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Couple Thought They Are Having A Baby. Husband Faints When Doctors Tell Him What It Is


The Tolberts along with their son were just like any regular family. That’s until the mother, Nia, got pregnant for the second time and not too long after for a third time. But, what’s special about Nia and her husband Robert is the type of Nia’s pregnancy that got even the best doctors confused and the media outlets into their lives. If you would like to find out what’s so special about her pregnancies then all you need to do is read the story till its end.

These pregnancies are the last thing that both Nia and Robert expected, and they never thought it could happen to them. And what’s even better is how Robert reacted when the Doctor told him about his wife’s condition! Enjoy!

The Story of Nia and Robert!

The young couple met each other in 2007. A mutual friend introduced them and they both knew that it was love at first sight. Not too long after their first meeting, they decided to go out on a date, and that’s how they started their relationship. Good things were piling up for the young couple and that was partly because they were both devoted to one another without any excuses!

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One good thing after another kept piling up for these two lovebirds. And yes, just like any relationship theirs too had its ups and downs, but they were decided that they were going to pass every obstacle that love threw at them. And, a couple of years filled with love, laughter, and happiness later, they finally received amazing and exciting news!

What was the News?

After their ups and downs and their amazing time spent together, Robert finally got to hear the news that he was waiting to hear for a while now. Nia told him that she was pregnant. This was Nia’s first pregnancy, and the young couple couldn’t believe. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the newborn baby to come!  They were both ready to take their relationship to the next level and crown their love with a baby!

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9 Months later, Nia gave birth to Shai, her first boy, back in 2011. They say that this was the cutest baby that they have ever seen (It’s theirs of course that they are going to say that). The pregnancy was pretty smooth, and that’s how the delivery went too! But, as they were soon to find out, Shai was just the start, there were lots of babies coming in their family later on!

Taking the Vows

3 years after their first baby was born the young couple decided that they were going to take the vows and tie the knot. Yes, they were a family long before this, but they felt the need to also say the spiritual yes. The Tolberts were the family from everybody’s dreams. They got along pretty well and love and happiness were shining from all of them.

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While the couple was preparing for the wedding something else was already in store for them. And the thing that was to happen next would change their lives once and forever. Namely, Nia got the news that she is pregnant once again and they couldn’t wait to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. But, what happened next would turn their lives upside down, they never expected this to happen to them!

Pregnancy Number Two!

As the number two pregnancy was coming to its date, each and every member of the Tolberts was equally excited to see what the gender of the newborn would be. But, something else came up when Nia went to her gynecologist to get her sonogram done, she found out the thing that was going to turn their lives for 360 degrees.

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Nia got the news that she isn’t only having one baby. The doctor told her that she is actually carrying two babies. You think they were excited before, you should’ve seen them when they found out about the great news! And, when they asked about the gender of the babies, they found out that both of the babies were going to be boys.

House Full of Kids

So, once Nia gave birth to the two beautiful baby boy twins in 2015 they decided to name them Riley and Alexander. For those of you who are still counting, they went up to a five-member family. So, that’s when both Robert and Nia decided that this was enough and that 5 members in their family would be enough for them.

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This is when the Tolberts’ house became pretty hectic. I mean, think about it, three little destruction machines running around in your house destroying anything that comes in front of them. But, the couple was pretty good at teamwork so the succeeded at managing to keep up with the boys, keep everything in order and still spend some time with them to show them that they love them!

That’s It!

As we mentioned earlier the Tolberts had a full house with their three amazing sons running around the house. So that’s when Nia and Robert decided that this was going to be enough for now. They thought that a family of five members is pretty big and that this is the maximum that they can take care of. But tell me one time when you had a plan and everything went according to it? Yes, almost never…!

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They dedicated themselves to the twins, not forgetting to dedicate some time to Shai. So, if they thought that raising Shai was hard they found out that taking care of two twin boys is double the trouble. But, as most of you expected this wasn’t everything, there was a lot more in store for the Tolberts.

Third Time’s the Charm

Remember how they thought that 3 children would be enough in their house? Well, this was their plan back in 2015 but, in 2017 life took Nia on another ride with pregnancy as she unexpectedly got pregnant for the third time. They were both pretty cool about it though, because they thought that it must be God’s plan so they began preparing themselves for the third time!

