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From the Slammer to Stardom: The World’s Most Epic Mugshots


Most people take their mugshots very seriously. Being caught committing a crime is usually a very sobering experience and often a source of shame. But there are those whose mugshots show no such signs; these people are smiling, smirking, have glitter all over their faces, have their pets with them, are eating sandwiches and even have clothing spelling their crimes out to law enforcement.

There are even some whose mugshots were so beautiful that they went viral, making the criminals stars after their arrest. And we have all them right here for you today. If you’d like to see some of the most epic mugshots in existence, buckle up, because no one does it better than these people. Here are the pictures which took these people from felons to famous.

1. Mirella Ponce

Source: Evening Standard

This pretty little gangster made headlines when her beautiful mugshot hit the internet. The reported bisexual gang banger’s picture was posted on Facebook by the police and thus, the frenzy began.

Mirella Ponce, twenty years old at the time of her arrest, was taken in for weapons charges, which she eventually pleaded guilty to; she also admitted to being a gang member. She was reportedly arrested while in a car with her young child and two members of the Tiny Rascal Gang, the largest (mostly) Asian gang in the country. It was said that there were two stolen guns in the vehicle as well.

Two days after her picture was posted, and bail was set at $100, 000, the photo was already shared thousands of times. The mugshot made her so famous that she set her eyes on becoming a model, like the next felon on the list.

2. Jeremy Meeks


Jeremy Meeks is one of the most well-known felon-turned-models in the world. A former member of the Crips gang, Jeremy had been in trouble with the law many times as a child and it followed him well into his adult life.

The mugshot that would change his life was taken some time in 2014, when he was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm, during a gang sweep in California called Operation Ceasefire. Police posted his picture on Facebook and it made rounds on the internet.

People were so mesmerized by this man that two years later, after his release, he was able to begin a successful modeling career. In fact, rumor has it that he was in discussion with some representatives while he was still in prison.

Jeremy participated in New York Fashion Week, made an appearance in Vogue, appeared in a campaign for the Carolina Lemke sunglasses line and walked for Philipp Plein, all in 2017. As if that wasn’t enough, his new-found fame stirred up a romance with the daughter of British billionaire, Philip Green, whom he now has a baby boy with. Saying that this mugshot changed his life would be the understatement of the century.

3. Sarah Seawright

Source: WTKR

Sarah Seawright is one of the most beautiful women with a criminal history and it’s quite extensive. Making Jeremy Meeks’ charges look like child’s play, Sarah has been arrested for kidnapping, first-degree battery, tampering with physical evidence, aggravated robbery and hindering prosecution.

Most of her charges were given because she offered a man a ride, a man whom she shortly proceeded to hold at gunpoint while asking him for his money. Sarah spotted him in a Target parking lot, asked him to get in and drove to the back of the store where the robbery was committed. Despite her charges, people were in awe when they saw her picture.

Since then, she’s been called everything from Prison Bae to Jailhouse Bae, and she’s taken all this attention relatively well. People are saying hers is one of the most beautiful ones since the likes of Alysa Bathrick and Jeremy Meeks.

4. Angela Coates

Source: IGN

It’s not a coincidence that Angela Coates’ mugshot is not too far from Jeremy Meeks’; she’s known around the world as the “female Jeremy Meeks” and here’s why.

Angela’s mugshots, which were found sometime in 2014, prompted a social media storm and she found herself with more fans than she knew what to do with. You see, Angela’s pictures were posted on after she was charged for disorderly conduct.

She was already a model before her mugshot was released and her new-found fame did help boost her career to a certain extent, although not quite like Jeremy’s. She found most of the attention quite funny, saying that it was “straight comedy.”

5. Jennifer Jensen

Source: Elite Readers

Say hello to Jennifer Jensen, a blonde bombshell whose stunning mugshot had viewers all over the country entranced. Her mugshot, you see, showed the gorgeous woman with her makeup on and a slight smile on her face, making her one of the prettiest lawbreakers in recent times.

Jennifer was involved in a three-vehicle crash back in 2011. Arrested for driving under the influence and having no proof of insurance, the then 30-year-old crashed into the back of a vehicle which had stopped for another to pass. That vehicle, in turn, hit another, causing the three-car accident. The driver of the middle car was taken to the hospital where their injuries were treated.

