was linked to an overdose facilitating her own suicide. The drugs (barbiturates) were said to have altered her mind and enhanced feelings of depression.

29. Chris Penn

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Every Quentin Tarantino fan has seen his masterpiece film Reservoir Dogs, one of his earliest works that cemented him as a film legend. Front and center in the Reservoir Dogs cast was Chris Penn, who gave an incredible performance as Eddie Cabot, the son of famed mob boss Joe Cabot, who was planning the heist the film’s plot centered on. Penn had no problem landing roles after Reservoir Dogs became such a major success, but his fame ended prematurely when he was found dead at the age of 40.

Penn had been a heavy drug user in the past, but an autopsy confirmed that his death was unrelated to drug use, and instead was the result of heart disease that was exacerbated by his obesity.

30. Philip Seymour Hoffman

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This individual is well known (in our current time) as the gamemaster of the Hunger Games where our favorite ‘Mockingjay’ competed to protect her district and all others facing oppression from the rich. Having a history of drugs, Hoffman was able to stay sober for a total of 25 years, which is a huge feat. Unfortunately, during the filming of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, he had relapsed into his addiction, and thus died from an overdose of heroin. He was later found dead in his hotel room in Manhattan.

31. Lisa Robin Kelly

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Lisa Robin Kelly may never have been a household name, but everyone knows of her most famous character, Laurie Forman, on the hit TV series That ‘70s Show. Not many people are aware Kelly was much older than her character on the show. During the show’s peak seasons, the actress was actually in her early 30s, though Laurie was supposed to be a college-aged 20. Unfortunately for her, her youthful appearance and girl-next-door good looks wouldn’t last forever.

Kelly was a severe drug addict, and it was taking a serious toll on her physical and mental health. After a stint at the Pax Rehab House in Altadena, California, she passed away in her sleep at the age of 43 due to an overdose of multiple unspecified drugs. In the years before her passing, Kelly had been in trouble with the law, resulting in her arrest for two DUIs, an assault charge and a charge of corporal injury.

32. Brandon Lee

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Definitely an outlier in our list of deaths, let’s look at the death of Brandon Lee. Made famous by his relationship (son) to Bruce Lee (the martial artist), he became an actor who performed his own stunts on set. Strangely enough, his death wasn’t due to an overdose, or suicide, it was due to a complete freak accident. During the filming of The Crow, the handgun which was used as a prop had a remnant of a real bullet, and when it was fired, it inevitably made its way through his abdomen leading to his unforeseen death.

33. Roddy Piper

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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper was a jack of all trades, and his career included everything from acting and podcasting, in addition to his successful run in the WWE. At the height of his acting career, Piper was the lead in the classic ’80s flick They Live, which gave birth to one of the most iconic action phrases of all time (hint: it includes chewing bubble gum). During his wrestling days, Piper accumulated a total of 34 championships, and over his 43 years in the ring, he squared off with a list of rivals that included all of the massive names.

Piper died in July 2015 at the age of 61, after suffering a heart attack in his sleep which resulted from an embolism. Though wrestling fans mourned his loss, most of the rest of the world didn’t seem to notice.

34. Steve Irwin

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Famously known as the crocodile hunter, this Australian Adventurer gave many people an interest in the natural world. His work akin to that of earlier natural philosophers (those who explored the natural world to understand it), he was quite daring in his encounters with wild animals. This exciting, adrenaline-filled adventurism, enticed his viewers to watch his work with full attention. This streak ended when he was stung, mid-film, by a stingray, and wasn’t known to the public the day it happened.

35. Thuy Trang

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Fans of the original 1990s series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which was pretty much every kid at the time) will remember Thuy Trang very well, since she played Trini, aka the Yellow Ranger. Trang was originally from Vietnam, and had only managed to land two acting credits to her name outside of the Power Rangers series, but she became a cultural icon that embodied the spirit of teenage attitude.

Trang was only 27 years old, and had only been in the acting industry for three years, when she was killed in a car accident in 2001. Trang’s death was largely glossed over because her name just wasn’t as memorable or significant as her character, but that trend is typical among kids’ TV shows. Trang may be gone, but she made a permanent impact on the hearts and minds of the kids who watched her show. Go, go, Power Rangers!

