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Drone Enthusiast Found Something Insane Inside a Lake


Something incredible was found in the wild lake. A guy who loves drones accidentally found something that shocked a lot of people in a town where he was working…
A mesmerizing thing was filmed by a YouTuber in a small town in California. He was trying to film something with his drone around the usual location where he did that, near the lake not that far away from his workplace. He had learned the area because he regularly took out his drone here and flew it. But, that day he noticed a mesmerizing sight, and because of the intricacy of the thing he saw he felt like he had to investigate it!

A Drone Lover…

The youtube community knows him by his channel name – Evan K, but for his friends and family, he is Evan Kilkus, a drone loving YouTuber. His workplace was near the lake in which he discovered the sight, and having to work on the lake as a shopkeeper for the rental shop, renting out boats and jet ski. He found it relaxing to fly his drone around the lake after his work hours, and in between while he was on a break. But, the thing that he noticed that day was something that blew his mind.

And Suddenly He Saw It…

Suddenly, while he was filming an enormous hole starting emerging from within the lake. It was sucking all of the water in, Evan even said “It looked something like a freaky reverse waterfall”. He was mesmerized from what he was witnessing… He said that he has never witnessed anything similar to that phenomenon. He couldn’t believe his eyes, in fact he thought of how the hole wasn’t there in the past and now he could see it in front of him. It was an utter mystery to him.

The Lake:

The lake we’re talking about today is the Lake Berryessa which is a lake made by people. It can be found in California in the region of Napa County. Monticello Dam was the person who made this hydroelectric lake. There are a lot of people who love the water every day, and they do lots of things… From swimming to kayaking and the fishing is not forbidden either.

The Lake Became Famous In No Time!

The video that Evan took of the hole in the lake soon started catching it momentum, and it became an internet sensation… Lots and lots of people were suddenly interested in the lake and it all of a sudden became really famous. And Evan just wanted to solve the case of what that “hole” actually is…

Searching, investigating and learning…

If he could tell one thing by looking at the hole he sure knew that it wasn’t anything natural. It didn’t look like anything and it sure as heck didn’t feel like it. Evan wanted to come to the bottom of it and find out what is actually happening at the Lake Berryessa. And despite the fact that he didn’t know what was happening at the time, he decided to investigate it and find out what it really is happening with the lake.

Not The First Time This Has Happened.

Anyways, this was not the first time for this to happen… In fact, there are several similar cases of holes appearing in lakes all over the world. Some of the more popular cases are Dean’s Blue Hole with 660 feet of depth, Giant Blue Hole in Belize that was proven to be 407 feet of depth. And Devin’s Sinkhole that is 350 feet in depth. So what did Evan’s discovery mean, and how was it going to turn out?

Questioning what he should do

The Youtuber even started asking if this was really happening and in times he even thought that he was going crazy! “I thought about it being a portal to another world, or if something supernatural had created it,” He said. After doing some research and speculating, he finally decided to take action

Capturing some close ups.

Evan finally decided that he wanted to go back to the lake and get some close ups with his drone. He started flying the drone around, and at one moment he directed it in the direction of the hole. But, as he was getting closer and closer to the hole he started to experience more and more glitches with the cameras and the monitor. He stated that he has never experienced something like this ever. He even said that he didn’t think that it was coincidental. He had to stop the session and bring the drone back.

Taking the Necessary Precautions…

He even decided to take the drone to a store in order for them to check it. And, as the shopkeeper told him, the battery was getting kinda low and they had to swap it out with a new one. It was kinda eerie, but he decided to swap it out and get going. He felt like he had to get to the bottom of the case faster!

Increasing its diameter?

So, before going back to the hole in order to film it, he decided that he wanted to check out the video that he captured even after the fact that it was glitch and hard to see. He noticed that the hole looked much bigger than he thought it was. The glitch footage made it harder for him to ensure about that but, now they just had to go deeper in the hole!

The Inside of the hole…

Since he saw the hole he researched a little about those kinds of things, he knew how the hole looked on the outside but now, he had to get some footage of the inside too! He also knew that it had to be deep, but how deep he didn’t really know. His brain was constantly shooting out questions that he didn’t have the answers for. But Evan was decisive, he was going to find out what’s happening and where’s the hole coming from.

What’s the lake’s past?

As we dug deeper and deeper for the history of the lake, we came up with something far more darker and scarier that we thought. Namely, back in 1997, a 41 years old woman was swimming in the lake when she suddenly died. The police said that she drowned, but, people talk and they said that there were some much scarier circumstances in play. And as the video of the hole got bigger and bigger, people started thinking that this is why Emily drowned in the lake. Some of the people even said that she was trying to catch onto something as she was drowning. What was that? Could this hole swallow her whole!?

