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Disabled girl who was bullied by trolls has died aged 10, mom confirms


Diseases can be hard, especially when you know that the condition doesn’t give you a lot of time with the person that’s affected by it. But, if you’ve ever lost someone to a disease, you know that the disease is nothing like losing the person you care about. Today we are going to talk about the girl who was suffering from Type 1 diabetes as well as the Rett syndrome. While you already probably know what type 1 diabetes is, not too many of you know what the Rett syndrome is. This syndrome targets girls, and it becomes apparent at 6 to 18 months. It limits the girls’ ability to communicate, and they suffer from repetitive movements and problems with coordination. This girl was bullied by online trolls for her entire life, and her family was battling the trolls and the haters away from her.

Image Source: Natalie’s Twitter

Sophia Weaver from North Carolina, USA, was suffering from Type One Diabetes and Rett syndrome as well as some visible deformities on her face, hands, and feet. Her mother spoke to the media and let them know that her little baby has passed away at the age of 10. As we mentioned before, Sophie’s mother, Natalie Weaver, as well as her whole family were battling trolls who were trying to boost their eugenics program. Natalie said that her daughter died just like she lived, surrounded by the people that loved her, and cared about her the most.

The Eugenics program has originated from Nazis and Adolf Hitler. The initial support and strength of the program made it pretty popular. Now, there is a small group of people that follow the model of the program. The Eugenics program’s ideals are that they need to sterilize the world and keep our race “Pure” of all the imperfect people.

Image Source: Natalie’s Twitter

This is why young Sophia was targeted by these fanatics. Her deformities were the main reason why they had her in their sight. But, Sophia’s family was supportive and helpful and tried to protect her from the trolls. And despite the fact that Sophia’s life was pretty hard sometimes, they were always there for her and were giving her all of the love and the support that she needed. Her condition meant that she had to spend most of her time with her parents and close ones.

On the 20th of May this year, Natalie, Sophia’s mother, posted on her social media profiles. This post seemed to be pretty worrying as she was talking about how sick her daughter was getting and that she was worried about her.

Image Source: Natalie’s Twitter

Natalie urged their supports to keep Sophia in their thoughts and if they had one of their shirts with Sophia to take it and wear it so she can be close to their hearts. She also said that her daughter is really a tough cookie and that she can get through this difficult time.

A couple of days after her initial posts about the well-being of her daughter, Natalie got back on her social media profiles and informed everybody that her little angel has passed away!

We keep Sophia in our thoughts and send the family our condolences, and may little Sophia rest in peace.

Image Source: Natalie’s Twitter

Share this heartbreaking story with your friends and family and let them know about the heartless groups that exist in our world! We hope that Sophia rests in peace, and we know that now, she is in a better place than she was!

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