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City makes plans to guide people to shelters on cold winter days


We are all aware of the constant drop in temperatures outside, so all of us are trying to make the final preparations before the cold strikes. Buying warm and cozy clothes, preparing our heaters, buying wood for the fireplace, all play a big part in us keeping our house as warm as possible.

To know that most of us will be able to keep ourselves warm and cozy all throughout the winter is nice information, but we have to keep in mind all the homeless people that will spend the winter outside on the cold without anything to keep them warm. They don’t have a home to keep it warm, they don’t have where to hide when the roads are icy and they don’t have people trying to help them out. But, this year is going to be different for the homeless people in Stockholm. The city has created a strategy that is going to help homeless people find a warm place until the cold winter months pass.

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Keep Them Warm

In the next couple of cold months, the city of Stockholm is going to help out the homeless people that leave in its area by finding them a place where they can keep themselves warm. This is a pretty warmhearted gesture and it is the first of its kind.

Replace all the Advertisements

What they’re planning to do is to help out the homeless finding a warm room by replacing the digital advertisements all over the Stockholm area with directions for the homeless where they can find shelters or heating rooms. With these steps, the city will give the homeless place to hide from the extreme temperatures and will take them away from the cold streets.

Automatic Notices where it’s Needed

The marketing agency that works with all of the billboards in the city is set in charge for this Humane Deed. “Clear Channel” is the name of the agency in charge, and they will need to program the billboards to display the automatic notices for people only if the temperatures drop in the danger zone.

The City has taken extra measures in order to cover the whole city, as well as areas where they know that a lot of homeless people staying. This is how the city thinks most homeless people will find out about the measures and how they can make use of them.

Away from the Cold Roads

The authorities in Stockholm are satisfied with the measures that they’ve taken and think that these measures are going to help homeless people in their city. This is especially a great thing because it is the first time someone does something like this for the homeless. They won’t need to search for a place where they can shelter themselves from the extreme conditions. This will help them out stay in a warm room throughout the entire cold winter in Stockholm.

Image Source: Pixabay

Will More Cities Adopt this Practice?

Well, once the practice takes place we are hoping that more and more cities will be inspired to adopt it. It takes care of the homeless and it sure is a worthwhile practice.


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