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First Responders Swear By These Helpful Hurricane Hacks


There is no avoiding hurricane season. And the first responder workers from all around the States have come together in an attempt to keep people save with their handy safety tips and tricks that could aid you and your family if you happen to find yourselves in the middle of a storm. And what we would like to tell you is that these tips are going to be helpful for any natural disaster, not only hurricane. So, even the ones of you that live outside of the hurricane zone, you should take notes too.

How To Store More Water

In the case of any kind of storm or natural disaster, you would like to save as much water as possible. So in order to achieve this, you should fill both your sinks and your bathtubs with fresh and clean water. You can also fill up some Zip-lock bags in order to store as much water as possible. Also get the jugs and bottles in your house and fill them up as well. Because you are going to want to use this water for anything and you don’t know how much you’re going to need. So the best thing to do would be to get as much as possible.

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How To Get Some Light

Candle lights are not a good thing while you are in the middle of a natural disaster. This is because of the risks of starting a fire, and this is why firefighters don’t really recommend it. What you need to do in order to get some light inside your house is to fill up a jug with water and tape a headlamp on the bottom of it. This would make for a good light source that won’t be a fire threat at all.

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How To Stop Any Water Leakage

You fear a natural disaster might hit and you cannot find sandbags in order to stop the water from entering your home? Don’t worry. This simple and easy trick will be a life saver! All you need to do is to get all of the garbage bags that you have on disposal and fill them up with some water. Put them around your house and on any risky places where water might flow in.

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Ice, Ice Baby

You don’t know how to save all of your food and drinks from going bad? Well, you don’t really need electricity to make a fridge. All you need is to disconnect your washing machine from the electricity and fill it up with ice. Store your drinks in it, and it is also a great way of getting more water, once the ice melts.

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Check The Freezer

Before a natural disaster starts, put a coin on top of an ice cube in a freezer. While the storm lasts check out if the coin is still on top of the ice cube, before you take out anything from the freezer. If you see that the coin has dropped then this means that you shouldn’t be eating anything from the freezer.

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