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Entire elementary school learns sign language to support kindergartner with hearing loss


Finishing one chapter in your life and going on to the next one can be frightening a lot of the times. That’s especially true for the younger generations of six-year-olds, or mostly their parents, particularly when their children have some kind of special needs, choosing the right school is crucial.

That was the case of one special needs kindergarten kid’s parents named Morey. Her mother, Shannon Belanger, stated in an interview that they went to a lot of schools to look at their options, she also added that this is one of the most crucial periods for their child, she and her husband were scared and nervous about the choices that they were going to make. Shannon’s kid, Morey, has a hearing disability, and she has to wear a hearing aid and communicate with sign language.

But, once they made the choice of letting Morey go at the Dayton Consolidated School in Maine, it was finally clear to them that they made the right choice for their daughter – The whole school’s staff and students learned sign language before Morey got to the school.

Morey’s mother stated that the school treated her daughter phenomenally and that their efforts make her a bit mushy. She also added that the whole school has learned more than 15 signs.

The whole school was decorated with posters showing different sign language signs that helped everybody learn the signs that they knew. And, a lot of the teachers there, have gone even further in their efforts of finding out the best way to communicate with the student.

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Despite the fact that Morey is the only kid that has hearing problems, the whole school didn’t stop at trying to make her feel like everybody else. They have gone the extra mile to make Morey feel accepted, and they were going to get the appreciation needed for that.

And teaching their students the sign language was not the only thing that the school decided to do in order to help Morey fit in. They have also installed a HAS (Hearing Assistive System) and SS (Sign Support) during their school assemblies.

The Principal of Dayton Consolidated School, Kimberly Sampietro, stated that they help all of the students with learning the sign language, and they want to raise the awareness of it. There are different ways of implementing the sign language in their everyday routine, so in this way even the lunch lady and the genitor learn new signs each and every day, to improve the way that they communicate with Morey.

And, the most recent event, was an event that made Morey feel more welcomed because it was held in her honor.

A teacher at the Dayton Consolidated School, Shannon Cavanaugh, stated how much of an improvement the school has seen with learning the sign language. She also stated that the day of the event was a special day but not only for Morey. In fact, it was a special day for the whole school because of the improvement and how much sign language everybody there has learned in order to communicate with her.

At the event, there was a Disney princess, Cinderella, who sang to the kids in sign language and many other activities that included sign language.

It was a pleasant sight for Morey’s parents, and they were happy with how welcomed their daughter was at the school.

Schools should start taking the example of the Dayton Consolidated School. This was an amazing achievement for them. They managed to make Morey feel included when in other schools she wouldn’t because of her disability!

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