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Dog rescued from dark basement, now watch as she opens her eyes and sees the sun for the first time


Captivity is torture for a lot of animals, and they should not be confined to it. Dogs should not be kept in a cage, and they should not be forced to live that kind of life. And, the story of this dog just simply broke my heart, and I don’t know what to say.

Namely, the story of this dog starts in a cellar, locked by her owner from Cabarrus County, North Carolina. This dog’s name is BB, and it was living in the worst conditions you could imagine. Here’s why I felt this bad about BB and why it makes my skin crawl just writing about it.

The pictures that we got for this post are from the animal saviors from the Humane Society that helped more than 130 animals which were held at a puppy mill.

In the raid, they helped some dogs, dogs who were confused, scared, living in bad conditions. But, all of the dogs seemed to know that they were about to enter a new, improved life.

Image Source: Youtube

This was the case with the small canine BB. She was a little poodle that weighed not more than 2.2 lbs and didn’t have many teeth left in her mouth. Namely, she had only three healthy teeth, and the rest of them were rotten to the point of no return, and the vets had to remove them.

The raid was a result of an anonymous tip that leads the Humane Society into finding BB, a hundred and four more canines, and twenty goats felines, as well as three goats.

Once the Humane Society entered the place where they were tipped, they found out that the animals were living inside of small cages that were placed in a dark, leaky and unpleasant basement in which they couldn’t find even ventilation.

But, BB’s bad luck was about to end, and her hell would be over soon. A woman that worked at the veterinarian’s office where BB was treated before wanted to help BB find her new, forever home.

Image Source: Youtube

Jessica Lauginger the animal crimes manager at the HSUS stated that once they found BB, she was pretty small and she looked helpless. They think that the puppy has never seen any sunlight at all, and the contacts that she had with humans were kept at a minimum, or maybe she never had seen a human. The animal crimes manager also added that once she got to BB’s cage and she put her hand out to the cage, BB came and sniffed her hand. She could see that the puppy was hesitant for her attention, but she was sure that BB needed her attention and wanted it.

Image Source: Youtube

The rescuers think that the puppy had been bred multiple times along her life, but they couldn’t work out how old the tiny canine actually was. This was mainly because of the fact that the canine appeared small and wasn’t developed enough.

Image Source: YouTube

But, once the rescuers took BB out on the sunlight, they could tell that she was enjoying it by the face that BB made once the sun hit her body.

She had never felt the sun hit her body like that, or the grass under her paws, but now, BB got a completely new life full of love and the attention that she needed.

Here is a touching video of the puppy’s story and how it developed up until now!

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