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Couple Adopts Romanian Girl And Their Lives Turn Upside Down


Each and every couple gets to the point in their marriage when they decide that they would like to get more members in their family and bring a baby in their home. Well, Ron and Natalie Trecroce had some problems with their conception. Their desire was to expand their family with one child, they wanted to have someone to take care of, and because they couldn’t achieve their dream, they turned to find a solution for their problem. They saw a solution in adoption, and that’s what they decided to do. And, since their start back in 1997, they needed to travel halfway across the world so that they would finally find their lucky break.

After they spent some time in the orphanage, they found one abandoned orphan, and they immediately connected with the child. They decided that they were going to make the orphan their official daughter, and this was a decision that would change their lives. If you would like to find out what actually happened, then read on and find it out!

They had One Dream

Back in 1997, Ron and Natalie started thinking a bit more about their relationship, and the future that was waiting for them as a couple. Not too long after this, they decided that they wanted to have some more members in their family, and decided to have kids. But, not too long after this, the couple ran into some roadblocks, and the news that they got was pretty bad.

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Disappointments for the Couple

Namely, a lot of couples find having a baby as a pretty easy thing to do. But, there are also couples, like Ron and Natalie, that have some difficulties in this process. The Trecroces were pretty excited about their decision to have a baby, but, most of all they wanted a baby in order to have someone they could take care of and love and cherish.

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Difficulties for Achieving Their Goals

The Trecroces were planning to start their mutual life as a couple with an infant, but not everything goes according to the plan. And, despite the fact that they tried lots of times to conceive, the pair didn’t have any luck. And, even though they were decisive and wanted to work as much as possible, with each and every try they getting more and more confident that there was some problem with them.

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After years of trying to get pregnant without success, the Trecroces decided it was time to confront the truth once and for all. So they decided to run some tests, and they hoped the results to shed some light on their situation.

Hitting a New Roadblock

The dreams of the Trecroces were crushed by the problem that they encountered. But, it was even harder for them to hear that from a doctor, that actually meant that they couldn’t have babies. After they got their fair share of bad news that they couldn’t get a baby that was biologically theirs, The Trecroces decided to start looking for ways to solve their problems, but first, they needed a couple of years to take in the devastating information that the doctor gave them.

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As time passed by, the couple didn’t feel the pain with the same intensity as in the first moments when they received the bad news. But, they didn’t plan to give up, and as we mentioned above, they were sure that they were going to do anything that is in their powers in order to get a baby. So, they started looking in other possibilities of how they could add another member in their small family. Well, how could they manage to achieve this and make their dream a reality? Read on, and find out what actually happened!

Their Dreams Were Still Around

The couple wanted to have a child so bad, that they were prepared to do anything, they merely wanted to relieve the challenges that all the parents face, and wanted to give their kid lots of love, they were ready to give it as much attention as it needed from them. The only thing that they wanted was to have a big and happy family filled with health and joy!

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Raising Their Hopes Back Up

Quickly, the couple was aware that conception wasn’t the only way that they could get a kid. So, they started to look around into the alternative ways that they could approach their dreams. So, they began to raise their hopes back up. Natalie even said that she could give all the credit to Ron’s encouraging speeches while the pain from the news was still fresh. But, the best part for Natalie was the decisiveness of Ron when they needed to make this one significant move forward.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

The couple saw adoption as the way that they would want to gravitate towards, and that was the point when the couple decided that they were actually going to love an adopted child as if it was their, biological child. So, they started to look into the legal part and the options that they had of adopting a baby.

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You might be thinking otherwise, but the facts say that adoption procedures back in the 90s were much more difficult and complicated than the ones that we have here today. The thing that further complicated their adoption process was the fact that their adoption was international. But, Natalie and Ron knew what they wanted, and they were determined that they were going to get it one way or another.

Looking to Increase Their Chances

They were looking around, and they were determined that they were going to do whatever they needed to do in order to increase the chances of a successful adoption process. And, that’s precisely what they did. They’ve found some information that Romania is one place where there are a lot of children waiting to be adopted, so they decided to try their luck there.

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In the beginning, they were hesitating about their decision. But, after some encouragement by Ron, the couple decided that they were flying to Romania. The city of Arad is where Ron and Natalie ended up in search of their baby, and they would remember this town forever because it sure turned their lives upside down.

Should they Travel Halfway Across the World?

They thought a lot about whether they should actually travel to Romania in order to adopt a baby. They even calculated whether the risks are worth the reward. But, after all, they were planning on going to another country in order to adopt a baby, and that was a pretty big thing for them, so they needed to spend some time thinking, and just like anyone would do before they set up to travel halfway across the world.

