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Disabled Rescue Dog Gets A Special Treat And A Permanent Home


A lot of people love animals, but they don’t actually do anything to save them. But, this isn’t the case for Rocky Kanaka, his dream job is to help pets, and rescue them. Rocky owns a YouTube channel and has developed a Netflix series that show most of the at-risk pets, and he helps find a home for them. One of Rocky’s most famous YouTube series is called “Dog’s Day Out” and in these series, he takes one canine that lives in a shelter for one day, and he spends that day making the dog’s day special and fun. But, that’s not all. In this show, he also shows off the animals that need to be adopted. There’s one dog that everybody seems to love and he has been on this show, her name is Freddie Mercury, and people started going crazy for her after her recent appearance on the show.

A Disabled Dog’s Story

Freddie the disabled dog was born with an anomaly. Basically, Freddie was born with two sets of teeth one on top of others. As you would imagine, this might make it pretty hard for Freddie to eat. When the rescuers saved Freddie they found her in a bag left to die beneath a car. And, with her situation, not being able to eat, and the fact that her owners left her to die, you could imagine the horrifying place Freddie was in. The puppy was in pretty bad shape, she was malnourished as well as the fact that she had many broken bones were not a good sign for her. And, as adding salt to injury, the fractures of her bones disabled one of her legs permanently.

Image Source: The Animal Channel

The Rescue of Freddy the Disabled Dog

Freddie’s rescuers, the people that found her underneath the car immediately took her to Marley’s Mutts. This organization is specially made for at-risk dogs that have pretty bad stores. The dogs that populate this rescue organization are mainly dogs that were on the death row at other kill shelters, and most of the other dogs are older because they weren’t adopted in time and there is the third kind of dogs, the one where Freddie Mercury was the disabled dogs. Despite the fact that Marley’s Mutts do everything in their power to foster as many dogs as they can and find adopters for the people like Rocky Kanaka help them even more in order to get these puppies outside in front of people’s eyes.

Image Source: The Animal Channel

A Special Guest on the Show

Rocky made Freddie one of the most regular special guests on his show. Today a woman named Angela fostered the disabled canine. She says that she fell in love with the puppy immediately and decided that she was going to give this puppy a forever home. Freddie immediately showed how happy she was for her new owner with all the licks and cuddles she gave her. Angela has even made an Instagram profile for the puppy and shares videos and photos of her. This is how helpful Rocky’s channel is for puppies that need a new home.

Image Source: The Animal Channel

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