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Do employers overestimate the value of a college degree?


The point of us finishing high school and immediately setting ourselves up to move on to getting a college degree in order to be able to improve ourselves and prepare for the job we love doing with some knowledge. But, should we always go for that nice looking diploma or is sometimes just taking a step back and seeing what are the pros and the cons of you going to the specific college? Will the employers in the type of job that you’re looking to get into overestimate the diploma, or you can get by with some courses and certificates? Well, read on and find out what we think about this.

Not Everyone can Afford it!

Not all people can afford themselves going to college. And that’s not the only downside to colleges. Namely, college isn’t suitable for each and every individual, sometimes you can get by just by taking a simple course or getting a full certificate for something. It will cost you less and you will still be in a good position with your knowledge. The people that need money immediately and simply cannot afford university should find another way and improvise in order to get into a job that they actually like.

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Earn and Learn

We’ve heard a lot of people talking about apprenticeships, and despite the fact that both of our previous presidents had some extremely different perceptions on things, they both invested lots of time, money and other resources here. These types of work are both useful for the people that are trying to earn some money while learning and for the employers that need people working on that spot. Apprenticeships are especially good for the people that want to earn and learn at the same time. And, even better information to hear is the fact that nearly 90% of the people that have been on apprenticeship have continued to work at the same place, or found a better job that they liked more.

There are some Bad News

But, apprenticeships don’t have only positives, the also have some negatives as well. In fact, one of the biggest drawbacks of apprenticeships is the lack of employer buy-in. Companies are required to pay a big sum of money before employing the apprentice. Namely, they need to pay for the apprentice’s identifying and interviewing. But, what’s good about this employer practice is the fact that it actually decreases the failed hires by a huge number.

Courses are Better than College (Sometimes)

Often times the college degree is not required only because of the experience. Some companies want to assure that the person that they’re hiring knows the field and is not lying to them. But, college degrees are not the only tool that can prove that you’re capable at the specific field. You can also gain some skills by learning a simple course and getting a certificate to prove that you’re well prepared for the requirements that the employer has.

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Not every role can be filled with apprentices, and some will always be better off going to college and having a degree to vouch for them. But, as time goes by this might become a really good practice that employers actually implement more and more. And I would like to see our world move a step into that direction…


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