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‘Drunk In Love:’ The Hilarious Way This Honeymooning Couple Ended Up Buying Their Hotel In Sri Lanka


Drinking and being drunk can oftentimes end up being a bad decision. But, there are some cases where marvelous decisions have been brought up by a drunken person. In fact, today we decided to tell you about the London couple that found out how they act when they get drunk from rum. And, in the beginning, it sure was a scary thing. Read on and find out their amazing story!

The Drunken Agreement by the Lovebirds

The London couple Gina Lyons and her husband Mark Lee who got married back in June decided to spend their honeymoon somewhere special. So they decided to go to a place full of landscapes and places to visit – Sri Lanka. Most of the couples who go on honeymoons decide to take some kind of souvenirs back home in order to remember their honeymoon, but Gina and Mark managed to get back home as new owners of a hotel back on their honeymoon location. Yes, they became hotel owners on their honeymoon trip! And here is how they managed to do that.

Image Source: Fox News

Drinking and Having a Good Time

The lovebirds booked what looked like cozy, and nice looking hotel that was located in the Sri Lankan town of Tangalle, which was located by the beach. The honeymooners loved all the landscapes that Sri Lanka had to offer to them, and the beautiful look from their hotel room was nothing short of amazing. And once they got into the mood for meeting people and learning more about their place, they started drinking and talking and partying…

Image Source: Cafe Delites

And, twelve glasses full of room, a morning hangover later, the couple found out that their 30 thousand pound offer for the hotel would be accepted. Not too long after, the couple sealed the deal, and immediately started planning out the tackling of the challenges ahead!

Love, Luck, and Success

Everyone reacts differently when we get drunk. Some of us send dirty text messages, others call our exes, some get into fights, but this couple bought a hotel… How crazy is that?! Lucky for them, they made a good decision and it actually paid off. After a couple of months, Mat found out that his wife was pregnant, so they started working even harder in order to finish the hotel before they didn’t have time for it. Once they were done refurbishing it, they decided to start promoting it to travelers and open it up for business.

Image Source: The Sunday Times

The hotel is named “The Lucky Beach Tangalle” and they are promoting it as a destination for people that love traveling. They get amazing reviews from their costumes and their guests seem to love the restaurant of the hotel, the beautiful staff that works there, and the trustworthy owners of the hotel. It might be hard for the couple to manage their careers and running their business, but it ended up paying off.


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