6. Alysa Bathrick

Source: ABC7 News

North Carolina native Alysa Bathrick had no idea the attention her illegal distributing business would lay at her feet after her mugshot was taken. Eighteen years old at the time of her arrest, the teen, who would soon be known the world over as “cute mugshot girl” found fame for many reasons.

One was for the sheer beauty of her picture. Two, because of the crime she was arrested for, which we’ll get to. And three, her attitude towards her arrest. Alysa’s face was said to have perfect bone structure and her eyes, a doe-like gaze. She was arrested on the suspicion for illegally distributing Xanax in 2014, which she didn’t seem to think was a big deal. She had this to say on Twitter about the incident “Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F*** what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute.”

Well, if she likes it, we certainly do.

She was arrested again for a misdemeanor probation violation.

7. Sean Kory

Source: The Independent

Since Jeremy Meeks, people (women especially) have been keeping a lookout for hot felons all over the internet and they were not disappointed when Sean Kory’s face popped up. He shared similar facial features with Meeks, including his mesmerizing eyes.

Sean was arrested for assaulting someone at a Halloween parade- a man dressed as a Fox News reporter. His picture went viral and he was soon labeled the “Hot Mugshot Guy.” Sean went nowhere as far as Jeremy Meeks, but he’s still being recognized as one of the world’s hottest felons.

8. Toni Lee Hopkins

Source: Daily Mail

Toni, Toni, Toni. This dark-haired beauty was on the wrong side of the law when she was arrested (with five other girls) at a club in Houston. It wasn’t just any kind of club either. Toni was at a men’s strip club in Texas, where she worked, and was going about her nightly duties, stripping and giving lap dances when she broke the “two-foot rule.”

The two-foot rule states that all dancers, when performing lap dances, must maintain a distance of at least two feet from their customer. Toni was arrested for “violating statutes governing sexually oriented business,” while some of the other women faced prostitution charges.

Her cheekbones, eyes and hair gained her the spotlight, but her story has kept her there.

9. Lorena Tavera

Source: Scribol

If you think that Lorena Tavera is beautiful, there are thousands who would agree with you, including the judges who crowned her Miss El Paso Teen USA back in 2006 and Miss El Paso USA in 2008. But Miss Tavera disappointed her fans when she was arrested three years later for shoplifting.

Lorena was arrested for stealing a $69 shirt from H&M, which she vehemently denied doing. The model who was contracted by Laura’s Productions was near hysterics when news reporters caught wind of the story, saying “I’m going to contact my lawyer. This story can’t be run. The story is wrong first of all. It’s been misconstrued and it’s twisted, so I need to contact my lawyer… I can’t talk to you until I talk to my lawyer.”

When she was brought it, it was discovered that she had an additional two traffic court warrants.

10. Rachael Kathryn Lemler

Source: Icepop

Rachael Kathryn Lemler’s smile was dazzling as she posed for her mugshot and it got people’s attention, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her uncanny resemblance to pop star, Carly Rae Jepsen. These two factors have awarded her moderate fame and landed her on many “cute mugshot” lists and articles over the world.

Nineteen at the time of the incident, Rachael was arrested in Shasta County, California, for driving under the influence. The arrest did not seem to bother her because she flashed those pearly whites right at the camera.

11. Jacob Miller

Source: KSBW

Jacob Miller’s beautiful face and green eyes made rounds on the internet but not just because he was handsome, but also because he was the son of a county sheriff. This is Jacob’s story.

Jacob, who was twenty-eight at the time of his arrest, lived in an apartment attached to his father’s house. In a shocking twist, he was served with a search warrant from the narcotics department who worked for his father. He was first accused of burglarizing hotels, but additional charges like being in possession of a weapon, possessing stolen property, as well as possessing methadone were made.

The burglary charges were dropped after a friend of his came forward and admitted to committing the crimes. The judge, however, planned to sentence him to county jail, while also recommending a lengthy rehab stint.

12. Kristen Johnson


Don’t let her pretty face fool you, this former nurse did something very, very bad. When we go to a medical facility, we trust the staff to help us out, treat us fairly and to be discreet with our conditions. But Kristen Johnson, as beautiful as she was, did not do the latter and was arrested for it.