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They finally made up their minds after a long time thinking about whether they should do it or not. And once they got in the country, they spent some time traveling from one orphanage to another so that they could find “their’ baby… But, it didn’t take them a long time before they went into one orphanage the held something unique that would turn their lives upside down and that wasn’t all.

She Caught their Attention Immediately!

Once they got in the town of Arad, and they visited the orphanage that we talked about earlier they met one amazingly cute and adorable girl who was named Rodica Lavinia Farcas. The girl wasn’t older than one year, and what made her even more beautiful were her kind deep eyes that instantly caught Ron’s and Natalie’s attention.

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One glance in the child’s deep brown eyes was all it took for the couple in order to get their attention, and they instantly connected and decided what they were going to do. It didn’t take them long in order to determine that they wanted to adopt the girl, a big part in this played the fear of missing the opportunity to get the adorable deep brown eyed girl, and call her their daughter. But, before they started to sign the legal documents for the adoption something concerning hit them.

Bad News for the Couple, Again!

The bad news that got to Ron and Natalie was that the baby that they immediately fell in love with was left at the orphanage as an infant. And despite the fact that the Trecroces immediately felt the connection with the girl they could notice that the baby was in poor health, and she needed a professional to take care of her.

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Despite the fact of her constant smile on her adorable little face, Ron and Natalie found out that the baby had some health problems. And, not too long after, they would find out about the extent of the issues, and what was wrong with her, this immediately made them ask themselves how she got to the orphanage.

The Baby’s Health Problems

When the couple finally thought that they found the perfect daughter, they ran into some problems. Namely, the baby was suffering from malnourishment, which later led the baby’s health to get even worse. The only logical explanation was that she was left at the orphanage as an infant because of one simple reason – her family couldn’t afford to give her the proper care that she actually needed.

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There were a couple of health problems that plagued the little Romanian girl, one of the more scarier ones was the lack of vitamin D that resulted in her having weak bones. With that in mind, and knowledge of each and every one of the problems that the orphan Rodica had, Ron and Natalie were about to make one of the most critical decisions in their lives!

Where Does she Come From?

The fact that the little orphan needed some health care didn’t sway Natalie and Ron away from the decision to bring the little Rodica back home. They wanted to adopt the little orphan girl, and they were determined that they were going to do anything in their powers in order to legally take the baby. But, they couldn’t do this without some more information on her background. They needed this information in order to get her the proper treatment to help improve her health and eliminate her health problems.

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The Hardest Thing they Ever Had to do!

Ron and Natalie thought that this would be the more available part for them, but it turned out to be one of the hardest things that they ever did. However, the couple was determined, and they were sure they wanted to find anything they could about the little Romanian girl. But, the information that they were about to encounter would leave them in awe!

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Still Looking For Some Information

As we mentioned earlier, the health problems that the Romanian orphan girl had, didn’t deter Ron and Natalie from adopting her. In fact, the health problems only made them speed up the process in order to get her the proper medical treatment that she needs as soon as possible. And, while they were preparing themselves for the new life that they had, with their daughter, they continued to look into her past in order to find anything that could help them with her medical history.

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Bureaucracy, Paperwork, Documentation…

Not too long into the search, they found out what everybody was telling them. The documents and the administration in Romania are not on a high level. And, that not everything is as organized as they needed it to be at the time, the paperwork was hard to go through. And despite the fact that they were working hard to find something from their daughter’s past, they didn’t have any results. But, that was about to change, and the information that they were about to find was going to change everybody’s lives!

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This can’t be True!

It took a long time for Ron and Natalie to get some information on the family tree of their new adopted daughter. But, the things that they found out about here were surprising, and they made them dig even deeper. Namely, they found out that Rodica, their daughter was not the only child that her biological parents had. In fact, they found out that their newly adopted daughter had an older sister back in Romania.

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They couldn’t wait to unwind the secret behind what had happened to Rodica’s sister. The information that they got to set them on a new mission, to dig even deeper in the documents in order to find out what happened with Rodica’s mystery sister. But, they never even thought that they would run into something that amazing.

A new Mission for the Couple

Ron and Natalie wanted to know why they were not informed about the fact that Rodica, the girl that they adopted, had a sister, and they sure went on to dig deeper into the documentation to come up with an answer. But, not too long after they started their search, they found documents that stated that the sisters were split earlier and that the two of them were sent off to different orphanages.

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So, Ron and Natalie went on to another mission, to find where Rodica’s sister was at the time, and despite the fact that it wasn’t an easy thing to do, the couple was determined, and they wanted to shed light to the truth. And, even though they knew that some people wouldn’t continue with the search, they were determined that they were going to find the girl. And, that’s what they did. They found Rodica’s sister, and now, they stood in front of another big decision in their lives.

