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Generous Woman Bought Hotel Rooms For Homeless During Polar Vortex in Chicago


The deadly Polar Vortex that was terrorizing the cities all over the Midwest this winter was one of the worst things to happen to the Midwest this year. The citizens saw temperatures that were lower than ever before and were really scared about what was going to happen. But it’s times like this that gather us around and make us help each other, That’s exactly what this Chicago woman tried to do by taking care about her community, and the deed she did was amazing in itself!  Enjoy!

Endangered Community

The 34-year-old Candace Payne and her husband were passing a conglomeration of homeless people located on the south side of Chicago under the Dan Ryan Expressway, each and every day. So when the news about the scary Polar Vortex hit Chicago and urged its citizens to start preparing for the vortex, Payne and her husband were thinking about what would happen with all those people living in tents beneath the bridge. She said that they were trying to help as many people as possible to get them out of that place.

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The Idea for The Good Deed!

So she came up with an idea that would save a lot of them from the cold and ruthless Polar Vortex. She decided that she is going to rent hotel rooms for them and put them in a hotel. But not too many hotels were prepared to take them in, and the only one that she found was named “The Amber”. The first thing that Payne decided to do was rent 20 rooms for somewhere around $70 per room with her credit card.

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The next thing that Payne thought of was to reach to other people who are willing to help, and she knew that there were a lot of people that wanted to help but didn’t know how. So, she posted all over social media asking for donations and help from her friends and colleagues. A lot of people responded to her requests and at the end, she gathered donations for 4 nights at 60 rooms. The people that couldn’t help financially decided to go out and prepare food and serve the homeless people at the Amber.

The Savior!

The good deed that Payne did not pass unnoticed… The beautiful story gathered media outlets from all over the country gathered to report on Payne’s story. Jermaine and Robert, two guys that stayed at “The Amber” said that Payne was “Their anger” for CBS News.

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Jermaine added that they’re not used to getting that kind of help, he also added that at the times that he most needed it, Payne appeared and helped him.

Robert also added that up until that moment he just heard and saw those things on the news, and never experienced this himself, but that day he really found out how it feels!


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