This New York nurse was convicted and arrested when photos of the private parts of an unconscious patient of hers were found on her cell phone. She confessed to taking multiple pictures of patients while working at the Upstate University Hospital in 2014.

She was caught when her co-workers, whom she had shared the pictures with, complained about what she was doing. Twenty-seven at the time of the crime, Kristen pleaded guilty to “disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos.” Following her arrest, her nursing license was revoked.

13. Mekhi Alante Lucky

Source: News & Observer

Mekhi Alante Lucky is the new felon-turned model on the block. Nicknamed “Prison Bae,” the twenty-one-year-old North Carolina native struck big when his mugshot was found and went viral; he now has a modeling contract because of his unique look.

Mekhi was arrested at least five times for crimes including speeding, driving a stolen vehicle, misdemeanor assault, breaking and entering and violating his probation, twice.

The mugshot went viral because of his “amazing bone structure” and because of his striking heterochromatic eyes, a condition which means that Mekhi has mismatched eyes; one is brown and the other is blue. Those eyes and cheekbones are the reason why St Claire’s Modeling, an agency based in Atlanta, signed him back in 2017.

Since landing the contract, the young man has walked for brands like Helmut Lang and Philipp Plein. He has said that “I don’t want to follow in Jeremy Meeks footsteps. I don’t want to follow in anyone’s footsteps.” Lucky also said, “I want to go even further than he is going and be even better – you know do my own thing.” He went on to say the he “just wants to continue modeling and do as much as I can. I really enjoy it – it’s fun.”

14. Jessie Alexander

Source: Local 10

Don’t let Jessie’s pretty face lull you into a false sense of security; this babe scammed companies out of thousands! Here’s how she did it.

41-year old Jessie Alexander, a Florida native, devised a very elaborate scheme to con tens of thousands of dollars out of Florida business owners. Posing as a producer from Fox 29 and boasting friendships with A-list celebrities like Ben Affleck, the young woman contacted businesses around the Palm Beach area saying they were chosen for 30-minute TV specials, that would air on her network.

She requested that each business owner pay her a one-time fee of about $3, 500 for a feature on the show. In return, she promised them massive exposure, a DVD copy of said show, along with an invitation to the reception she would be hosting.

The owners signed contracts and she delivered- but only short YouTube videos. The specials never appeared on Fox29 and that’s when Jessie’s plan started falling apart. She was contacted numerous times by the owners and tried to stall using “ the show’s air date was delayed” as an excuse. Refunds were then requested, to which no response was given and the police were soon involved.

Jessie used the money on personal luxuries which included, but were not limited to spa treatments, fine dining and hotel stays. She was arrested for fraud when her scheme was found out, but was told that the charges would be dropped if she repaid everyone she stole from.

15. Katie Rees

Source: E! News

Katie Rees’ fall from grace was a well-documented one. The stunner’s mugshot made headlines, not because of her sheer beauty and sculpted cheekbones, but also because she was in the public eye. This is Katie’s story.

Katie won the Miss Nevada USA competition but was stripped of her title (by Donald Trump) when semi-nude photos of her surfaced. The images showed Katie exposing her breasts, as well as her simulating certain sexual acts while she was at a nightclub in Florida.

Fast forward a few years and it seems like trouble could not stay away from the already disgraced former Miss Nevada; Katie was charged for multiple small crimes until she was nabbed for drug trafficking. She was allegedly caught dealing meth in Las Vegas and now faces charges like “trafficking in a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act.” After being arrested for drug possession in2012 and even appearing on an Australian show where traces of cocaine and meth were found in her bag, we can’t say that Katie will get a light sentence.

16. Meagan McCullough (now Simmons)

Source: B102.7

Meagan McCullough’s story started in 2013 when her mugshot was involved in a series of memes and she was dubbed the “Attractive Convict.” Arrested because she drove under the influence, Meagan was in tears during the process of having her mugshot taken, but somehow, the world found it beautiful.

