50 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Amish

Despite the numerous parodies concerning Amish lifestyles and traditions that may seem farfetched, there are amazingly fascinating things about their way of life waiting to be discovered by the masses. Here is a list of facts about the Amish that aren’t quite known.

Secret Engagements

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Engagements are typically big news for a lucky couple and sharing this news with everyone is at the top of their list. However, Amish communities keep their engagements a secret. On the contrary to modern day engagements, whereby the ladies receive a flashy diamond ring, Amish girls are presented with some china or a clock. But this is not the reason they keep them a secret; it is just tradition. This happy news remains hushed until it is ‘published’ at a religious service, giving the couple only a few days to prepare. These weddings are so low-key that the couple’s presence is not even solicited at the announcement.

Hand Delivered Wedding Invitations


If you are looking forward to receiving a mailed wedding invitation from Amish couples, you will be waiting in vain, but in a good way; the Amish are a lot more personal. In keeping with their customs, they personally hand deliver these invitations to each and every invited guest; adding a personal touch to their delivery. The list of invitees may vary from only church members to close friends and relatives in more conservative settlements. On the other hand, if your Amish friends reside in more progressive communities, you stand a better chance of receiving a wedding invitation along with people from numerous church districts.

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