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College student gets an early Christmas surprise – a room full of gifts


Have you ever imagined when you come into your room tired from work and you find tons of gifts wrapped in gift paper all around your room? Yes, lots of gifts all over your room… Well, if you felt good during this intro I would recommend you to stay here and read on, ‘cause this is what happened to a student in the Southwest Baptist University in Missouri experienced. Enjoy!

Gifts, all Around Her room!

Yes, I know, you’re thinking to yourselves. What did this student do so that she could get such a great surprise? I mean you’re right, who else except an amazing person would get so many gifts? Well, I hate to break it up for you, but, as Hannah, the students, was about to find out, those weren’t gifts. They wrapped her things in gift paper because she has hilarious roommates that love pranking people!

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What a Bummer

But, I think it would’ve been much better if all those things weren’t Hanna’s and they were actually gifts for her. They were even smart enough to get it all recorded so that they could have evidence of the hilarious moment. In the video, you’ll see Hannah coming home from work just to find that her room was filled with amazing gifts. I mean, her roomies might have spent the whole day wrapping her things into gift paper, but it was worth it for the end result that they got. Everything was gift wrapped. From Hannah’s bed to her closet, in fact, they wrapped everything that they could get around. They said that they wanted to express the Christmas spirit.

Funny Roommate

As we mentioned earlier, Santa isn’t the reason why this prank became a thing. The responsibility for that goes totally to her roommate, Andrea. Hannah never liked Christmas and she has told that to her friends a couple of times… And despite the fact that this sounds like she’s faking it, there are people who don’t actually like all the hype that these holidays produce. Because her roommate knew that she wasn’t faking it, she gathered up a couple of her friends and decided to give Hannah the ultimate Christmas prank, that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

‘Tis the Season of Pranking

No one really knows what happened after that, and if Hannah’s thoughts about Christmas changed at all. But, what we know is that she will never forget the gesture that her roommate did for this Christmas. Even if the gifts weren’t real ones, it sure was an amazing thing to come home to. We know one thing though, she experienced how getting gifts for Christmas feels like, even if that is for the short period before she realized that it was a prank. All in all, we hope she liked that feeling, and she starts loving Christmas!

Image Source: YouTube

Another room full of… stuff

After the prank, we’re sure that Hannah will be much more careful with her moves, and her words because if her roommate did it for Christmas she could do it for every other holiday. If she has the ability to gift wrap her whole room, then think about what else she could do…

Who wouldn’t want to have a roommate like Andrea? I am sure that all of us have our Santa in our lives, Hannah’s Santa was her roommate. I really hope that she got her to remember Christmas for the good memories they had and that she started loving Christmas after that lovely little prank.


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