The instant fame got her more than just memes; she also received marriage proposals and a fan base bigger than she thought she’d ever have. The funny thing is that Meagan herself thinks that the picture was “terrible,” but many disagree. Although her life has calmed down a lot since it went viral, lots of her fans still call her the original “Attractive Convict.”

17. Rachel Glenna Fisher

Source: Icepop

We hear about people who go through what Rachel has all the time, but not many of them get arrested and not with the beautiful mugshot Rachel gave us. The Georgia native’s story and look made rounds on the internet because it was some parts funny and all parts beautiful.

She was arrested on simple battery charges for kicking a DJ, but that’s not where it ends. Rachel “karate” kicked a karaoke DJ who was dressed as a creepy, evil clown. Said DJ spoke of interacting with Rachel earlier on in the evening with no issues. Later, a highly intoxicated Rachel would go on stage during another person’s performance. When the DJ approached her, she “kicked him on the left side of his face with a karate type kick.”

The altercation took place at a Halloween party back in 2016. She was held on $1000 bond, which was paid later that day. Hopefully, this beauty learns to handle her liquor and keep her feet to herself.

18. Shannon Csapilla

Source: Stamford Advocate

Shannon’s story is one that many women go through when scorned by a man. In a story where beauty much outweighed brains, this Connecticut woman was found scratching an obscenity into the vehicle of a woman who she thought was her friend.

You see, Shannon thought that her friend had been fooling around with her then-boyfriend, so she took it upon herself to vandalize said friend’s vehicle. What’s funny about Shannon’s case doesn’t just include her looks, it’s also because she misspelled the expletive; instead of carving the word “whore” into her friend’s vehicle, she wrote, “wore.”

The then twenty-year old’s mugshot, along with her error went viral. After finding out about her new fame, she took to social media and good-naturedly admitted to her faux pas by saying “Don’t worry, I’m not an English major.” Can you say hilarious with a capital “H”?

19. Sarah Furay

Source: Houston Chronicle

This is the ultimate “do not judge a book by its cover” lesson. Pictured here is Sarah Furay, a woman who appears to be quite sweet when in reality was arrested for selling drugs. But that’s not even the most shocking thing about her story.

In 2015, Sarah was arrested for trafficking drugs- and not just the everyday marijuana kind; she sold ecstasy, meth, cocaine and LSD too. The nineteen-year-old was accused of selling those drugs from her college apartment, where she was caught with over 30 grams of cocaine, over 25 ecstasy tablets, over 120 grams of marijuana and 60 tabs of acid.

Labeled the “adorable drug kingpin,” Sarah would be later charged with four felony counts, including:
• “Possession with intent to deliver more than 20 but less than 80 units of LSD.”
• “Possession of more than two ounces but less than five pounds of ‘usable marijuana.”
• “Possession with intent to deliver more than four grams but less than 200 grams of cocaine.”
• “Possession with intent to deliver more than four grams but less than 200 grams of methamphetamine.”

What’s crazy in Sarah’s case is that she is the daughter of a DEA agent, a man charged with stopping the very thing she was doing. He had worked there for more than twenty years and was even a supervisory special agent who worked out of the Houston division.

Her picture is what got people’s attention, but it was her father’s job and the scandal it created that sealed the deal.

20. Veronica Rodriguez

Source: The Mirror

Veronica Rodriguez is one woman who is definitely up there where hot mugshots are concerned, but we shouldn’t be surprised. The young woman, 19 at the time of her crime, was reportedly an adult actress and was recognized almost instantly when her sexy picture hit the internet.

Veronica, who performs under the same name, was arrested in Hillsborough, Florida, for driving under the influence back in 2010.

No updates were given about the case, but we hear that Veronica has had quite the career in her industry, with hundreds of videos (some say even over a thousand) to her name.

21. Sara Jane Isbister

Source: Texts From Last Night

This hottie has had her fair share of run-ins with the law. In fact, there are so many of her mugshot photos floating around on the web that you’ll think she took a photo shoot before being booked.

This pretty girl’s petty crime spree includes things like failing to appear in court and driving on a suspended license. What’s gotten people’s attention with Sara is the fact that every single one of her mugshots is beautiful.

