Drinking This Regularly Could Stop Breast Cancer Cells from Growing

Swapping your morning cup of coffee with this amazing drink might be the best idea you’ve ever! Why, you ask? Because what deadly disease does your morning cup of coffee help you stop? That’s right! None!

Image Source: David Pitman/Shutterstock

Your smart diet choices can take you long ways when decreasing the risks of breast cancer are on the stake! And, with the information that we’ve got today, it means that even choosing the right drink might play some role in it! A study that was published by the Anticancer Research journal says that green and oolong tea can significantly decrease the chances of developing breast cancer.

Missouri’s St. Louis University researchers who are led by Chunfa Huang, a Ph.D. and an associate professor in the university’s internal medicine department, have tested some samples of a couple of teas on their ability to stop breast cancer. Green, oolong, black, and other dark teas were included in the research. The green tea and the oolong tea had great results for Chunfa Huang – they both worked the same way. And the black, as well as the other, darker, teas, didn’t have any effect on the breast cancer cells.

Huang stated for Medical News Today that the results from their research were that oolong and green tea play exactly the same way in decreasing the chances of developing breast cancer. He also added that both oolong and green tea bring a lot more amazing benefits on the table for the people that drink them regularly.  Lowering the bad cholesterol, decreasing abdominal fat, and in some cases, these two teas might also offer protection against other types of cancer.

But, the research had two parts, and the second part was comparing areas that drink oolong tea regularly with areas that are used to drinking coffee instead of tea. And what he found out wasn’t surprising at all. He realized that the people that were drinking more oolong tea had 25% smaller chances of developing breast cancer than the population that was drinking coffee instead. But, the second part of the discovery is the one that surprised him! 68% of the people that were drinking the oolong tea were less likely to die prematurely!

These studies are not all that is needed to prove this said, Huang. But the decreased mortality in the areas where drinking oolong tea is a habit states that both the oolong and the green tea can help your health immensely. Decrease your chances of developing breast cancer and increasing the chances of you living a longer, happier life!