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Girl loses 140 pounds after being turned down by college crush, then gets even with him perfectly


Have you ever been rejected by someone you’ve had a crush on? How’d you feel? Devastated? Well, instead of sitting down and thinking about her feelings, this girl stood up and she turned her whole life on its head… She managed to lose up to 140 pounds, and she even got her own revenge.

Change is good, especially now!

Once her college crush rejected her, she was decisive that she wants to get this guy back and show him how she can do it without him. But, that wasn’t the only reason why she decided to make this change in her life. After being obese the greater part of her life, she decided to make a change that would also affect her lifestyle and health.

She wasn’t stubborn and knew that she had to shed a couple of pounds. And that’s why she decided to start taking care of her body. She told herself that she wouldn’t feel good until she looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t feel proud of where she managed to get. And we all know how hard weight loss can be, especially for someone who has gone that far, but she knew that she could achieve that!

The girl and her story!

If we’d want to really know her story and how she went through the transformation we will have to find out something more about the girl. Her name is Rachael Heffner. Born and raised in Indianapolis, she is 27 years old and she recently became a pretty popular girl as a result of her amazing transformation, and her story in general.

Lots and lots of people have re-sheared her story around the world. And, her story also inspired a lot of people to take action and transform their bodies as well! She became the inspiration and the motivation of millions of people and her crush who has rejected her was the one she should be thankful to. She has touched people’s heart with her story.

Weighing in on her size

She was 285 lbs. when she was in her worse. And despite the fact that Rachel knew that she was heavier than others, she didn’t really see the high weight as a problem. Maybe that’s because that’s how it was for the majority of Rachel’s life. And she felt like this up until the moment that her crush rejected her. This is where she snapped and decided to transform her life and body – And boy did she do it!


She managed to start the transformation feeling like it was her moment to start living a healthier life and start improving her lifestyle and improve her overall health. But, she also felt amazing once her former uni crush found out how big of a mistake he made when he decided to rejected her. And, you can’t even imagine what she said to him!

Growing up

Even when she was really small, Rachel was a chubby little girl. She understood that she had a bit more than her friends, and her parents who were both working full time jobs let her eat whatever she wanted and however much she wanted to eat. As a result of the uncontrolled eating and her unhealthy diet, she got fatter and fatter – but things took a turn for worse when her mother found out that she had systemic mastocytosis.

She started to get sicker and sicker, her immune system was decreasing. And, she left Rachel and her husband when she passed away when Rachel was only 7 years old. But, that’s not all the bad news that piled up on Rachel. She lost her best friend too around the same time. This is the bigger part of the reason why Rachel was like that.

Food is the cure for everything

Losing a family member is not easy. And losing your mother is even harder… So Rachel had to find comfort in something. And, when it was hardest for her she turned to the food as a tool for comfort. She didn’t know much about nutrition and healthy food, because she didn’t learn anything from her parents when she was a child. And once she lost her mother she cared less about what she was eating…

Rachel and Her Mom

It’s pretty common for people to find comfort in food, and try to battle depression and grief with food. And, once you find it, it’s pretty hard to stop eating. Chips, candies, sugary snacks, and soda drinks were the food that made Rachel feel good so she kept piling those junk foods into her stomach. She didn’t even watch on the size of the portions she was eating for the main meals. And as a result, she kept getting heavier, and heavier, and heavier…

Cannot control it!

To be honest, lots of people were witnessing and they said that she looked like she lost all control over what she was eating and drinking. She kept eating the junk food, packet after packet after packet, and she drowned everything with ounces upon ounces of sugary soda! And that took its tolls.

Mountain Dew, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta and more were her addiction that she couldn’t stop if her life mattered from it. She was consuming more and more soda on daily basis and her body just kept asking for more sugars that came with it.

Will College Be Better?

In her 19s she couldn’t even look at herself, she was unhappy with how she actually looked, and she was ashamed and disgusted of her life overall. She thought that when she goes to college and meets new people everything is going to be just fine.

This is the stage of life were kids start falling in love and developing feelings for one another. She started having feelings for one particular guy, and once she finally tried to ask him out, he rejected her and broke her heart. This was practically the turning point for her.

The rejection and the turning point:

She recently revealed how he actually reacted. Namely, in an interview for the Daily Mail, she talked of how the rejection made her feel. The guy she had a crush on rejected her and even though he tried to hide the reason why he’s rejecting her it was obvious why he did it.

Rachel knew that despite her fun and happy persona, he didn’t like the way she actually looked. She knew that she looked different than most of the other girls in college, but she still felt hurt. And this is when she decided to start making some changes and prove him that he was wrong for rejecting her.

A New Year’s Resolution

While we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions, the one that Rachel made during the period that she was home from college wasn’t driven just by the thought to lose weight. This one was driven by revenge and willingness to prove somebody wrong! She also did it to start living a healthier and happier life. She started immediately, bought a pair of running shoes and started achieving her goals as soon as she decided.

But, that’s not all. Once she got back to college she decided that she needs to throw out all the junk food she has in her room. She also decided to set a goal that she would lose half her body weight. So she had 139 pounds to lose.

1st, she needed to replace the sugars

Trying to lose weight and this whole new lifestyle that Rachel was trying to achieve wasn’t easy, despite the fact she was motivated. Her body was missing the sugars from the sodas that she was drinking. She couldn’t stop thinking about them and it was pretty hard to decide what she would do about this problem…

Before and After

She decided that she would replace the unhealthy soda with Gatorade while she gets used to not consuming the sugars. After that, she would drink lots and lots of water. And, she was finally making some progress. She could even notice the progress herself by looking at the mirror and trying out her old clothes!