Choices, decisions and more:

So there were only two things that Evan could do. The first thing would be the optimal thing, he would fly the drone down the hole trying not to lose control of it and drown it in the falling waters. And the second thing was to go down the hole himself.  He took a lot of time thinking about what he should do, knowing that the chances of the drown taking the whole journey to the bottom without any damage from the water were practically non-existent. But, he also knew that it was pretty dangerous for him to go down into the unknown hole. So, he kept thinking of new things that he could do!

I am Ready!

Once he finally settled for going down there with his drone (flying it down there) was the safest thing to do. He decided that he should start slow and circle the hole before going down.

We are one step closer

With every step he took towards his end goal he felt like he was getting closer and closer to the truth he wanted to find out. Authorities had the road and all surrounding around the hole blocked at this point, but that was all that they did, no one was interested enough to find out what’s the story about the hole…

Let’s talk facts first…

So, it isn’t a secret that California was suffering from a drought at the times. Both its landscape and its ecosystem could witness about that. Lake Berryessa was not an exception. It was noticeable that the levels of the water of the lake were drastically decreasing, and it all happened over just a couple of years. The people in charge of taking care of the lake and its water levels, kept feeling the lake so it wouldn’t look like it was suffering.

What was the total damage?

Well, the lake wasn’t as popular as before, simply as a result of the changing landscape. The people in charge knew that there wasn’t a lot of time for them to work it out. And, after the heavy rains started things started changing again along with the landscape and the lake. And once this started happening it revealed something amazing and wild – A HOLE!

The Pouring Rains!

Finally, after full 10 years without a single drop of rain, they started experiencing changes. The problem was that these changes were pretty drastic and they brought upon California the heaviest rains they experienced in the last 10 years. Along with the rain came the terrifying discovery of the hole.

Getting down in the Hole

With every inch that Evan took towards the hole, he measured it to be somewhere in the vicinity of 72 feet wide. This one wasn’t as big as the previous three we mentioned. What was really exciting for Evan was the fact that he got close enough to the hole so that he could measure it. The only thing left for him to do was to go down there and discover why this hole formed and how it was formed. Easy…? Right…?

Finally, here we are…

Once he finally got the chance to get close enough to the hole in the lake so that he could find out what it really is and take a lovely image. He found out that the water was falling inside of the hole or it was coming outside of the hole. At least that was how it looked. Why was this happening?

It looks like nothing more than a spillway…

He realized that the hole he was fascinated by was nothing more than a spillway made by the people creating the lake. It was keeping the level of the water of the lake at normal height so it doesn’t overflow and create problems. Despite the fact that this hole wasn’t a magical hole that appeared out of nowhere, we are still lucky to see it, because it isn’t very common for these types of structures to surface out, but the drought made it possible!

Man-Made Lake

As we told you before, in some of the previous paragraphs, Lake Berryesa isn’t a natural lake, in fact it is a lake that was created by people, it is the 7th largest lake that can be found in California and it water levels were drastically decreased as a result of the droughts and the heavy rains…

Why did it pop-out now, and how come no one saw it before?

As we said earlier, the water levels were pretty high before and they were hiding the fact that there is a giant hole in the lake. The people making the lake closed the spillway, the lake wouldn’t have enough water because of the drought.

Time for some statements:

In a statement that Kevin King – the power and water operations manager, gave he said “The bureau has protocol and inspections, and with every inspection, everything has checked out so far.” He stated that there is nothing to worry about and that the spillway is nothing they should worry about. He also mentioned that people shouldn’t go anywhere near around it and that is exactly why people are feeling intrigued by the hole!

Bell Mouth Shape

The spillway is in the shape of a bell and it is 28 feet wide at the bottom and 75 feet wide at the top. The water spills in the bell-shaped spillway and its funneled into a system so that it will not overflow!

Why Open The Funnel Now?!

Well, it is pretty simple. The funnel is used to keep the water from over-flowing. So once it get above 440 ft. above sea level, the funnel is opened and the water spills away. The funnel was mainly opened up because they were scared from the heavy rain falls. They wanted to make sure that it would not overflow again. This is how the whirlpool effect happened…

People are loving the spillway!

The whirlpool is what got people interested in the lake once again. There are people every day trying to see it and take pictures and videos of it. There are even people coming to see it offseason, it is a real sensation and people are going crazy about it!

Amazing Sight From Birds Eye View!

The operations manager stated: “I went up there the other day and there were about 15 drones flying around and people taking videos. It’s really dramatic to watch.” What he wasn’t aware of is how the normal funnel would affect the popularity of the lake!

The Video Went Viral On YouTube!

Since he made the discovery of the amazing whirlpool hole in the middle of the lake Evan got over 32,000 people subscribed to his youtube channel. And the video that he has put up on his channel now has somewhere in the vicinity of over 12 million views on YouTube alone!


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