Finally Found Something Useful!

Ron and Natalie were exhausted by the search, but they finally found what they were looking for. Their daughter’s long-lost sister was finally located. And, her name was Gianina Farcas. The couple found out a bit more about Gianina. The first thing that they found out was the fact that the older girl was born a year before Rodica back in 1995.

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Looking at the pictures of Gianina, they noticed that the two sisters were strikingly similar to one another, which made them love the girls even more. Despite the fact that they initially didn’t know why the parents split up the little girls, they surely knew what the Trecroces needed to do next, and this time, they didn’t need a lot of time to think about their decision.

Reunion for the Two Sisters

Even though the two sisters were really close to one another this whole time, Gianina and Radica did not see each other up until the moment that Ron and Natalie brought them back together back in 1997. Ron and Natalie wanted to achieve this, and finally, at that point, they created the touching reunion that would make anyone’s heart melt away.

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But, now the couple was in front of another big decision for them. They came to Romania with the plan to adopt only one kid, but, they felt the connection with both Rodica and her sister, Gianina. They were sure that they didn’t want to separate the two sisters once again, so, this made it easy for them to make the decision, and say yes to another child in their home. But, this wasn’t all, there were a lot more surprises for the Trecroces to come.

Finding out more About their Daughters’ Family History

Ron and Natalie were happy, and couldn’t wait to finally take care of their children, just the way that they dreamed of doing. Once they loaded their new kids into a car, and later on an airplane, they were shocked to find out that this was actually the first time that their new kids been in this kind of vehicle.

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The new life that the orphans got was amazing, and they adjusted quickly to living in Canada. But, their parents were always looking into their history trying to find something more about their daughters; this is the time when they found out something about their girls’ family that shocked them once again.

More Kids

They were surprised once they found out something more about their two kids’ history. Namely, they found out that the two sisters were not the only kids that their parents had. In fact, Ron and Natalie found out that their two daughters had six more siblings back in Romania.

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They found out something new from the puzzling lives of their daughters. And, Ron and Natalie were determined that they were going to find the rest of their daughter’s siblings. So they invested a lot of time and money to do so. But, their attempt to find out something more about their kids’ history wasn’t as pleasant as their previous attempt.

Where Are They?!

Ron and Natalie were really trying to adopt one of Gianina’s and Rodica’s brothers. But, even with all that time and money invested in their investigation, the couple couldn’t make any progress in the tries to find any of their daughters’ siblings. And despite the fact that they wanted to adopt even more kids the disorganized documentation that the Romanian government had about the kids was impossible to follow.

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But, they were happy that they could give all their attention to their two beautiful girls that they already managed to adopt from their previous trip to Romania. And, despite the fact that they loved their girls they still wondered why their parents would leave these two beautiful girls, and what was the main reason that brought them into the problematic situation in which they found the two girls?

Why are so Many Orphans in Romania?

Nicolae Ceauşescu ruled with Romania for a couple of decades, and that’s when he decided that he was going to ban contraception in “his” country, this was the moment when Romania had a significant increase in the number of kids whose parents decided to leave them under the state agencies.

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The luckier children were taken to orphanages, and some had an even better fate, they were adopted just like Rodica and Gianina. But, there were also children that weren’t as lucky as them. Namely, a report from 1990 in the newsmagazine created a big wave of hopeful adoptive parents that flooded Romania.

Allowing their Daughters the Best Life Possible

This story about the two sisters is even better when you have the Romanian contraception ban in mind. But, Ron and Natalie couldn’t rest the question of what happened to the other six brothers and sisters that Gianina and Rodica had. And, even today, nobody in the family knows what happened with the rest of Gianina and Rodica’s siblings.

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It was impossible for Ron and Natalie to find any additional information about their daughters’ siblings. But, whatever the story about their siblings was, the couple was determined to give their daughters the best life that they could.

New Lives, New Names!

Once they got back to North America, Natalie and Ron did everything to help their daughters get used to the new life that they were about to have in Canada. They needed some time to get used to the culture and the language, and Ron even remembers that Gianina was pretty nervous in the beginning. But, one thing was for sure, the four of them were going to grow into a healthy and loving family!

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For their new lives, and the fresh start that they promised them, Ron and Natalie wanted to rename their children. They gave Gianina the name Sophie, and Rodica got the name, Danielle. But, that was not all. Natalie and Ron wanted to do something more so that the girls could maintain their connection to their homeland.

