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Funny Pictures of Times Work Safety Flew Right Out the Window


For certain jobs around the world, there are measures that we have to take to be safe. For construction workers, it’s more important than ever to be safe because there are so many ways that one can get hurt or be killed on the job. And while it is expected that they cut corners in the safety department every now and then (like not wearing a hardhat at all times), some people take their practices to a whole new level.

Not only do they wear the wrong clothing, but they use equipment that would and should never be permitted on a job site. The worst part is they’re all hilarious because they’re so insane. And we’ve got quite a few to show you today. If you’d like to see some of the craziest, unsafe work practices known to man, keep reading.

The Balancing Act


We get it. Sometimes in life, there are certain places you want to reach that you can’t, and that’s where ladders come in. Usually, these ladders are meant to be stood up right under the spot you want to get to, or up against the wall.

They’re never ever meant to be stacked on top of another ladder, no matter how stable they appear to be. In this picture, one half of the ladder’s bottom is placed on a landing and the other half is split between two shorter ladders. And it leads us to think about just what kind of crazy person would attempt such a balancing act.

The Ladder Relay


Here we go again with the ladder shenanigans. But this picture takes it to another level and quite literally too. Not only is one of the ladders an extendable one, but it’s also topped by another smaller ladder- one that isn’t even straight- and therefore, far from safe.

The crazy part is that it appears that one of the men climbed all the way to the top. Further, what amazes us is that he survived the climb and he continued to balance on it while on that steep roof trying to do God knows what.

No Need for An Exit


Finding a great spot to park shopping carts or trolleys can be difficult if there isn’t a designated area. But the person responsible for what’s going on in this picture got it very wrong with the place they decided would be best for the carts.

If you haven’t noticed, the two rows of carts in the picture have been placed directly in front of the fire exit. Just how would one attempt to escape a fire with the doors barred by all those carts and a cement block? When you guys figure it out, let us know.

Being Floored


Construction is a hard and dangerous job. And it’s something that requires lots of focus, attention to detail and that all the rules are being adhered to. But being careful is clearly not high on the priority list for the men in this picture.

You see, they’re chipping away at the floor which is all well and good, but they’re also standing on the very surface whose supports they just removed. All that stands between some of the men and a fall to the next level is some bent up wire.

Making A Clean Sweep


Forklifts are useful in wide open spaces- most often warehouses that have heavy items that need to be transported back and forth. And sometimes, they’re even used to lift people higher because a ladder just won’t cut it.

But we really don’t think that they were meant to lift people so high. Not only is this man what looks to be over fifty feet in the air, but there’s nothing that he can hold on to if he stumbles on the pallet (which has holes in them). And just what could he be doing up there anyway?

Adapting For An Adapter


Now we’ve seen some very creative ways that people have plugged stuff into outlets, but never have we ever seen something this crazy or this dangerous. Clearly, they’re in a foreign country and not used to dealing with these kinds of plugs, and we’ve got to hand it to them for using nail clippers to make it work.

The genius part is that these metal tools conduct electricity and it is innovative. But just how did this person plug those in without getting shocked to a crisp?

Out of His Reach


Have you ever looked for something that you needed and could not find it? Well, it appears that this man could not find his ladder, so he opted for something else, even though it was extremely dangerous, and provided no stability whatsoever.

This man is standing in a precarious position with no one holding the door and only one arm for support while he attempts to reach a tiny spot high up on the wall. But it seems like that tiny spot near the ceiling (the one that is barely noticeable to the human eye) really needed painting.

Wat-er Shock!


When you look at the picture, one of the first things you’ll notice are the outlets on the wall- which there’s nothing wrong with. But when you look down, what else do you see? If you’re not sure what this apparatus is, it’s an eye washer- a special device that sprays water into each eye to clean it out.

Now the two devices are fine individually, but when they’re placed so close to each other, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. If you didn’t know, water and electricity just do not mix, even when it comes to construction.