36. Béla Lugosi

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If you’re familiar with horror movies, you’re familiar with Frankenstein, Werewolves, and Vampires. The most famous creature of these fantastical horrors was count Dracula. Lugosi, was the iconic actor who played one of the first appearances (on screen) of this vampiric entity. During his work in Plan 9 from Outer Space, he succumbed to an immediate heart attack. His scenes were then taken over by the director’s family chiropractor, which did not suffice as an effective replacement.

37. James Gandolfini

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James Gandolfini had a ton of acting cred, but we’d all be kidding ourselves if we said his most famous role was anything other than Tony Soprano. The fate of Tony Soprano was left rather ambiguous on the show, but unfortunately, Gandolfini’s fate is clear-cut. The star died at the age of 51 after suffering a sudden heart attack while vacationing in Italy. The saddest fact of all was that his body was discovered by his 13-year-old son. Gandolfini’s untimely death received a lot of recognition among his co-stars and family, but because The Sopranos series had ended several years before, the news largely ignored his passing.

38. Redd Foxx

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Ranked number 6 in “The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the 70’s”, this character was best known for his role in “Sanford and Son”. A noteworthy show indeed, his abilities in the acting world, brought many to tears (of laughter) with the way he performed in intricate scenes, designed to pull out the best in comedy. A little under 2 decades ago, he immediately collapsed from a heart attack while he was on set for his show “The Royal Family.

39. James Farentino

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James Farentino is one of those guys who was basically in every movie, yet you really had no idea until the credits rolled. Over the course of his career, he racked up nearly 100 acting credits, with his most notable works being Dead and Buried, Bulletproof, The Final Countdown and Her Alibi. Farentino lived until the age of 73, but all good things must come to an end, and after a long battle with illness, his heart finally gave out at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.

40. Diana, Princess of Wales

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I know what you’re thinking. How could Princess Diana make it on the list, when her death had the entire world literally in tears? Well, think of it this way. For most Londoners, she was attending to her royal duties while in the palace or out on official business. For the press, she was in the car, getting away as normal (part of the job). At no point would anyone expect that her car would meet into an accident, inevitable killing the Royal Princess of Wales. It was an unprecedented death which further deepened the impact it had on her citizens, and people all over the world.

41. Ryan Knight

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Ryan Knight isn’t an A-list celeb, but he was certainly making waves during the peak of the show The Real World: New Orleans. Knight was getting interviewed everywhere for some of his controversial statements on the show, but as quickly as he jumped in popularity, his 15 minutes of fame were up, and he was reduced to making talk show appearances to discuss his reality show experiences. Four years after the airing of the 24th Real World season aired, Knight was found dead at only 28 years old.

After having one too many drinks and taking some unidentified pills, Knight passed out from intoxication and choked on his own fluids. His death was quick and painless, but the shock of losing him so young devastated his family. MTV didn’t want to exploit the death of one of their stars, so rather than make a big publicity play, they chose to let Ryan’s family grieve in peace, but the producers took an extended leave before pursuing future Real World seasons.

42. Tupac Shakur

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One of the most controversial entries yet. Tupac was — or rather is — a legend in his own rite. He stormed the hip-hop scene during the 1990s, and his music reached many African Americans during this time. It was definitely the age of hip-hop, and he was one of the kings, along with players like the Notorious BIG, and Lil’ Kim. It was reported that Tupac was shot in Las Vegas by an unidentified individual (who to this day is still free). One large speculation is that Tupac is still alive and well, and that his death was faked. Until that’s proven, we’ll remain with the former depiction.

43. Earl Hindman

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It’s hard to imagine what Home Improvement would have been like without Earl Hindman. Not many people knew the identity of Tim’s mysterious neighbor Wilson, who always seemed to have some funny and profound wisdom to impart. Hindman appeared in films long before Home Improvement, portraying the role of the lead villain in the original version of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Hindman was 61 years old at the time of his death in 2003; he passed away from lung cancer after being a heavy smoker for many years. Towards the end of his life, Hindman became an Episcopal priest, so here’s to hoping he found a pleasant afterlife in the big backyard in the sky.

44. Michael Jackson

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The king of pop, well known for many hits like Thriller, or Billy Jean, his music and influence have transcended his life and the lives of many others. Michael Jackson’s death was an interesting one indeed, as many remain uncertain about how/when it happened. In his mansion, he was found dead in his room the morning after he went to sleep. Toxicology reports stated that he suffered intoxication from powerful anesthesia combined with other sedatives. The doctor in question was charged with manslaughter, however, why or how Jackson consumed these things is still a mystery.