Helping their Daughters Keep their Heritage

We mentioned earlier that there were lots of stories about kids that were lucky like Sophie and Danielle, but we also said that some of the kids couldn’t find loving parents to help them in their lives and love them. And, the following gesture that Ron and Natalie did about their daughters showed how much they tried to understand their daughters’ story.

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Ron and Natalie wanted their daughters to keep the connection to the Romanian culture, and that was why they decided that the girls were going to keep their Romanian names as their middle names. But, they didn’t know at the time, that their heritage and their origins would come in play once again later down the years.

Going Viral!

The girls got used to their new lives pretty quickly, and they started enjoying their North American lives in no time. The girls were pretty lucky for the fact that Ron and Natalie came and saved them from the problematic situation that they found themselves into. They were even more fortunate for the fact that their parents were consistent enough to manage to bring them back together.

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You would think that this interesting turn of events would gather a lot of attention in the media, and frankly, that’s what it did. The actions that the couple took and the fantastic reunion that the sisters got would lead to something even more significant that would blow up their story out of proportions and make it viral!

The Documentary

A couple of years after the whole ordeal, when the girls grew older, the story of Sophie Gianina Trecroce and Rodica Danielle Trecroce caught one filmmaker’s attention, so he decided to film a documentary about their story. The filmmaker asked the family for the permission that he needed in order to start developing the documentary.

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Ron and Natalie couldn’t decide what they wanted. They were pretty hesitant and skeptical in the beginning, but as time passed by, they decided that this could inspire people to adopt children. So, they allowed the filmmaker to create the documentary. And, that’s how the cameras started filming, but this movie would start getting the attention of people only after a couple of years have passed. And would make one of the girls to do something amazing!

Getting to Know Their Story

Once the girls grew older, one of the girls, Sophie Gianina Trecroce found the documents from her adoption, she also watched the movie that was made about her and her family, and that was when she decided to edit out some parts of the film into a short film that she would post on the internet. Later, these same, edited pieces of the movie would go viral and become extremely popular.

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The main reason why she decided to go through with that step was the fact that she wanted people to know about the situations that she and her sister went through. She also wanted to encourage other children that were like her. But, this isn’t where their story ends. In fact, they kept on growing up, and now they have made some even more amazing choices.

Pursuing her Passion

More than 20 years have passed since their story started unfolding, this makes the two young girls Sophie and Danielle not so young today. The two girls have gone to college, and have some fantastic plans to implement in their future now. Sophie’s edited movie might shed light on the way her future is going, and the career that she decided to pursue.

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Sophie found out the talent that she had for artistry from the simple project she took upon when she was 14 years old. She decided that she wanted to be a photographer. And that is why she decided to go to a photography college and pursue her dream. And despite the fact that Sophie took significant steps towards her future, you would be amazed once you find out where Danielle’s path leads.

Staying in Touch

Danielle and Sophie are pretty close together, and just like her sister, Danielle also started studying for her Bachelor’s degree. The two sisters are inseparable, and they have even made sure that they’re living close to one another, so it’s easier for them to stay in touch. And, despite the fact that they’ve taken up different interests along with their lives, they are still close together and didn’t forget their mutual past.

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Digging Back in their Roots

Once they got older, the two sisters started growing their interests in their motherland, Romania. That’s why they wanted to find out more about their biological family, so they decided to research where they’re coming from. So, with lots of support from Ron and Natalie, the two girls started to look back to their roots. They wanted to find the answers to one question that bothered all of them to this day.

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Going Back to Romania

Danielle and Sophie decided that they were going back to Romania in 2018. They wanted to find out something more about their roots, and they also wanted to uncover the mystery of where did their sibling disappear. Once the media started turning their attention to the sisters, Danielle said that she would like to go back to Romania and find out more about the country.

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The two sisters can’t wait to find out something more about their past. And despite the fact that the documentation is hard to go through and there is not much of it left, they want to find out something more about their six siblings and shed light to that mystery.

One, Big, Happy Family!

Ron and Natalie are the people that Danielle and Sophie should be thankful to. And they sure are. The dream of becoming parents that Natalie and Ron had, brought happiness and joy in Sophie’s and Danielle’s Lives! And even though this wasn’t the case for a lot of other orphans in the orphanage, the two sisters and their parents all grew into one big happy family. They were extremely lucky to find one another and share their love with each other.

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This just goes to show how true the saying “When one door closes, another is opening” is. When the door for having babies for Natalie and Ron closed, the entry for adopting these two beautiful sisters, and improving their lives opened. Natalie even told interviewers that this was one of the best decisions that she and Ron ever made in their lives!


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