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Empathetic Therapy Corgi Warming A Grieving Stranger’s Heart At The Airport Proves Dogs Truly Are Our Best Friends


We’ve mentioned it in a couple of other articles of ours that dogs are great at detecting your emotions. Whether you’re being sad, happy, afraid or mad they can sense your emotions and they will react accordingly. Cora the corgi is a perfect example of this. Namely, she has a pretty amazing superpower, and that is she can help cheer up anyone who’s feeling down. So, in today’s article, you will find out why Cora the corgi, wandered put from her owner and what she did!

Giving Cora a Home

At first, when Madison Palm decided that she is going to foster a pug she didn’t know what she’ll get with the beautiful Cora the corgi. But, the sad history of the puppy was the final decider for Madison to choose Cora. With the 7 years of the neglectful owner behind her, Palm was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to gain Cora’s trust. But, only after the first couple of minutes together, Cora climbed up and she balled up into Palm’s lap.

Image Source: @the.corgi.cora/Instagram

Only after a couple of days, Palm discovered the secret superpower of Cora. She was just like any dog, but she was also really sweet, sociable and amazingly enough, she was empathic too. And after taking Cora on the airport for the first time after her adoption, Cora couldn’t help but stop and help out someone in need.

Cora the Empathic Dog

Because of her gift, Palm took Cora on almost all of her travels. But, on the Seattle layover from their trip in Alaska to Pam’s mom, Cora found someone that needed stress relief, and it wasn’t Palm. At the moments when Palm was preparing at the gate, Cora noticed that a man who was sitting alone in the waiting room needed some comfort so she decided to start a mission…

Image Source: Madison Palm/Facebook

And, once Palm noticed that Cora was missing, she quickly turned her head and noticed the puppy enjoying her belly rubs by a stranger (the lonely man). We know that not everybody likes the dog, and not everybody can tolerate them in their vicinity, so Palm quickly went over to the lonely man and asked him if Cora was bothering him in some way. After he told Palm his story she realized that this wasn’t the case and that Cora was actually helping the lonely guy out, and that he actually needed her presence.

Doing her Duty!

The story of the guy that Cora was comforting was that he lost his dog the night before, so that was why he needed her presence. He pet Cora told her that she was really adorable, and decided to take a couple of photos of the puppy. During this, Cora was patiently laying on his feet trying to comfort him as much as she could.

Image Source: Madison Palm/Facebook

Palm couldn’t have been prouder of her dog’s actions. But, she knew her secret superpower, so she wasn’t really surprised that Cora went and comforted the stranger. Palm wrote in a Facebook Post that Cora can find the people that are hurting and that she can also recognize the people that like her and the ones that don’t.


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