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Checking In? Moose Caught On Camera Entering Hospital In Video That’s Just So Alaska


The story that we have for you today totally starts as a pretty bad joke, but it quickly turns into a cute story. Namely, a moose entered a hospital in Alaska, and the hospital staff was keeping an eye on the big cute animal. The animal didn’t do any harm, it just entered the hospital, took a small walk around the halls of the hospital and he slowly exited the hospital after a while.

A Strange Guest at the Alaskan Regional Hospital

The staff at the Alaskan Regional Hospital was surprised by their unexpected new guest that arrived at the front door of their lobby. As we all know, winters in Alaska can be pretty cold, and that’s the reason that the day that the visit happened the front doors of the hospital lobby were frozen open, so maybe the moose was drawn in by the warm air coming out from the hospital, or maybe he was just curious of what’s happening in a human hospital. The staff at the hospital and the hospital security was aware of the situation but they decided to leave the moose alone, and see what happens.

Image Source: Alaska Regional Hospital / AP

Who Would’ve Thought

Stephanie Hupton is working in billing in the physical therapy office, linked to the hospital. She was recently transferred from the Carroll, Iowa hospital. She didn’t think twice before taking out her phone and taking a video of the moose wandering around the hospital halls and checking out the greenery that they have in there. She said that she never even imagined of having a moose wandering around in her workplace, but in Alaska, this happened. The moose didn’t stay in the hospital lobby for more than 10 minutes.

Image Source: Associated Press

Let’s Go Home

After tasting the plastic decorative plants in the hospital, and having a short snack from those plants. He silently left the hospital. The moose’s short stay in the hospital passed without any injuries or problems. Despite the fact that the moose was pretty calm for the time that it spent in the hospital, the staff called security just in case something goes wrong and the moose needs to be escorted out of the hospital. With all in mind, we would be glad if more people entered and exited the hospital the way that this moose did, calmly and without any complaining on the food that they tasted there.

Image Source: Anchorage Daily News


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