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Five Innovations From 2018 That Make Life Better On Our Planet



The last year has ended, and we decided to gather up some of the most effective and useful innovations that helped the world in 2018. In this article, there are the five best innovations that helped people all over the world. Each and every one of these is a great way of improving our life.

SmartWatch with the Ability to Predict Health Problems

People suffering from epilepsy are not aware if their next meeting is going to be interrupted by a seizure. And, an FDA approved smartwatch that predicts the next seizure is key for making their life better. And in 2018 that just what Apple came out with their apple watch series 4. It works like this, if you have the slightest changes in your body’s chemistry and you’re wearing the watch, then the watch senses that a seizure is inevitable, and calls the number that you have set up.

Image Source: Pixabay

Mosquitoes that have Been Genetically Altered, and might Put an End to Malaria!

In the last year, scientists were working towards putting an end to malaria once and forever. They tried to achieve this by genetically modifying some species of mosquitoes. And, if they manage to pull this off, it might save a lot of lives. Because of the fact that this might seriously help out the human race, the research has a lot of money behind it, and even more investors trying to help out.

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Hospitals in the USA have Worked Towards Lowering the Costs of Prescription Drugs

Medical patients were negatively impacted by the ever-rising costs for prescription drugs. But, last year the hospitals all over the USA have put some effort into lowering the costs that patients have to pay in order to get the prescription drugs that they need. And there are some hospitals that even created a completely new company about prescription drugs. They named it Civica Rx, and with this company, they’re trying to lower the costs of prescription drugs.

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Armband Upgraded to Help More People

People from all over the world have treated malnutrition with an armband. And because of the design of the tool, once doctors diagnosed the kid, it then needs to go to the nearest healthcare center in order to get the right treatment. Back in 2018, the armband was improved by the International Rescue Committee. And it started helping even more children because of the new design by the International Rescue Committee.

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Improved Statistics in order to Help Refugees Out!

In order to come up with a solution to a problem, any problem, even the refugee crisis, you first need to understand where the problem comes from. Last year the United Nations Refugee Agency alongside the World Bank Group started to work on getting improved data about the refugees using the Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement. In fact, what they’re trying to achieve with this data center is gather more data which will then help them out in understanding the refugees better, and making them feel more welcomed in the communities that they later join.

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