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Even though this wasn’t a planned pregnancy they were all pretty excited for the new member that was coming in the family. The family was separated on the idea of what gender the baby should be. The parents were hoping that it was a baby girl, and the boys wanted another brother!

Not the Same Pregnancy

Even from the start, she knew that this pregnancy was not the same pregnancy that she had two times before. She was aware that her two previous pregnancies were feeling a lot different than this one, and she could tell that both emotionally and physically.

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She was hoping and praying that there’s nothing wrong with her baby and that the differences that she was experiencing those differences only because the baby that she was carrying was a girl. But, there was something much more into question here, and she was going to find that out soon enough…

What’s Wrong with Me?!

Nia knew what her body looked like during her previous pregnancies, and what her emotional reactions were like. This time it was something different, her body was significantly changed, and her pregnancy hormones made her more sensible. As an addition to all of this she even noticed that she was getting bigger and bigger pretty fast, and as she said, it was much faster than with her previous two pregnancies. So, she naturally started worrying more and more with each day passing by. So she couldn’t wait to learn why this is happening.

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She stated that despite the fact that she was doing everything like the past two pregnancies she was still experiencing these differences. She was exercising, doing yoga, eating healthy and nutritious foods, just like before, she was also consuming her neonatal vitamins the way her doctor told her to take them. There wasn’t any explanation on why this could be happening to her, and as she says that was pretty frustrating for her.

What’s the Problem?

The time came and Nia needed to go and do her first sonogram check. She was pretty scared, excited and nervous at the same time. The fact that there was something different in her pregnancy was causing her anxiousness and made her pretty nervous, but she was finally going to find out if the baby was a girl or a boy. What she found out after the sonogram check was going to turn her and her husband’s life upside down!

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She told how she and Robert were constantly joking about them having a big family, and she added that they didn’t plan to have babies after the pregnancy with the twins. But, they were pretty surprised when they found out why her pregnancy was different, I mean who wouldn’t be!

A Blessing in Disguise!

Once she got to the doctor’s office Nia started preparing for the ultrasound, thinking about what she might find out after that ultrasound in the back of her head. She also prepared mentally for the news that she might find out, the only thing she was praying for was that nothing’s wrong with the baby.

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She said that when they had the twins the technician asked them if multiples (meaning on multiple children) ran in the family. And this time, he asked the same question, so Nia thought that they’re having twins once again.

Let’s Check Again

After a while, the technician came to the conclusion that Nia and Robert were having another set of twins. And, Nia was pretty shocked at first. But, eventually, she accepted it and came around. It was a blessing in disguise she says.

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So, Nia thought that they were done, and she went to the toilet. When she came back out, the technician asked her if she was okay with doing another check, better be safe than sorry after all! With the doubt she was having, Nia almost instantly said yes.

There’s More!

They did the second ultrasound, bu7t this time they were more thorough, they were pretty professional and didn’t want to miss anything this time around. One long ultrasound check later there was some more news, and if the first ones shocked NIa these were even more exciting! The technician told Nia that she wasn’t carrying two babies, and after a small pause, he told her that she’s carrying three babies.

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She was pretty fine with twins because she knew how to deal with them. But she thought that triplets were a lot more. She didn’t think that she and Robert were going to be able to deal with the triplets. But, after a while, she settled down with the news.

Not Common at All

The doctor that gave birth to previous kids that Nia and Robert had is the same doctor that was scheduled to bring the triplets to this world too. And he said to Nia that giving birth to one, then two, then three babies was pretty rare, and not many mothers could brag with that. He also added that this and the previous pregnancies that Nia had defied all odds when talking about the numbers.

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He even said that the chances of this happening are 1 in 1000 births. And that not a lot of people could expect this happening to them. He said that having one kid then twins and then triplets is pretty rare, and not a lot of people have done this in their lifetime.

Higher Probabilities

The thing that increases the odds of them having this phenomenon is the fact that both Robert’s and Nia’s family have a history of multiple children births. But this still was far away from a probable outcome for the Tolberts, and their families have never seen this to this extend.

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Some of the more common indicators or things that increased the probabilities of getting multiple births are being African-American, being overweight, getting pregnant while breastfeeding, being taller than average, or getting pregnant with fertility treatments. At this point, Nia was the only one that knew the great news, and soon she was going to tell her husband about it.

How Should I Tell Him?!

