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Cooking supplies every kitchen should have


I have never met anyone that doesn’t think that food isn’t one of the greatest things that have ever happened to us. Some of us like it salty, others like it sweet, but the main fact here is that we all love it! And yes, I know that it feels like it would be much better if you order takeaway instead of working your butt off in the kitchen, but you and I both know that our bank accounts won’t be able to cope with us eating out every day. So that’s when your cooking skills come into play. But, the good news is that you won’t have to rely on your cooking skills that much if you possess the right supplies in your kitchen that will ease your job there!

Saucepans are the Essentials

Saucepans, a kitchen is never complete without them! If you’re planning to cook something on the stove this is what you use in order to do that. There are a couple of types of saucepans, and what you will need is solely dependent on what kind of stove you have. If you have an induction stove, only induction stoves will work with that, and if you have any other kind of stove you can use all the other saucepans.

Getting a couple of saucepans can never be a bad idea, so stock up on them as much as you can. Don’t buy the same size for every saucepan though. Buy a couple of different sizes in order to be able to cook different things in them.

Frying pans are also a must just like the stock pots. Breakfast foods are better cooked in the frying pans, and stock post comes in handy when you’re trying to cook food for multiple people!

Knives, Don’t Cut Yourselves


Before cooking, there are some foods that require chopping and slicing. Who throws a whole onion or a chicken breast in the frying pan without cutting it up and eliminating the useless parts? That is why we think a good set of knives are a lifesaver. A selection of the more basics knives will do it for most of the regular kitchens. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on knives sets.

Meat is cut with chef’s knife, serrated knives are great for cutting slices of bread and a paring knife comes in handy when you are trying to cut smaller veggies and fruits.

Chopping boards go perfectly with knives so get a set of those too in order to have a surface you can chop on. You can use one for meat, other for veggies and third for fruits, you can get as many as you want and use them the way that you want to use them.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring is an essential part of a recipe, there are cups and spoons specially made for measuring things like flour, water, oil etc. Teaspoons and tablespoons won’t be a problem in the kitchen once you get yourself some of these measuring spoons and cups!

And That’s not all!

To finish completing your kitchen with the needed tools you are also going to need to get a whisk, a spatula, rolling pin, wooden spoon, and a colander. Baking pans are also great for when you’re trying to bake cakes, bread etc.


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