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Father Stops His Daughter’s Wedding To do Something Amazing


Weddings are one of the best times in a lot of people’s lives, and how you spend that special day, and the moments before and after it can be crucial for the way that you feel about it. So, today we’re going to talk about a story that tells us how much fathers care for their children and the lengths that they are willing to go for them, especially on the most important day in their kids’ lives.

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Weddings oftentimes are flooded with people that tend to know everything regarding customs. But, Brittany, the person in charge of this wedding had everything figured out for her special day with her husband. Namely, she had picked the traditional white wedding dress that she was going to wear, she has chosen her bridesmaid squad, and she had her father, Todd Bachman, take her down the aisle.

Image Source: The A Post

They didn’t have a lot of time in front of them, despite the fact that it looked like that for them. The special day came pretty fast, and everything was ready, everybody had their chores that they should do, and everything was planned perfectly. But, once the moment for Todd to take his daughter down the aisle came, he did something amazing that caught the hearts of everybody that was there. Namely, Todd Bachman stopped his daughter’s wedding in order to grab another Todd, Todd Cendrosky, who is as important in Brittany’s life as him – her stepfather, and he shared the moment of walking their daughter down the aisle to the altar.

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So, all it took Bachman was one simple and selfless act that showed how thankful he is to Cendrosky for helping him raise their daughter, Brittany, as they did. Bachman stated in an interview that he didn’t think that thanking Cendrosky verbally would do the guy any justice for the things that he did for Brittany. So, instead, Bachman wanted to do something that would show Cendrosky how thankful he actually is to him. And that is why he chose to ask Cendrosky to assist him in taking THEIR daughter down the aisle.

Image Source: The A Post

The other Todd in the same interview stated that he valued the whole gesture that Brittany’s biological father did. He also added something more about the amazing moment when Bachman grabbed his hand. He said that his knees got weak, and he just lost it. He broke down in tears of joy. He ended the interview telling USA Today that this was the best day of his life.

Image Source: The A Post

The photographer that was working on Brittany’s wedding, Delia D. Blackburn took a lot of photos that day, and she also captured the emotional moment of when the two fathers took Brittany down the aisle. She also decided to post some of those pictures on her Facebook page, and they immediately started getting some traction. In just a couple of hours the photos started getting into the millions by views, and in the first 24 hours, the first day when she posted the pictures, they got 15 million views on Facebook alone. My theory is that the photos started getting that traction because of the fact that they are focused on a problem that runs in a lot of families. Bachman also said this when he stated that they forget that not a lot of families can brag with that kind of act, and a lot of families actually have this kind of problem.

The video below will show you an interview with the main attractions at Brittany’s wedding, her dads:

What do you think of the act that Bachman did to invite Cendrosky to take their daughter down the aisle? Would you have done the same if you were in his place? Tell us more in the comment section below and make sure to share this amazing story with your friends and family!


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