22. Gabrielle Hill

Source: Icepop

Gabrielle is a gorgeous girl whose mugshot gained lots of attention for just how beautiful it was. Even though she didn’t look too happy, her smoldering blue eyes caused viewers to forget all about the fact that she had cuffs on and focus on that gaze of hers; she was one of the few who came before Jeremy Meeks.

In 2009, Gabrielle was arrested for drug possession, as well as having drug paraphernalia. The then 19-year-old Florida native had less than 20 grams of cannabis when she was pulled over. She’s since been praised for her stunning good looks.

23. Justin Lamar Richardson


The story of Justin Richardson’s mugshot is one that even law enforcement can laugh at. He was arrested for probation violations in September of 2017. At the time of his booking, Justin was hungry and asked the deputies present for something to eat. They handed him a bologna sandwich, of all things and he took it in to take his mugshot. It seems like Justin could not wait until his picture was taken, so he took a bite of the sandwich, which appeared in his mugshot.

The picture, of course, went viral and was even shown on some news outlets. A more traditional one, sans sandwich, was posted later.

24. Ralitsa Ivanova

Source: ABC7 Chicago

Known as the sexiest Bulgarian alive, Ralitsa Ivanova, a model who graced the cover of Maxim, was pulled over and got arrested for driving under the influence. But that wasn’t all; Ralitsa driving in the wrong loane and would have done so for the next thrity minutes because that’s how far away her home was.

As if her careless behavior could not get worse, when she was pulled over, it was discovered that she was also texting while driving back and forth in and out of the wrong lane. After failing the breathalyzer and the field sobriety test, bloodshot and glassy eyes present, she was arrested.

While her mugshot is pretty, people are used to seeing this stunner in her more put-together form.

25. Mary Catherine Hunt

Source: WTSP

Mary Catherine Hunt’s story is one that many women wish for. Girl meets millionaire, they fall hopelessly in love and millionaire proposes. But it didn’t end with Mary Catherine in a castle with her Prince Charming. The two broke up and Mary wasn’t too happy about it.

She proceeded to allegedly steal just over two million dollars worth of jewelry, gems and gold from her former Floridian flame. After the charges were dropped, almost a year later, he ex continued to try to sue her, and her family.

Her mugshot is one that gained media attention because of her woman-scorned crime and because of how beautiful she is.

26. Tara Lambert

Source: NY Post

Of all the criminals on this list, Tara’s is one of the more serious ones. The aspiring model got into some really hot water when it was discovered that she hired a hitman to take her husband’s ex out. Yes, you read it right. Tara Lambert hired a hitman to kill her husband’s ex-wife. But things didn’t turn out exactly as this bombshell planned.

A new mother herself, Tara was recorded talking to an undercover cop whom she thought was the assassin, about committing the crime. She told him to kill Kellie Cooke (the ex) and her husband as well if he happened to be home at the time.

Beyond her mugshot, she gained media attention for the kind of clothing she wore to court while the case was going on. When all was said and done, Tara got five years behind bars; she got credit for serving sixteen months.

27. Kathryn Dennis

Source: Daily Mail

If you think Kathryn Dennis looks familiar, you’re not making things up. This former bad girl was a cast member of the hit Bravo show, Southern Charm. Once called a Southern Belle, this little lady was arrested when she was just twenty-years-old for underaged drinking. Although she wasn’t in the best of moods, her beautiful mugshot was likened to a young version of supermodel, Twiggy.

Joining the show shed light on her already popular mugshot and her romantic relationship with disgraced South Carolina politician, Thomas Ravenel, who is almost 30 years her senior and was arrested on federal cocaine charges.

28. Daniel and Caleb Tate

Source: ABC News

Having a twin is a very special thing. It’s the one person that has been by your side since day one and is often a bond that not many other kinds of siblings can understand. In Daniel and Caleb Tate’s case, they took their twin bond to a whole new level when they decided to detonate makeshift bombs in the rural areas of Lancaster County and Chester County, Pennsylvania, while they were home on a break from school; they mostly targeted property belonging to the Amish community.

Part of their sentence included not having any contact with each other for the five years of their court supervision. This includes no phone calls, emails, texts, social media posts or comments, no holidays or birthdays together- the works!

The two went viral not only because of their crimes but also because they were twins who basically egged each other on to do an extremely stupid thing.