Things Are Looking Hot


Wiring is a very funny thing and only the most skilled and knowledgeable should be allowed to do it. But even then, things can still go wrong- and this is one of those times. If you’re a bit confused as to what we’re talking about, take a look at the third bolt from the right.

It is smoking so hot- in fact, we’re willing to bet to that if you touched it, you’d sear your fingers off. But there’s more. The appendage attached to the bolt is also feeling the heat, so much so that it looks like it’s about to blow.

An Unseen Threat


To people who can see, this picture can be confusing, so allow us to explain it to you. Right above a braille sign is exposed wiring. It means that anyone who touches it, accidentally or not, is likely to get a shock to their fingers, or whichever body part it comes into contact with.

The problem here is that because there’s a braille sign, it means that there are likely to be blind people who use said sign to figure out where they are. And that means touching and feeling for the sign. With the exposed wiring, you can see that it’s probably not the smartest thing to have these side by side. We’re happy to report that this potential for danger was fixed soon after the picture was posted.

Risky Business


Now we’ve seen quite a few balancing acts when it comes to ladders, but never have we seen anything quite as crazy as this. Not only is this ladder being held up by a thin pole and an equally thin stick, but only one side is being supported, if you can even call it that.

But what’s impressive is that the man on the ladder seems to be making it work- even though what he’s doing is extremely dangerous.

Fighting the Heat


We all know how crazy the heat can get, especially during the summer. And when you’re AC shuts down, it can be the absolute worst thing on the planet. And while we’re all for taking things into your own hands, there are certain jobs one should leave to the professionals.

And this picture shows exactly that! One friend basically has his life on the line, while two stand on the ladder in the hopes that it’ll hold him up long enough to get the job done. It’s utter madness.

Up In the Air


This picture is exactly why car jacks were invented. And sometimes, those aren’t even used properly. But what’s going on here is something we’ve never seen before. Right before your eyes is a man who is using two thin pieces of wood to prop his vehicle up, while he does work underneath it.

Just thinking about all the things that could go wrong here gives us the hives. We really hope those two sticks held out long enough for him to get out.

Napping Anywhere


Humans get tired- it’s just a fact of life. And it’s the reason why naps exist. Taking a nap can often be the difference between getting something done and burning, so it’s important that even adults take them. But it’s where you take it that matters. A nice, comfy bed is what people usually opt for, not two air conditioning units many floors above the ground.

This person is taking extreme napping to a whole new level by taking a chance and sleeping so high up and with no barriers between him and the very hard ground.

Reaching for the Top


If you’re a fan of beautifully landscaped homes, then you’ll know how important it is to clip your hedges. It’s not a job that everyone can do, but those who do it usually do a stellar job. But it’s not easy making things look so pretty and perfect. Nor is it easy when a client’s hedges grow out of control and you’re forced to take extreme measure to make them look good.

In this case, the landscaper has to make use of a crane and a grass cutter just to make this person’s hedges look presentable. And we don’t have to point out how dangerous this is. From the rope to the operator falling off- safety definitely flew out the window with this one.

Getting Swept Away


Where do we start with this one? Both men in this picture have put themselves in situations where they could get swept away by the river. The one on the ladder just needs a strong enough current that’ll drag both him and that flimsy-looking ladder into the water.

As for the one hanging out on the crane, one wrong adjustment in his position means a cold dunk for him. And he also has to worry about being hoisted back up without any incidents. Just what were they thinking?

Lowering Your Standards


Clearly, this is a construction job, so there should be the appropriate equipment around for this man to go down into the manhole. Instead, he chooses to forego using the proper materials and has his buddies lower him down into the dark cavern- holding onto him by just his feet.

And that shouldn’t comfort anybody, least of all the man being held up. The friend in the dark sweater will be in big trouble if the shoe slips off, and the friend in the white is equally screwed if the pants rip.