45. Richard Kiel

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Richard Kiel was known for being the perfect mixture of a tough guy and an expert at absurdist comedy: he was able to take a nail in the head in Happy Gilmore, he used his iron jaws to thwart both death and James Bond countless times, and he lent his unique voice to animated pictures like Tangled. Kiel was a big guy, but everyone who knew him described him as a complete softy, claiming he was the kindest and most soft-spoken person they knew. Kiel passed at 75 years old, after conquering alcoholism and surviving a car accident that left him wheelchair-bound. His death was due to a severe heart attack, likely the result of coronary artery disease.

46. Abe Vigoda

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One of the most ‘mix up’ deaths that is on this list of 60. Abe Vigoda is well known for his presence in the mafia movie The Godfather. Strangely enough, there was a ‘fake news’ website (started in the 1980s) that was broadcasting the death of Abe, years later becoming a frequent/resurging subject. However, like an April fools joke gone bad, when he actually died of natural causes, most people didn’t realize that he was actually dead. The Boy who cried Wolf comes to mind here.

47. John Henson

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John Henson (son of the legendary Jim Henson) was a puppeteer just like his father, and he is one of the largest reasons why the Muppets continued to have the same magic after Jim passed away in 1990. One of the most recognizable Muppets characters, Sweetums, was originally portrayed by Richard Hunt, but when Hunt fell ill, he trained John to take over when he passed; John did him proud, but unfortunately he suffered a heart attack at 48 years old, and was five years younger than his father when he passed away. Henson was cremated, but his family held a private funeral for him, and his ashes were distributed among his closest family members. The Muppets continue to live on and have suffered no discernible drop in quality, thanks to the rest of the hardworking Henson family.

48. Rob Ford, former Mayor of Toronto

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This is an interesting case, as its expected that most Torontonians would know of this man. The surprise was that his famed public drunkenness and lack of filter, leaked passed provincial borders and even into the United States. He was famous for being one of the worst examples of a politician in Canada, but that fame is what made his death so invisible. During his last run, he found that he had cancerous cells growing throughout his body and had to drop out. When he succumbed to cancer, most people were too busy arguing him being unfit to be a politician to notice that he had already died.’

49. James Brian Hellwig

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James Hellwig was known as “The Ultimate Warrior,” but he really should have been known as “The Ultimate Entertainer,” since his presence in the world of wrestling was marked as the most engaged and interesting period in WWE history. Hellwig was a perfect example of what classic WWE wrestling looked like: flashy costumes and a dominating personality that stuck out among the crowds of diverse and engaging wrestling names.

After winning two wrestling championships, winning bodybuilding awards and being inducted into the WWE hall of fame, Hellwig went on hiatus from the industry. After eight months without any sign of Hellwig, rumors began to swirl that he might have passed away, but he crushed those theories when he appeared during a special promotional event wearing his classic attire. Ironically, and tragically, the very day after he made his first RAW appearance, he suffered a severe heart attack and died at 54 years old.

50. Bruce Lee

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Famous for his combination of acting and martial arts, Lee was well respected within his genre. While working for a film in Hong Kong, he was attacked by a seizure and immediately stopped functioning. Medical attention arrived in time, however, not much time passed before he started feeling intense headaches. The not long after, he was found dead. The death itself was thought to be a curse brought upon his entire family. Such theories ignored the actual reasons why he died, thus his literal death was rendered hidden by his ‘fictitious death’.

51. Jeff Buckley

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This celebrity may not be as well known as the others, but his death gains him a spot in this article! Covering the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, Buckley immediately gained popularity and an almost cultish fanbase. On an outing in Memphis, Buckley and his bandmates went near Wolf River Harbor to work on some material. While on break, Buckley jumped in and started to swim (a regular occurrence according to his mates). Within the blink of an eye, they no longer saw him. A couple of days later, his body was found, he was pronounced dead, though no signs of alcohol or drugs were present in his system. His death was both unnoticeable, and inexplicable.