29. Chelsey Edwards

Source: Icepop

In 2013, then J.C. Penney jewelry manager Chelsey Edwards had no idea that her plan to get her repossessed car back would potentially land her prison. She would soon be facing charges of larceny, fraud and stolen property.

According to the police, Chelsey’s scheming ways were first noticed when she told a loss prevention officer at her company that she had found a bag with men’s jewelry. Advising her to put it back for later investigation, Chelsey didn’t.

Instead, she pawned the jewelry for $500 when it was worth more than twice that amount. A tip to the loss prevention officer alerted him to what Chelsey had done and the police were called in. She was released on $9, 000 bail the day after she was brought in.

The shock of it all must have hit her; maybe it’s why her eyes were so wide during her mugshot.

30. Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez

Source: NY Daily News

A then-58-year-old man from the Florida Keys, with an uncanny resemblance to Santa Clause was arrested for selling a white substance, but not the kind you’d find in the North Pole.

Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez was arrested when he was caught selling cocaine to an undercover detective. When the Santa doppelganger was brought in, it was discovered that he already had six outstanding warrants, all of which related to his selling the illegal drug; one of them included distributing cocaine within 1000 feet of a house of worship.

Gutierrez’s photo went viral because people thought it was hilarious that Santa was arrested (while wearing red) for selling coke. He actually worked as a fisherman, when not dealing.

31. Craig Buckner

Source: New York Post

Keeping the trend of their weird mugshots going, we’re now saying hello to Craig Buckner. Mr. Buckner and his pet bird, whose actual name is “Bird,” posed for a mugshot together some time back in November of 2016.

Buckner, who was no stranger to having run-ins with the law, was at a courthouse for violating his release order. He told his parrot to wait outside in a tree while he attended to his business but was taken into custody. Worried about his pet macaw, he asked a deputy to check on it; she found the bird in distress due to being surrounded by crows.

Pleading with law enforcement and stating that he had the animal since it hatched, Buckner was escorted outside to collect Bird and was brought in while waiting for a friend to collect the parrot; it stayed with that friend until Buckner finished his sentence.

32. Eric Oram Butkiewicz

Source: New York Daily News

When people wear the American flag, even if it’s on their face, we assume that they’re proud of their country. But this man did the United States a disservice when he was caught selling Xanax at LIV, a Miami hotspot, at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

The reason why Mr. Butkiewicz had the flag in his face to begin with, was because it was, you guessed it, the fourth of July. When the security called police, they told them that Eric was selling narcotics on their premises.

When questioned by law enforcement, Butkiewicz said: “I possibly have three Xanax bars in my possession.”

33. Andrew Anderson

Source: The Smoking Gun

Staying cool in the heat of the moment is something we’ve learned from criminals on TV. Andrew Anderson, apparently, did not get the memo because he wore a t-shirt which led officers straight to his misdeeds.

When the police pulled Andrew Anderson over, one look at his shirt was all it took for them to search his car. The shirt which said “all my friends are baked” allowed the officers to find small packages of marijuana in his car, along with the money they believe was from the sale of the illegal substance.

He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana trafficking. And of course, the photo went viral, with the majority of people laughing at his sheer stupidity. Others are saying the reverse psychology just did not seem to work this time.

34. Morgan Joyce Varn


Morgan’s mugshot (the third one, we believe) is one that people will never forget. She’s been called demonic, a witch, creepy and downright weird by just about everyone who’s seen her picture. And for good reason.

The then-24-year-old South Carolina mother was arrested when she lured a male to a home where she proceeded to hold him at gunpoint and ask him for his valuables. The victim managed to get out and immediately called the police. Refusing to come out of the house, a SWAT team was soon involved and Morgan gave up; she was charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, possession of a stolen pistol and a host of other things.

She’s since been featured in many scary-themed mugshot articles all over the internet, with many just wanting to know whether she really did tattoo her eyeballs or not.

35. Ronald Goines

Source: WUSA9

Ronald Goines got lots of attention for his wacky mugshot but left people utterly confused when they found out why he was arrested. You see, Ronald was taken in as a suspect of a shooting. Here’s what happened.