If you live in an Asian, Caribbean, or tropical country, you’ll know that bamboo is a pretty strong material. And sure it can be used in construction, but we’ve never seen it on this level. The contractor, whoever he or she is, had decided to use a cheaper alternative than the scaffolding we’re so used to seeing.

Instead, they’ve installed some bamboo ladders which, one, may not be safe and two, makes the construction workers look like they’re participating in some odd kind of bamboo gymnastics- bamboo-nastics!

Right On the Hedge


Now we’ve discussed the lengths that people are will to go through for some great landscaping, but this man has no safety net whatsoever. Not only is his friend below not serving any kind of purpose (because the ladder is already secure), but he’s also taking the risk of being squished by his landscaping friend and the top ladder.

What definitely needs more support is the smaller ladder towards the top. But this guy is a professional and maybe he knows what he’s doing.

Holding On…Barely


Now we’ve seen some crazy inventions thus far, but we’ve never seen someone trying to extend a ladder- or at least one leg of the ladder- like this. This genius has decided to make use of some clamps and a tiny piece of wood to get the length and stability they desire.

But we still have to point out how unsafe this is, because the extension, aka the piece of wood, isn’t firmly planted on the stair. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s over the edge, and that means that the climber can take quite the fall if they sway in the wrong direction.

Heading in the Wrong Direction


We all know how important it is to protect your head when working with all kinds of construction equipment. And we know that the guy in this picture knows it too. You see, he has made some kind of attempt to protect his dead, but sadly, his efforts get a great big F minus.

Just how does he expect a plastic container to protect him from hard or sharp objects and what if sparks start to fly? What will he do then?

Team Strategy


When we mentioned scaffolding in the previous pictures, this is not what we had in mind. These stick-like objects look a lot less sturdy than the bamboo and each man on all of its levels are at risk, especially if a particularly strong breeze blows.

The crazy part is that if one man falls, all of them will fall in what would be one of the most unfortunate domino effects we’ve ever seen. Hopefully whatever they were doing as a team was over in a few minutes- and we’d very much like to speak to the person who convinced them to get up there in the first place.

Window Grips


Once again we see the lengths people go through to get out of the heat. Here’s a man who has decided to put his trust into two of his buddies, allowing them the hold onto him while he fixes what looks like the air conditioning.

What’s dangerous is that neither of his friends’ grips look to be that secure. One is simply holding onto him by his a tiny portion of his waistband, while the other is holding onto his jeans and has his feet wrapped around the friend’s head. There’s nothing preventing the a/c fixer from sliding out of his pants and plummeting to the ground below, except the two feet that are semi-wrapped around some dude’s neck.

Chimney Trouble


While the man in this picture doesn’t appear to be in any danger at present, that could change very quickly if the wind blows the wrong way. We’re not sure if they’re trying to clean the chimney, paint it or switch out some bricks, but we do know that they’re taking a huge risk by leaning over with a ladder with no support and no safety net.

We hope the ladder didn’t break and that he or she managed to get down safely.

Sticking It In


Making waste easy to manage for pick up or clean up is the responsible thing to do. What’s not so responsible is the way this guy is going about doing it. If you can’t understand what’s going on, allow us to explain it to you.

The man in this picture is forgoing just about every rule there is in the book for operating these kinds of machines and is shoving his foot into the woodchipper to make it go faster and churn more of the sticks. What he probably doesn’t realize is that his foot could also soon join the wood chips on the floor.

The Human Step Ladder


Teamwork should always make the dream work, but it should never really be used for this kind of foolishness. Clearly putting their four heads together didn’t work because the idea to make one man basically wear a ladder is pretty silly.

And don’t you think he could’ve gotten the job done if they scooted the ladder over just a smidge? At least they can count their lucky stars that the distance really isn’t that high and that if any of these guys fall, it won’t hurt too badly.

By the Scruff of His Neck


Let us start by saying that if there was a picture associated with the word “safety,” this would be the direct opposite of it. You can see from the neighboring building that these men are pretty high up. It should mean that if any one of were to dangle off the edge to get or fix something, that they should be attached to some sort of rope.

