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Dogs benefit from the use of silent fireworks


You don’t often see fireworks. But, when you do, you can’t help yourself and just gaze at the incredible colors, shapes, and plus, the loud bang makes them even more exciting. But not everyone likes fireworks, and the loud noise can scare a lot of people and particularly pets. Because they couldn’t see their pets scared all the time, a city in Italy has come up with fireworks that don’t make any noise. You still can see the beautiful colors and patterns in the sky, but that loud bang isn’t there anymore.

It is certain that you have seen how a dog, for example, reacts when fireworks go up it the sky. Even though you are enjoying the display, your little furry friend gets easily frightened by the loud explosions and flashy colors in the air. Dogs don’t really understand what is going on at that moment, and they are thinking something terrible is happening. Plus their hearing is really sensitive, and it makes the loud bangs worse for them. For the dog, the fireworks come as a surprise, we humans can see and predict when the firework is going to explode in the sky, but they have no idea. All the fireworks that are going off are at different times, different shapes, and have different bangs, so your dog can’t get used to them. When they hear the loud noise, they instinctively start to run away because they think it is a threat. And often they can get lost or even worse if they go out in the street can get hurt by moving cars. Because they think they can get away from the noise. It is more traumatic when they understand that there is no way to go to stop hearing the bangs, and they panic even more.

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People were getting tired of seeing their dogs scared all the time when a firework would go off in the sky. So this little town in Italy, called Collecchio, in the province of Parma, decided they need to do something to help them. Because they didn’t want to ban the fireworks completely, they decided that they will have to use fireworks that had no sound. They started an initiative that everyone in the city who wanted to us fireworks had to use the silent fireworks. You could still enjoy the colorful displays but just without the loud bangs. They created a law that stated that everyone who wanted to use fireworks has to use the silent ones to prevent any pets from the unnecessary traumatizing experience.

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A lot of people were skeptics about the silent fireworks because they thought they wouldn’t be as much exciting as the regular fireworks. On the contrary, silent fireworks can deliver a much more beautiful colorful experience than the normal ones. This is because they don’t have the sound effects, they double up of colors and shapes. As they go up in the sky, they also leave behind a gorgeous colorful trail, and that can be more beautiful than the regular fireworks. Just the lack of sound doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. By leaving out the loud bangs, you know it helps dogs and also war veterans that are suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. The loud bangs can remind them of the terrible past experiences and can trigger more post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Banning all regular fireworks keeps dogs and veterans more at peace. With the ban on regular fireworks, the city of Collecchino has set law, and everyone that uses regular fireworks can get punished.

By enforcing the law in the city, they go a lot of attention, and other cities are starting to do the same thing. Another small town in Belgium, Middelkerke, followed the steps of Collecchino, and they even now organize an annual animal-friendly firework show. They call every dog owner to be part of the show so they and their pets can enjoy it together.

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Collecchio is urging cities around the world also to join this initiative and start only using silent fireworks. You can still enjoy the show and don’t have to worry about your dog panicking and being afraid. Dogs and veterans are benefiting from the silent fireworks and why can’t they enjoy the fireworks display like all of us.


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