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‘Father Of The Year’ Builds Igloo For Daughter With Disabilities And Has The Internet In Tears


Tell me a parent that doesn’t want their kid to have a lot of fun. And this is especially true for the times when it’s snowing outside. This guy’s daughter named Zahara had a couple of restrictions because of her disabilities for this year’s January. The snow day was simply out of her reach but that was until her father – Gregg Eichorn decided that he was going to build his daughter an igloo in which she could play for the snow day!

Include Her Too!

Eichorn was decided that he was going to allow his oldest daughter to play for the snow day. All of her 8 other siblings were already using the snow to its fullest. This father decided to build his daughter a wheel-chair accessible igloo so that his daughter, Zahara could get into it and play with the snow. When he was done with building the icy igloo, Eichorn saw that his daughter was pretty satisfied with the thing that he build for her, and despite the fact that Zahara didn’t say anything, you could see on her face that she was having lots of fun.

Image Source: Daniel Thoms/BBCter

Einchorn remembers how her face lit up, and how visible was how she actually felt while she was playing in the igloo that he made for her. But, there was one catch in this whole story, the fact that he wasn’t the only one that participated in the building of the icy igloo. In fact, all of Zahara’s family was there for her to build her snow fortress.

Built from the Whole Family

Even the youngest of her family, Sarah, the youngest sister of Zahara decided to throw in a hand or to in order to help her father build the igloo. Both Katie (Eichorn’s Wife) and Eichorn have 9 kids that they adopted, and all of the kids have some kind of special needs. They decided to adopt these children because as Einchorn puts it, these are the ones that find homes the hardest.

Image Source: Gregg Eichhorn

Elijah, the younger brother that Zahara has, is also in a wheelchair and he also enjoyed playing in the icy igloo that their family built for them. For the first time in a while, all of the siblings enjoyed the cold icy snow together and played in it.

Others Took on His Steps

The things that Eichorn did are thought to be really heart-warming for people all over the social media platforms. And what’s even better, these actions inspired other people to start doing good deeds just like Gregg and his wife did. Reddit users upvoted his story more than 70 thousand times, but as Einchorn puts it, he didn’t do anything of this for fame and fortune.

Image Source: Gregg Eichhorn

He even added that he doesn’t think that he did anything special. He said that he did the same thing that any other father would do for his kids. He loved seeing the smile on his daughter’s face, and as he says, that’s when he realized that it was all worth it.


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