But these men clearly didn’t have the time to take measures that could save a man’s life. Instead, they thought it was better to hold onto him by a flimsy t-shirt. We’re hoping that, one, it worked, and that, two, they never did it again.

Leaning All the Way


By now, we could probably write a book about the stupid and unsafe things that people have done with ladders. And this picture is no different. While the ladder looks to be secure, the man painting the ceiling could still fall on either side.

There’s nothing there that’ll prevent him from losing his balance, which will send him and the paintbrush rolling down the stairs.

Plastic Protection


In the previous head protection gear picture, the man at least had the nerve to use a more solid version of plastic. But we can’t exactly say what was going through this guy’s mind when he chose to use a plastic bag to protect his face from some fiery sparks.

A plastic bag can barely protect one from the rain, far less the sparks that come about while using a saw. But that’s what he chose to do, and from what we heard, it didn’t end too badly.

Cutting the Tail End of It


Cutting boards were invented for this reason exactly. Why would anyone in their right mind agree to offer up their bodies to act as a table to cut wood on? Is it just us, or does anyone else understand how crazy and dangerous this is?

The blade is so close to his body that we can’t fathom what would happen if the one with the saw went just an inch upwards. But maybe the man who’s laying down doesn’t need his butt or his backbone, and that’s why he’s taking this risk. Who knows?

A Big, Unnecessary Risk

Daily Mail

Now we’ve seen many, many unnecessary risks thus far, but none of them even come close to this. Why would anyone smoke near a sign that clearly states that there’s flammable gas in the area? If you’re baffled by what you’re seeing, you may want to join the club because that’s exactly how we feel.

To make things worse, he appears to have quite some age on him, which means that he should know better. But clearly, he’s choosing to ignore everything.

Getting Up There


Forklifts are meant to lift objects and sometimes people up to places that aren’t easily reached by hand. But never have we read in any manual that you can put one forklift on top of another, and then top it off with some heavy objects.

But clearly these people knew something we didn’t, even though it’s all extremely dangerous.

Look, No Hands

Elite Readers

Most of us were blessed with hands for a reason. And while it’s great to go handless sometimes, like with our cellphones and other kinds of technology, it’s never a good idea to use just your feet to operate any kind of drill.

Can you imagine what would happen if he lost balance and the jackhammer flew into the air or hurt someone else? The scene would be one straight out of a horror movie.

Just A Little Lower

Done Safe

A crane, no safety net or harness, a flammable tool and a bunch of onlookers? What could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually. For one, he could fall to his death, two, he could burn himself, three, he could lose a body part or five, and the list goes on.

We’re just not sure why this is necessary or why this is the best way to get it done.

The DIY Electric Job

Daily Mail

There’s nothing like doing a job yourself. If we’re being honest, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with completing a job that not many people can do- but that job should not include a lone man climbing an electrical pole and attempting to fix it with his bare hands!

But that’s exactly what this man is doing and he has a huge smile on his face too! Not only can he be arrested for tampering with the poles, but he can also seriously hurt himself in more ways than one.

On the Windowpane


Where to start with this one? We’re not sure because trying the explain the madness that is this picture is almost impossible. What we can see is that a man (who doesn’t appear to be the lightest person on the planet) is standing on a window pane with two types of cleaning products.

What’s insane is that based on his body language, he knows he’s in trouble too. We’d love to find out how this one ended.

Way Up There

Elite Readers

Clean windows are pretty important, especially if you live in a place that has amazing views. And unfortunately for someone, they need to be cleaned, and often. What you expect when windows in high rises need to be cleaned in that there’s some sort of safe pulley system that allows a person or two to do that.

What you don’t expect is to see someone freehanding it right on the ledge, like this crazy guy is dong right here. We’re praying that he only had to clean that one window.

