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Date ideas for every season of the year


It has been too many times for me when I’ve found myself in the situation of not having any date ideas for me and my girlfriend to spend some good time. And, I know that a lot of you have found yourselves in the same situation too. Today’s date ideas that we have for you will save the day each and every time you don’t know what to do. We’ve included a couple of ideas that will serve you for all of the seasons, and no matter the weather you will be covered for every season!

Snowy, Cold – Perfect!

Winter, snow and cold weather, some love it a lot and others hate it even more. Whatever the case, this is the time of the year when if you can’t find an idea of spending the date outside, we oftentimes stay in and watch a movie. But, why be the boring type of guy and take your lady on some boring dates, not saying that snuggling up and spending time with your loved alone is bad, but hey! This is the perfect weather to take her out for ice skating, and if there’s snow you can build a snowman, skiing is also an amazing way to spend some time off your problems.

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Spring gets your Relationship Blooming!

After the cold and snowy winter comes the spring, this is when we love to spend some time out on the sun. So riding a bike out on the sunshine, or just taking a simple walk in the park can be a pretty romantic experience. If you would like to spoil your girl, a good old day in the span can also be an amazing way to spend some quality time together. The ZOO is also an amazing option which will get you up close and personal to a lot of cute animals, or you can spend some time together at the farmer’s markets where you can get lots of fresh treats that you will both enjoy!

What time is it? It’s Summer Time!

Summertime much like winter is taking things into the extremes. But, this time it’s the opposite extremes, with extremely hot days, lots and lots of sunshine. But that’s not all, when someone mentions summer I immediately think about BBQ time, friends, vacation. So why not spend some amazing time with your friends, and if you would like some more personal time, an amazing date idea would be to take her stargazing… pretty romantic experience. This along with an idea for a camping trip would be the date of her dreams, believe me! Outdoor movie theatres are also a pretty amazing and romantic idea.

Make her Fall for You!

I don’t know about you, but for me, fall is one of the most romantic seasons of the year along with the spring. But, oftentimes we may end up disappointed because of the constant weather change. So, indoor, restaurant dates, taking her to the cinema for a movie night can always be your plan B if all other plans fail. The opera or to the theatre can also be an amazing experience. Or you can just stay at home, pop some popcorns and start a movie marathon.

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Yes, the weather is changing. But you should also change your date night plans with it. The same ideas over and over again can be a bit boring and oftentimes predictable. So start surprising your significant other with these amazing ideas for every season and spice things up for them a little bit!


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