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Creative and fun things to do with friends when you’re bored


With all of the amazing things available at our fingertips to do, we’ve always seen the boredom as a problem. And despite the fact that we can do whatever we want to do, we oftentimes end up being bored and clueless about what we want to do. If you recognized yourself in these sentences then this article is going to focus on a couple of great activities that can help you out when you end up being bored and clueless of what you should do.

Picnic Out in the Open

If the weather allows it, and it’s sunny and warm outside and you don’t know what to do, a picnic with your friends would be an amazing idea. It doesn’t take up too much of your time to prepare for it, so it leaves you free to spend the rest of your day enjoying the sun and warm weather with your friends. But, make sure that you choose a good company, because spending the day with good company is really underrated. Make sure to bring with you a couple of outdoor activity requisites such as a Frisbee or a ball so that you can further improve your experience.

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Art – A Fun Thing to Learn

Skills, we all want to have them, but no one wants to learn them… Despite the fact that gaining a new skill might not sound as exciting, you’ll never be able to top learning how to draw naked men. And, after you’re done learning, you can compare your drawings with your friends and see who’s going to be the next Picasso or Da Vinci.

Bowling with Your Friends

Although bowling is not for everyone, there are a lot of people that enjoy it. For those of you that do enjoy it, think about how long it has passed from your last bowling session with your friends? It can be a fun activity, and best of all, it’s competitive, so you can compete with your friends. Competitions are always fun, Right? It will get exciting as you get later into the game. Aiming to get a strike and ending up with a 7-10 split, or getting a gutter ball can be pretty exciting. Taking up this activity will turn your friends into your rivals, and you will enjoy the time spent in the bowling alley.

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Hiking – A Fun way to Spend the Day

For all of you nature lovers out there, there’s nothing like a good hike in the woods. The excitement and adrenaline you get when you hike on the top of the mountain or simply exploring the dunes can make you lose track of time and spend the whole day out in nature. So, why not go out hiking the next time you’re free and don’t have anything to do? The best part of hiking is that it’s a great exercise as well, and it doesn’t cost you a lot of energy. And, what’s even better, you’ll fill up your phone with social media photos for the next couple of days.

Technology has made it easier for us to feel bored and out of activities. But, the next time you find yourselves without any activities to do, remember this article and do something out of the things we mentioned here. You’ll be able to fill up your day instantly.


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