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Doctor Says Haley Will Never Hold A Job—Proves Them Wrong By Becoming State’s First Autistic Lawyer


There are a lot of people who don’t think highly of themselves. And, if they don’t think highly of themselves, others sure won’t think highly of them either. We as a generation have some kind of a model set for what is right, and we believe that if we aren’t entirely the same to that model, we are not good. But, Haley Moss has proven this to be wrong. She shared her motto on her website, saying that “Different is not bad, it is just different. And different can be extraordinary!”

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These simple, but powerful words hide a story behind them. And we are here today to talk about that story. When Haley was only three years old, she was diagnosed by her doctors with high-functioning autism. And, the best thing about Haley’s story is the fact that her understanding and compassionate parents decided to teach her a bit different than other kids suffering from her disease. Haley’s parents taught her to embrace her problem instead of living in denial her whole life. And she managed to go with their advice instead of doing what every other autism person does. She decided to reach for the stars even despite her limitations.

Now, to be honest with you, Haley acknowledges that it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies for her in her life. In fact, in the beginning, the doctors that diagnosed her with her high-functioning autism stated a couple of devastating opinions about Haley’s future. The psychologist indicated to Haley’s parents that their daughter wouldn’t be able to graduate from high school or even drive a car.

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But Haley was persistent as well as her parents. None of them wanted to give up. Instead, she decided to test her boundaries and see how far she could push and how far she would get in life. And, against all the odds, Haley surpassed the doctors’ expectations. She sure has some tough time with a couple of everyday tasks like doing the laundry. But, the good thing is the fact that she never gives up when things don’t go her way.

The main thing in Haley’s life is that she battled through the toughest times and proved her doctors wrong. She managed to graduate and not only from her high school, but she also graduated from her University at the University of Miami Law School back in January of 2019. The Florida Bar admitted Haley from the moment when she finished her University and graduated. And, as the Sun-Sentinal states. Zero people who are suffering from autism have achieved what Haley has achieved up until now. And she has her life in front of her!

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Haley loves her job. She is happy to use the talents and knowledge she has achieved through the years to help other people and solve their problems. She has even found a Career as the law associate for Zumpano Patricios, a distinguished law firm in the Miami area. One of the founders of the firm, Joe Zumpano, has a son who is also suffering from autism.

Haley stated that she loves to follow her dreams and that she will keep shooting for the stars and exceed people’s expectations. She hopes that her story will help a lot of people who are suffering from autism. But, she also wants people to understand the different thinking of people who are suffering from autism.

Image Source: The A Post

What do you think about Haley Moss’s story? Did you like it? And do you have someone who is suffering from autism who is close to you? If this is the case for you to make sure to share this fantastic story with them and let them know that they are not alone in this world. Inspiration and motivation can go a long way for someone who is suffering from this disease!

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