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China’s Ice And Snow Festival Showcases Magical Creations


It doesn’t have to mean that with the drop in temperatures, the heat of innovation is also going out. People all over the world have come up with amazing sculpture competitions which include sculptures made both from snow and from ice. These competitions are a great way for artists to show their creativity and ability to create sculptures from snow and ice. And, most of these are unique by themselves, but one festival stands out more than all of the rest. That is the Ice and Snow Festival in China.

Ice, Ice Baby

This is one of the largest ice and snow festivals in the world, it is hosted in Heilongjiang Province, China, and it is also known as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. People from all over the world come here to take a look at the amazing sculptures of ice and snow that the artists have created. And that alone shows you how unique and creative the artists must be in order to attract those people.

Image Source: Boston.Com

This Ice and Snow Festival is held for a full month and starts on January 5th and it lasts until February 5th. There is an opening show, and also the opening of the well-known Harbin Ice and Snow World. This amazing place is made from one hundred and ten thousand cubic meters of ice and one hundred twenty thousand cubic meters of snow. You can imagine how massive this whole adventure filled place must be, and to put it into perspective a bit better, it spans across six hundred thousand square meters of land and within hundred landmarks all over China.

Visit the Magic

The cost of the ticket excluding some taxes for paying a visit to some of the more exclusive exhibits, you are looking at a pretty inexpensive ticket to see some of the most incredible snow and ice sculptures in the world. With the ticket, you will be able to visit each and every individual creation including the Snow World.

Image Source: Travel And Leisure

Snow World isn’t the only thing to see here. You will also be seeing amazing sculptures submitted from artists from 12 countries. You will see all kinds of designs, from a strange looking snowman to the famous 4500 square meter Buddha. Here you will see the most amazing things ever created from snow and ice!

The History of the Festival

For the first time ever, the amazing festival was held back in 1985 and it was inspired by the traditional lanterns coming from Heilongjiang. These amazing lanterns are created from ice blocks, they hold a candle inside and have lightened the way for the great show that has been shaped and developed throughout the years.

Image Source: The Atlantic

This year is the 35th birthday of the first time the festival was held. This festival is one of the most famous winter festivals of ice and snow sculptures. The festival has joined even some of the better-known festivals from around the world, but none of those events are as artistic as the Harbin.


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