Ronald was involved in a robbery that went wrong, which resulted in him shooting two people, back in February of 2017. Ronald was there with two other men, who were also identified and taken in for questioning.

At the time, he gave a huge smile for his mugshot, but he may not have been showing any teeth at all when he was charged with first degree attempted murder.

36. Patrick Tribett

Source: The Smoking Gun

Patrick Tribett has done many things in his life, but the one he may be most well-known for is for huffing gold paint. He had been struggling with addiction since he was a high school student. He ran with an older crowd who introduced him to the habit and although they eventually stopped, Patrick did not.

After three years of being sober in university, he relapsed and started drinking alcohol and huffing inhalants. The addiction cost him his Master’s degree; he ended up crashing his car, defaulting on his loan and losing it all in 1993.

But that would not be the end of this man’s troubles. In the summer of 2005, police found Patrick inebriated from huffing cans of spray paint. When he was brought in, the lower half of his face was covered in gold paint.

This picture would soon go viral causing people to dress up like Tribett for Halloween; the image would appear in magazines and even on the news. Memes were even made in his honor. Patrick, who was able to ignore his new-found fame at first, got extremely bothered when he heard that people were selling pictures of his mugshot on mugs and t-shirts.

Years after the photo, Patrick still struggles with his sobriety, but may soon be getting a decent-sized check since he and his lawyer were planning on suing the companies using his struggle for profit.

37. Angela Green

Source: WTVD

Angela Green is not a woman who goes down easily. The Cleveland native was arrested for refusing to leave the premises of an Ohio hotel. Angela had not wanted to check out of her hotel room and so, the police were called.

She became uncooperative when she was given the ultimatum of either paying for another night or vacating. Refusing to listen to the police and providing them with false identification saw Angela arriving at the police station, where she was charged with obstructing official business.

But her mugshot is the real reason why she’ll always be remembered because even then, she refused to comply fully; the picture taken shows a rebellious Angela with the ultimate “duck-face” look, daring someone to say something to her. It was posted on the Wickliffe Police Department’s Facebook page, where it began to make rounds.

As for Angela, she was later released on a $354 cash bond.

38. Tammy Lee Hinton

Source: Jackson County Police

Tammy’s newlywed bliss came to a screeching halt when she was arrested on a felony warrant just after walking down the aisle. Here’s what went down.

Tammy, who had an outstanding arrest (over three years) for identity theft was in Jackson for her wedding celebration. She walked down the aisle, said “I do,” and kissed her groom before police invaded the event and took her in.

The police, before going through with the arrest actually debated whether it should be done on her wedding day, and ultimately decided that they had no other choice. They did, however, allow her to take a few photos before bringing her in. Tammy decided against changing her clothes for her mugshot and the result is what you now see.

This strange story made headlines and landed Tammy on the news, as well as renowned sites like The Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

39. Micah Musser

Source: WDRB

Micah Musser, now being called America’s “Hickey King” shot to relative-stardom after his mugshot was discovered.

Micah already had quite the history before this arrest and was a known burglar in his town. A runaway, the Kentucky teen was found by the police in an abandoned building littered with “empty alcoholic beverage containers.”

But what makes Micah’s mugshot so special? Well, when the eighteen-year-old was caught trespassing and engaging in an unlawful transaction with a minor, his neck was completely covered in hickeys, leaving officers to believe that Micah was participating in quite a bit of lip-smacking before he committed his crimes.

He was arrested again after his mugshot went viral. This time, there were no hickeys in sight.

40. Khamprasong Thammavong

Source: New York Daily News

Khamprasong’s mugshot is one of the crazier ones, not because he was a good-looking man- maybe he was, but it’s extremely hard to tell with all the tattoos covering his face. Known to some as the “Gucci gangster, this man was pulled over by police in California back in 2016.

A known member of the Laos Bloods gang, a search of his house revealed several automatic rifles, tactical gear of law enforcement quality, narcotics including a marijuana grow house and pictures of Khamprasong posing with weapons. He was taken in and charged with numerous felonies.

Despite his being a gang member and all the charges made against him, people are only astonished by all his facial tattoos, including the “Gucci” on his forehead, the word “eye” repeated on each eyebrow, the unidentifiable mass on his cheek and his black lips.

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