Taking Extra Measurements


This picture teaches us lots of things, but the biggest lesson is that people have been doing stupid things where construction is concerned, for a very long time. This black and white picture shows an undeveloped city where a man is taking an unnecessary risk by overextending himself (quite literally, too) to get some measurements in.

There’s no safety net below and he has no harness attached to him. It’s just one leg and no hands.

The Ledge

Elite Readers

While we can’t begin to say what this man is doing, we know that he’s taking a crazy big risk while doing it. If you can’t tell what’s going on, this man has a ladder perched on a tiny ledge while he’s attempting to do what he’s doing.

If he reaches too far to the left or right, it’s game over for him and the ladder.

The Perfect Paint Job

eBaum’s World

Painting is a job that often requires you to reach up into some weird spots. And the man in this picture is showing that exact struggle in this picture. He’s also showing the not so smart lengths that he’s willing to go through to get a tiny spot on his house painted.

He is literally leaning out of his window with two metal prongs (that we’re not sure are even properly secured) as he puts all his body weight on the ladder. Not only can he fall over, but the metal can give out at any second. But we’re not professionals here- maybe he knows what he’s doing.

Barrel Business

Elite Readers

Now the people in this picture got it right, at least with the lowest layer, but it all went to hell the moment they decided to use barrels to layer each level of whatever this thing is supposed to be.

Sure the barrels appear to be solid, but there’s a reason scaffolding should be used instead of barrels. What makes things worse is that it looks like they ran out towards the top and used crates in conjunction with the barrels to get more height. There are some things that we’ll just never understand- and some that we just don’t need to.

Who Needs Two Legs, Or Safety?

Elite Readers

Sometimes, we really have to wonder what some people are thinking about when making their crazy decisions. In this picture, we had to try to understand what in the world possessed these men to not only rest a metal ladder on an electrical wire, but what made them so sure that it had enough support to hold the ladder and a body.

Well, clearly their idea was good enough to allow them to go through with it, because that’s exactly what they did. One of the crazier parts is that the man at the bottom is providing no real support for his friend, who is on a ladder that doesn’t even look like it’s straight.

What A View


Sometimes, some of us are lucky enough to work with some pretty fantastic views at our backs. But this is no what we’re referring to when we talk about scenic views. I mean sure, it is gorgeous to gaze upon, but we’re pretty sure the workers are more preoccupied with trying not to fall over than to admire a view.

And the edge shouldn’t be their only concern, because it’s just as easy to miss a step and go down between the spaces of the bridge- if you can even call it that. There’s also the wind to factor in and the rain that’ll make it extremely slippery for the guys. Just who thinks about constructing something like this?

Close Enough to Touch


Remember the last picture we saw when there were two guys suspended over a river? Well, this is that, except it’s ten times worse because this man is being dangled right over the open ocean! He isn’t wearing a life jacket, nor is he attached to any kind of device that could save him is he does take a tumble.

And this is all very possible because he’s standing on the edge of the handle. What’s worse is that we can’t even figure out what he’s even doing there to begin with, other than staring at some rocks.

Walking the Plank

Elite Readers

There’s nothing like having the support of your friends when doing something that’s not very smart. And it really could not be any more literal than what’s going on in this picture because this brave soul has dared to venture out into the space between his ship and a huge wall to fix something.

But his methods are extremely questionable because not only can the piece of wood snap, but he can also lose balance. And we can assure you that his friend won’t be able to help him then, especially if he gets caught between the ship and that wall.

Four Ladders, One Guy


Sometimes, we really have to wonder whether some people know if there’s a concept known as “being safe.” And this is a prime example as to why these questions pop into our heads. This man is performing one hell of a balancing act with four ladders and although it’s far from safe, we have to hand it to him for his creativity.

Not only does it seem like he came up with this all on his own, but it’s pretty genius how he managed to balance everything using those ladders. But he must’ve realized the flaw in his plan because he won’t go all the way to the edge. If he does, the other end of the ladder might just lift and make him go crashing down.