Nia was looking for a way to share the amazing news she got at the hospital with Robert, her husband. And that’s when she remembered that she was traveling to Tampa, Florida to spend the weekend there, so she decided she was going to leave a farewell gift for her husband. A gift he was going to remember forever.

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The precious gift that Robert was going to find only after his wife left for Tampa was from the sonogram on which you could clearly see the three babies marked A, B, and C! She also decided to write her husband a note in which she was asking him to accept the gift that she and God gave him along with three onesies.

Finding the Gift

Robert found the gift, it was packed in a bag, and inside the bag, he found a pretty long sonogram along with the onesies and the letter that Nia wrote for him. The onesies were numbered 1,2 and 3 and once he finally realized what the gift meant he fainted…

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He stated that he was pretty shocked, so shocked that the only thing he was able to do at that point was to go straight to his bed. And all that time Nia was thinking why could it take her husband so long to find the gift. She didn’t even think about how he might react to the good but surprising news!


When he finally woke up, he first remembered that he and his wife are having triplets. He called Nia and congratulated, and he decided that they are going to make it despite the fears and challenges that three more children might set for them.

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He said that during the opening of the gift he actually though that his wife bought him a FitBit because he was hinting her that he really wanted that. But, instead of a FitBit he got the shocking news that was going to change his life. They were having triplets.

Let’s Prepare!

Nia actually heard from Robert once she got in Tampa. They spoke on the phone, and Robert told her how happy he was, but he also told her that he fainted. After the initial shock of finding out he was having triplets, Robert got himself together and went straight to work.

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They immediately started working on making the space and the needed adjustments for welcoming the three little “angles” as they called them. And, to be honest given the fact that they were expecting only one baby, they had a lot of work. They were getting three babies so that meant that they had three times the work to do!

It’s Time to Reveal!

The two decided that they were not going to ask for the genders of the three babies at the time. Instead, they wanted to hold a party for the gender reveal. This is when they pop balloons filled with confetti and the color of the confetti shows the gender of the babies.

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Once the time for the party came, they could feel the excitement in the air. And when they got to the balloon popping they were pretty surprised. They popped the first balloon and the confetti was pink, the second balloon popped and the confetti was pink once again, the last balloon was filled with pink confetti just like the previous two. This meant that all three babies from the triplet were girls, and the parents were pretty happy with the outcome.

Three Boys, Three Girls

As we mentioned earlier the Tolberts were pretty happy with the outcome of the gender reveal party. Well, at least the parents were. The fact that their family was finally going to be balanced with three boys and three girls just sounded amazing to Nia and Robert. But, the boys didn’t take the outcome pretty well.

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They felt disappointed that they’re not getting any more brothers. As their mother, Nia puts it, they only want the house to be filled with ninja turtles and superhero toys. But, after a bit of talking, the boys finally accepted the outcome and started liking the idea of having little sisters.

How will we Manage Them!?

Nia told the US magazine how excited they actually were because they were finally going to parent girls. Robert was finally excited about having his group of children after all the boys were following Nia. Nia also added that she was excited about how this would change their household.

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She was thinking about how was it going to be like with three girls. She was asking herself who was going to comb their hair. Nia said that they are going to need some time to adjust, but until then they were relying on god and Pinterest to help them out in their adventure.

It’s Getting Closer and Closer!

They were expecting the triplets to come out on the 9th of February, and no one anticipated what was about to happen! A couple of weeks before her due date Nia started feeling the contractions come and go, but she didn’t think about it. But, after a while…

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Nia remembers the contractions getting closer and closer to each other so after they got somewhere about 5 minutes apart she decided to call her mother. Nia said that she was thinking that she was only going to the hospital for a check, and after the check, she was going home just like it happens with every pregnancy.

Not the Ordinary Check

After the check was done, Nia and her husband were in the hospital waiting for the doctor to release them home. But, what happened next surprised both of them. They were going to have the babies then! After she took in the news, Nia asked where her doctor was.

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And, the moment she asked, her water broke, and her doctor entered the room, just like in the movies. The babies were coming and everybody prepared for a long night. And all of them prayed that the babies would be okay and healthy once they come out!

They’re Finally Here!

Cesarean section was the way Nia decided to give birth to the triplets, they were delivered on January 30th, 2018. All three of the babies were delivered successfully, they were all healthy and Nia was feeling amazing. Once they were done with the birth the doctor asked Nia how she was feeling and her answer was simple – Finally alone, she said.

