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Dad’s skin transforms and turns black – what he doesn’t know is his son is the reason


The 44-year-old guy from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a strong and caring husband who loved spending time with his wife, kids, and his loved ones. He also enjoyed working out, staying healthy and worked hard to provide for his family. But, his life took a wrong turn when what he thought to be a harmless infection nearly took his life.

Back in 2016, two days before Christmas, Kevin went to the hospital with pains in his stomach and symptoms that pointed to the flu. But, after some time, his condition started deteriorating fast, and he needed to go to the hospital and visit the ER. The doctors were confused with his state; they gave him some medicine and released him telling him to go back if he didn’t feel better.

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The night when he got released, Kevin started feeling even worse than before, and he started fearing for his overall health, so the next morning, he went back to the hospital. After a lengthy surgical procedure, the doctors found nearly 2 liters of infected puss in his stomach.

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The doctors were fighting time in order to find out what’s going on with Kevin and diagnose him. But in the meantime, his body started failing him. Namely, Kevin’s body was fighting hard against the infection and was hardly keeping his vital organs alive. As a result of this, it stopped bringing fresh blood to his extremities. This soon meant that the flesh on Kevin’s hands and legs was going to die soon.

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After long and tiring research, Kevin’s doctors finally found out what was wrong. Going through his family’s medical history, they found out that Kevin’s son was diagnosed with tonsillitis recently, the doctors decided to test Kevin for strep. And, they were lucky to find out that Kevin was suffering from a streptococcal infection. The explanation was that the bacteria went from throat down into his stomach, and this is when his body couldn’t fight it anymore.

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While the doctors were determining what was going on with Kevin, his body lost the battle, and his kidneys started failing. He was quickly rushed to the ICU (intensive care unit), and they connected him to a dialysis machine. Kevin’s life was in grave danger, but he showed that he was a strong man when both he and the doctors didn’t give up.

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The doctors and Kevin managed to win the fight. And against all the odds, he was saved. Despite the fact that most of his left hand, a couple of fingers on his right hand as well as parts of his left and right foot had to be amputated, he was alive.

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Kevin knows that things won’t be the same and that he still has a long way to go. But, he was lucky to be alive and beat the infection. The sole fact that he’s there and he can play with his children and love his wife is a miracle on its own.

His family decided to start a fundraising campaign in his name, and they made his profile on a fundraising site called GoFundMe. The profile raised $111 in less than a month.

Image Source: Julie Seestedt Breen/Facebook

We know that Kevin is a strong man, but we wish him and his family a quick recovery.


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