Couple Finds Out They Were Born At The Same Hospital At The Same Time, Lives Happily Ever After

Coincidences happen, and meeting someone who was born on the same day as you is amazing, but what would you discover that your significant other was born on the same day as you? Well, in the case of these two people that was what happened. Namely, Anthony and Jamie, who met on a dating site, had an instant connection. While constantly emailing and writing messages Jamie saw something that was familiar in Anthony’s email address.

Beginning Their Connection!

She recognized the digits “11493” that were in Anthony’s username. She connected the dots and figured it out that they were born on the same day. Once she figured it out she decided to ask Anthony if her theory was true or if the numbers were just random to Anthony…

Source: Jamie’s Facebook

Further Connecting And Getting To Know Each Other!

They started to strengthen their connection, and not too long after they found out that they were born on the same day they also figured out that they grew up close to each other. They were determined to look for even more things that they had in common, and wanted to prove that “opposites attract” is not always true! They started to share even more information both on themselves as well as on their families. The next thing that the couple found out was both exciting and amazing for them! Namely, they found out that besides the fact that they both grew up basically in the same neighborhood, the two of them were also born in the same hospital, and what was even more exciting for them was the fact that they both shared a maternity ward! The only difference on the day that they were born was the fact that they were born only a couple of hours apart. 7 hours to be exact on Fourteenth of January, 1994.

Source: Anthony’s Facebook

Seal Their Connection!

After they found all of these amazing things about each other, they became a couple, and kept finding even more things about them what made the experience even more fun and exciting! First, they realized that they both had basically the same birth weight! And they figured that these facts are why they met and that they were meant to be a couple! They literally knew each other from the day that they were both born. And you don’t see those things pretty often! They made a decision that they wanted to further strengthen their bond by taking the final step towards their weird connection! They are both 25 years old and are now happily married!