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The first thing that Nia said once she saw the three little angels next to her was how cute the three little girls looked. After 34 weeks and 5 days of carrying the triplets, Nia and her husband could finally see the girls, and they were so happy that their three blessings were finally here with them!

One – Two – Three Mom!

All three of the babies weighed in about 4 to 4.5 pounds. They were all healthy despite the fact that they were delivered a bit earlier than scheduled. Two of them are identical and the third triplet is fraternal. The only thing left for Robert and his wife, Nia to do right now decided what were the names for their three little angels going to be.

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Mackenzie, Zuri, and Bailey were the three names that the couple decided to name their triplets. Mackenzie was the fraternal one, and the other two triplets were named Zuri and Bailey. After her third pregnancy, Nia got the nickname the 1-2-3 mom as a result of the number of babies in her pregnancies.

They want to Wing it!

When some reporters asked Nia what their game plan about dealing with the triplets was, she replied that actually, they didn’t have a plan, instead what they decided was that taking things day by day and actually winging it might turn out to be better, they just hoped and prayed that everything was going to go the best way possible for them!

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Robert said that they were chosen by God, that they had no idea that these things were going to happen in their lives. But, he also added that they were decided that they were going to embrace this and sort things out. They were sure about one thing though – all their kids were going to be equally loved… In the following couple of paragraphs, we’re going to uncover how the couple actually made it work and succeeded with heir plans!

They are not Alone in This!

The couple is pretty thankful to their families and their neighbors too. Because, as Nia and Robert put it. They wouldn’t have made it without their help. You’ve probably heard of the saying “it takes a village to raise children” and Nia and Robert had more than just a couple of children, they now were at half a dozen children.

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They also know that they will not sleep in the following couple of years. They are expecting their grocery shopping to grow more and more expensive, and they’re already prepared for a noisy house from her two previous pregnancies, so they think that they will make it!

Fund Raising Campaign

Any help that comes their way is pretty welcomed because to be honest they actually need it. They have this large family to rise and it takes too much of their resources. So, all of their friends, neighbors, and family offered up to help. And, they opened a Crowd Funding campaign on the website “Fundly”, they’re trying to raise some money in order to buy a new car.

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And, before you go on and start raging about them starting a fund raiser for a new car, think about it. How are they going to fit eight people in the small car that they had before? They also added that they would be happy to manage even a larger family and that they wanted to find out what the future hides from them!

Are they Up for the Challenge?

A lot of us are probably wondering how would the Tolberts manage an even larger family. We’re also intrigued to know if Nia would keep going with the multiples, and who knows she even might become the 1-2-3-4 mom. I main there is the possibility, no one knows, she already broke a couple of records with her pregnancies, why not break even more?!

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We might never get an answer to that question. Because when Nia was asked if they are willing to have more children, she replied that they’re absolutely done with the babies. And that they’re surely not going to have any more children. And, for all of the questions you might have for all of the Tolberts, you can keep up with them in the most unique way possible. If you want to find out how, keep on reading, you will discover the awesome way that the Tolberts decided to keep us updated on their lives!

Let’s Help Them!

The “Fundly” page that was initially created for raising money for the new car was named “Totally Tolbert” this is their personal branded nickname for the family. They wrote a beautiful bio about their love story and how and why they created the page. Their goal was $40 000 for their new family car, and up until now, they’ve raised about $940.

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We hope that they hit their goal sooner rather than later because as you’ve seen in this article they really deserve the help. But, there’s more! Nia is also involved in other things that help her and Robert fund the family but also keep her active throughout the day.

Fit Body and Healthy Spirit

Yes, as you might expect all of these pregnancies with more and more children took a toll on Nia’s body. But, this hasn’t stopped her from taking care of her body and health. In fact, this motivated her, even more, to keep healthy and fit. She became a private yoga instructor and wellness coach, this is why she created her new brand “MotherLovingYoga” back in May 2017.

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Her goal is to promote yoga on and off the yoga mat. She is dedicated to helping both men and women of all ages to reach their goal and keep their body healthy and fit, just like she did. She thinks highly of yoga (of course) and she thinks that it is able to help people get their goals. But “MotherLovingYoga” is not the only Facebook page and business that Nia started!

Mother Loving Yoga!