52. Rebecca Schaeffer

Image via Ranker.comYet another actress who encountered a death that was unexpected. She was famous for her role My Sister Sam, and it was through this sitcom that she unknowingly recruited a stalker. Numerous attempts were made to meet with her on set, to no avail. Returning home discouraged, he saw Schaeffer in a sex scene for a new film she was working on, and in a rage, hired a Private investigator to find out where she lived. He went to her house, knocked on the door, and when she answered, shot her immediately running thereafter. Her body was discovered much later, and the stalker was apprehended a day after.

53. Barbara Salinas-Norman

Image via Mummipedia.com

She was well known for (1) being an author for children’s literature in Mexico, and writing works dedicated to identifying Mexican-American culture. In the latter period of her career, she had suffered from financial issues resulting in her reclusion. Her Brother in Law (concerned he had not heard from her in over 2 years) went to her place to find her. Upon entering, he happened upon an awful smell associated with a mummified Salinas. She died from natural causes but remained undiscovered for over a year.

54. Ray Combs

Image via Ranker.com

Famous for his hosting the popular TV show Family Feud, Combs suffered s spinal injury. This injury plunged him into a dangerous state of depression which was further enhanced when he failed at making his comeback as a TV host. In 1996, the authorities were called because Combs was discovered banging his head, forcibly against the wall. His wife explained that he’d had suicidal thoughts since the injury and he was later committed into mental institution. The following day, he was found in his closet, hanging from the ceiling, with his covers tied around his neck.

55. Jimi Hendrix

Image via Scoopwhoop.com

Jimi Hendrix is famously known as one of the worlds most skilled electrical guitarists. His music has inspired many traditional and contemporary guitarists and is the foundation for many guitar licks/solos we hear in our music today. His death was an odd one said to have been caused by an overdose of sleeping pills. When he was found, medical documents indicated that he had choked on his own vomit after going to sleep. Such a sad, and painful way to die.

56. Kurt Cobain

Image via Scoopwhoop.com

Another famous musician on the list, Cobain was famous for his ability to sing, write songs and play while performing his originals. Appearing on spaces like the MTV Video Music Awards, definitely placed this young up and coming star on the map. Cobain’s body was discovered by an electrician with a gunshot wound and a note. The note was addressed to an imaginary friend he had as a child, saying “[I have not] felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing…for too many years now” (Sandford, 2013).

57. Virginia Woolf

Image via Filippoventuri.net

Her writing is noteworthy and used in many studies of literature today. With its focus on the stream of consciousness, many literary scholars study her work to investigate her use of this focus as a literary device. This famous modernist writer was also famously depressed. With the stress of World War II and the destruction of her home during Blitzkrieg, she filled her trench coat with rocks and submerged herself in the River Ouse. Woolf was found dead a month later.

58. Adam Goldstein AKA DJ AM

Image via Accessonline.com

This was an American DJ who was a part of the band “Crazy Town” when he first started. Laced with a  history of drug addiction, he was sent to a rehabilitation center called “Straight, Incorporated”. The center didn’t help, however, he still managed to secure roles in video games like DJ Hero, and films like Iron Man 2. He even went as far as hosting his own series Gone Too Far, one which focused on drug intervention. In August 2009, he was found dead in his apartment due to accidental intoxication. This may have been facilitated by the stress of his recent separation.

59. Mary Rogers

Image via List25.com

Mary Rogers also came to be known as “The Beautiful Cigar Girl” due to her natural allure to distinguished gentlemen who visited her store to purchase tobacco. Her story is interesting, her fame comes from a fictional depiction of her in the book The Mystery of Marie Roget, which was inspired by her mysterious demise. No eyewitness accounts were available for her death, the only account would be the discovery of her body floating in the Hudson River. To this day it remains a mystery whether she as a victim of gang violence or domestic assault (exacted upon her by her boyfriend found dead soon after).

60. Natalie Wood

Image via Fanfest.com

Our final individual is none other than Natalie Wood. A successful Hollywood star, she received 3 nominations for the Academy Awards before she was 25. She also starred in From Here to Eternity which allowed her to gain the coveted Golden Globe Award. During a boat trip with her husband and fellow actor, Christopher Walken (they were to star in the movie Brainstorm), she drowned. The odd thing is that no one ever saw her leave the boat or fall off. Though it may not have taken days to notice, the fact remains that she had drowned, and no one realized.


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