Finding Shade

Elite Readers

Working in the hot sun can be a grueling task, especially if it involves construction. So it’s very important to stay hydrated and to find a break from the sun every now and then. But never would we have suspected or suggested that these men find shade under their tractor!

There are so many things that could go wrong here that we’re not sure where we should start. But our main issue is the faith that all these men have in this piece of machinery. For the sake of all their lives, we hope it turned out well.

Holding On To Danger


So in this picture, this construction worker clearly understands the need to reinforce himself when going over the edge. But his choice is more than a bit lacking. Because you see, if he has to place some or all of his body weight on something, it probably shouldn’t be some flimsy caution or danger tape.

Those things can be snapped by a toddler with little to no effort, so we’re not sure how or why he thinks it can hold his body up. But to each his own.

Changing the Lightbulb


Changing lightbulbs is a necessary evil. I mean how else are we expected to see in the dark if we don’t have light? It’s a task that someone has to do and almost often involves a ladder. What’s going on in this picture is not what we expected to see.

The ladder isn’t even straight to begin with- it’s at a weird angle that we’re not sure ladders were meant to be used in. But it seems to be working out so far. We hope it continued to work until he was done.

The Makeshift Hardhat

Elite Readers

Headgear is especially important during construction because our brains are very vulnerable. It’s one of the reasons why hardhats were created. While this man has the right idea, at least in knowing that his head could be in danger while he’s at the job, he got it all wrong with his makeshift hardhat.

What he’s wearing looks like a soft, sponge-like material. And while padding is great and all, it’s nowhere near what a hardhat should be. If anything were to fall on his head, just how does he expect this piece of foam to protect him? It beats us!

The Buddy System

Elite Readers

We have so many questions about what is going on in this picture. First of all, what kind of ladder is that and just what is it holding on to? Secondly, can he really do the work he needs to do at that angle? And third, does he really think that his friend’s arm is enough to hold onto him if he leans the wrong way?

This, people, is why you higher and handyman or talk to your landlord when there’s an issue with something at your house. Do not try this at home.

A Heavy Load


You’d think that by now people would learn to not hoist extremely heavy machinery up by some scrawny-looking ropes, but nope. It seems like that lesson needs a few more years to sink in properly. So in the meantime, we’ll continue to see people taking crazy risks like what’s going on in this picture.

What looks to be happening here is that this tower thing needs to be broken down. And we think they’ve got it all wrong because, in our opinion, a bulldozer could do a faster (and a much safer) job. What do you think?

Leaving It All in Their Hands

Elite Readers

Another day, another crazy ladder stunt. But while this one doesn’t seem to be too high up off the ground, it’s still very dangerous for the person at the top. You see, there’s something about home improvement jobs that’ll require you to get into precarious positions every now and then, whether it’s on the roof or down in the basement- and it should always be done with the utmost safety.

Here, it’s clearly non-existent. But at least there are two men holding onto the other side of the ladder, so unless both of their arms give out, we think they’ll be okay.

Sweeping By


We’ll allow you a moment or two to take in this picture just to get a grasp as to just how high up this man is, with no support whatsoever. So let’s get into it. This brave, daring and absolutely insane man is hundreds, if not, thousands of feet up in the air and appears to be sweeping the support beams of a bridge.

But why do they need to be swept? And why is this man not hooked up to something that could save his life if he loses balance or if it’s a particularly windy day?

Welding Away

Elite Readers

So, we’ve seen at least two examples of people with their makeshift headgear and we can say with exact certainty that the standard seems to be deteriorating with each new protective mask that we see. We’ve gone from a solid plastic container to a plastic bag and now to some sort of paper device.

We’re not sure if it’s meant to protect from sparks, dust or bugs, but this paper mask is a definite no-no. In fact, this man should be arrested for putting his life at risk in such a way and for possibly inspiring others to follow along this path.



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