“MotherLovingYoga” is not only dedicated to helping people keep their body fit and healthy with yoga, meditation and movement. She also shares things that might help mothers that find themselves in her situation, but also things on motherhood, birth experiences, and she also shares stories from her own journey there.

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She’s also pretty honest about everything about her life. She doesn’t try to hide anything. In one of her posts on the Facebook page she spoke about how thankful she is for her children, but she also talked about some of the downsides that come with trying to raise 6 children she said that each and every day she feels like she wants to be left alone just for a second, she feels like she can’t do it, and at times, she even cries. But she says that she is able to go through all of that while still thinking about the next adventure that waits for her.

That’s not all!

But that’s not everything Nia does. When she’s not busy with the kids, and she’s not on her brand’s Facebook page trying to promote healthily and fit life, she is an international wellness coach. She works for “Herbalife Nutrition” a company that tries to promote healthy eating, balanced diet and active lifestyle (something tightly connected to her brand).

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She has put all of her trust in this brand, and she wanted to become a spokeswoman for “Herbalife Nutrition” because of how close the company’s goals are to hers. The products that the company makes are created by the world’s leading doctors and scientists in the medical industries. The company sells vitamins, shakes, and supplements that help you with your healthy eating and active lifestyle.

Her Second Brand – Totally Tolbert

As we mentioned earlier Nia manages more than one page. The other Facebook page that she’s managing is her family’s brand page, “Totally Tolbert”, she and Robert decided they were going to create an Instagram and a Facebook page in order to share the family’s everyday stories. To be totally honest with you, the Social Media pages were created because the public demanded that from them!

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People asked from the Tolberts to share everyday stories and pictures from the cute little girls as well as the beautiful boys, and they decided to deliver. Today you can keep up with the 1-2-3 Mom and her family throughout their family’s social media accounts.

The Instagram Account!

Nia created the family’s Instagram account and she added in the caption: “We’re the Totally Tolbert™ Kru 3 boys 3 girls 1 (boy) ~2 (boys) ~3 (girls) Follow Our Adventures!!” they also created an email for the people that would love to suggest them something, compliment them or for the ones that have special requests.

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If you’re interested in the family you can look at the pictures of all of the babies: Shai, the one boy, the twins Alexander and Riley, and the triplets, the three girls, Zuri, Mackenzie, and Bailey. They really know what to share to get the best moments out of their lives. You will also be able to see the sheer love and attention that Nia and Robert invest in their family.

Attention to Details

In order to celebrate the eight-week mark for the triplets, Nia and Robert got their girls cute little pink moccasin shoes. Nia took a picture of the shoes and posted it to Instagram she also added that their three little angels strike again with their cuteness. And the public loved it!

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Until now, they’ve collected somewhere around 4 thousand followers, so they get a lot of engagement on their posts. And as expected people commented on this picture too, some wanted to virtually babysit the babies, others commented on how cute the pictures were etc.

The Four Guys Together

Before the triplets came into the family, the three boys were glued to their mother, and surely you know how boys are always attached to their mothers. But, once the triplets came in the house, the boys were spending a lot more time with their father.

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This picture was posted on the Instagram profile from the guys. As it said in the caption of the image, the guys were taking time away from the gals. You have them all in the picture, you have the cute Shai, Riley with his attitude, Xander misbehaving and Rob swaging away!

A Photo Shoot of the Triplets

They’ve also decided to take a little photo shoot to help them keep track of the triplet’s growth over time. They thought that the girls looked amazingly cute on this one when they were almost 12 weeks old, and Nia thought that she must share this one! They’re wearing onesies, and each of the girls was photographed separately.

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The public also thought that the photo of the girls was cute and everybody loved it. The kids are growing fast and as they grow they start looking like one of their parents. One follower on their Facebook page commented on how the boys looked like Nia and the girls looked like Robert.

The Future!

No one knows what the future might have in store for us, neither do the Tolberts. What they do know is the fact how blessed they were to have the six angels by their side. They couldn’t have asked for better luck, and their kids couldn’t have asked for a better mommy or a daddy.

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Where others might have gotten scared of the thought of having six babies and having them in that order, single then twins and triplets at the end might be even scarier. But, not Nia and Robert, they took in what God had in store for them with the amazing attitude. I think that this is why they’re a happy family that’s taking on each and every challenge that life gives to them!


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