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Five Guys staff sees a customer too weak to order—so they feed him a free meal


The internet is a powerful tool, and many use it as a marketing tool, some might use it as a way of communication, and others use the internet as a place where they can share good deeds in order to inspire other people to do good. Today, we are going to be talking about something that happened in the Detroit fast-food chain “Five Guys” that started going viral as soon as it got uploaded on the internet.

Last month in the Detroit based fast-food chain “Five Guys” located in the Greektown neighborhood, costumers experienced something amazing. Namely, they witnessed an inspiring act from the staff at the fast-food shop. Read on and find out what happened!

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Late June at the before mentioned food chain in the Greektown neighborhood, the general manager of the franchise noticed someone familiar who came at the store. He recognized the man named Leonard, but it seemed like something was not right with Leonard that day.

In a later interview, Justin spoke about the whole ordeal. He stated that when Leonard came into the store, he had difficulties ordering his food and that he said that he was sick.

Because Justin noticed that Leonard couldn’t order, he decided to give him the full meal including a big burger done “all the way” he topped it with all the classic ingredients, and he added in some fries and a drink.

Justin decided to give Leonard the whole meal free of charge because of the fact that he was so unwell. He stated that because of the fact that Leonard couldn’t order he decided to gave him the full meal for free.

Image Source: En News Ner

But, not being able to order was not the only problem that Leonard was facing. Namely, he was so sick that he couldn’t even feed himself. This was when the good guys at Five Guys decided to step in once again and feed Leonard his meal.

Justin was happy to help because as he stated for Fox 2 each and every customer is as special to them as the one before. While they were busy helping out Leonard, another customer that was there at the time decided to take out their mobile phone and start filming the whole act. He wanted Justin and the team at Five Guys to get the recognition that they deserve for this selfless deed that they did.

Image Source: En News Ner

Once the customer posted the story on social media, it started taking a life of its own. The story started growing rapidly, and news outlets from all over the country began reporting on it. And, Justin, the manager, was pretty surprised that people were making such a big deal of his good deed. It felt to him like he was just doing his job.

But, he stated that he is happy to see a good story on the news for a change. And he said that, especially as a Detroit citizen.

He talked about how he and his team always hear bad news on the TV about their area, and he also added that sometimes their morale is lowered because nobody would like to work in such an environment.

This whole story shows us how powerful one good deed can be. Justin’s good deed did not have an impact only on Leonard. In fact, it impacted the whole community.

Justin finished the interview by saying that each and every one of us has the power to make an impact on another person’s life just by doing small good deeds as he did.

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