2nd, she needed to lower her portions

As time passed by Rachel actually started getting used to the new type of foods and the new lifestyle she was living. She wasn’t the girl that was buying and eating the junk food anymore, now she started making her meals in her room and eating healthier than she was before!

She’d go out, buy some fresh, new and healthy ingredients that she wanted to try out, find a recipe that includes them and make her own meals. She even reduced her portion sizes because she was eating large portions before. She knew she had to make little steps to achieve her huge goal. Her body wasn’t happy with the changes she made but she was dealing with it!

3rd, dealing with the hunger…

Her stomach, and even her body gotten used to large portions and lots and lots of foods, sugars and treats by the time she decided to start losing weight. So, Rachel started feeling the hunger, she never felt full and she always wanted to eat more food, no matter how much she ate just minutes before!

But, she found a solution to these problems. She stayed strong till the end, and whenever she felt that she needed to munch on something, she had the fruits and veggies to snack on. She also drank lots of water, and after a few hard months she began to get used to it and her stomach started shrinking.

4th, start to walk and run

She wanted to get to her goal as quickly as possible, so she decided that she needs to start working out. She started going to the gym together with her roommate and she did everything that she could do to get to her goal faster!

First, she started with walking on the treadmill, then she moved on to harder and more complicated workouts. She was doing cardio and weightlifting in order to get the body she was aiming for!

And last but not least, losing the weight

As time passed by Rachel was losing more and more weight, she lost lots of weight and managed to get to 145 pounds. This is when she realized that she wasn’t looking like herself anymore. Even her college friends and her friends from high school had to double check if it was her or not.  This brought her self-confidence back and she felt good again!

She even had her first couple of whistles and looks thrown her way. So she knew that the hard work she did has finally paid off. She was being hit on by guys in her campus, at the grocery store and in the gym!

She hasn’t forgotten about him!

But, her goal wasn’t that, she had only one thing in mind and she was still thinking about the guy that rejected her back in college. She was feeling ecstatic once he crawled back out and when he finally asked her out for a date.

Even she got surprised by her answer. She flat out rejected him. Despite the fact that he said he was sorry about the way he talked to her. But, she knew deep down that she couldn’t forget it, no matter how bad she wanted to. But, she had even more goals to achieve now!

Need to solve this one too!

We talked about how good it felt for Rachel to finally start seeing the changes she was achieving in the mirror. But, she could still see a couple of things from her past. She realized how her obesity was gone, but it still left some negative effects on her body and she needed to get rid of them!

Because of the sudden weight loss she experienced. Her skin started sagging. She could notice that on her stomach. She decided to film a video, post it on Facebook in order to raise some money to remove it. At one point she reached her goal and booked it a couple of weeks later.

Need to do something before the surgery!

She knew that the surgery wasn’t a walk in the park. There were lots of risks involved with the surgery she was to undergo, and she decided to prepare herself for it. She was constantly reading and learning and she found out that the best way to recover from that surgery is to strengthen your core muscles and your abdomen as much as you can!

This is when she found her personal trainer that helped her to achieve her goal, spent a couple of weeks working out so she builds up her muscles before the surgery!

The day has come!

After just a couple of weeks the day of surgery has come. Rachel did everything she could to get ready before going to the surgery. This surgery meant that she completed the weight loss goal she had in mind.

And before going to the hospital for the surgery she decided she would like to weigh herself. That was the time she realized that she achieved her goal and was 130 pounds. She was pretty happy and satisfied of herself.

14 days after the surgery!

She breezed through the skin removal process. Rachel was content with her results. She got the body she wanted and to be honest it looked like a completely different body. And despite the fact that she achieved her primary goal and she finally liked what she saw in the mirror she didn’t feel like her journey was over. She actually felt like it just started!

She knew that it couldn’t end there. And, after spending a lot of time thinking about what she would do, she finally got it. She wanted to be a pro bodybuilder

Starting a new journey:

She wasn’t able to actually start immediately because of the surgery, but she was eager to wait for her new journey to start. She started modifying her workout routines helping her transform her weight loss journey into a bodybuilding journey!

Just like last time, she started on the treadmill. When she got back in form she went on to tackle the weight section. Once she was fully recovered she wanted to see the results and started working out. And, after just a few months she became a new person altogether.

Rachel, now…

Now, Rachel is miles ahead of the fat college girl she used to be. She improved her physical health, her mental health, her body, and lifestyle. She began to pursue her bodybuilding and personal training dream and to be honest, she has come a long way in that department too!

Rachel is walking on the stage, flexing, showing off and proving the ones who didn’t think that she would achieve her huge goal wrong. She showed them how she could improve her life with the transformation and that she is strong enough to do it!

Reaching for more!

She has done a lot since the start of her weight loss journey, in fact she has done a lot as a bodybuilder too! She even said that when she appeared on stage with her bikini in the competition was the first time she eve wore a bikini in her lifetime…

And, finally, she could brag with the things she achieved in that short period of time and all the hard work she has done to actually get there. We are sure she felt amazing and satisfied while doing that!

Awards upon awards!

As a cherry on the top is the fact that just after she became a professional bodybuilder, she started winning awards. In fact, she was one of the best bodybuilders in the area. She won a couple of 1st place awards in a really short period, and she is just starting!

Novice figure, novice physique, open figure, open physique, and Miss Indiana overall women’s physique are just a couple of the awards she won starting with bodybuilding. The award for best new competitor is also an award that you can find on her shelf of accomplishments. She is becoming one of the best don’t you think?!

The person responsible for her fast success!

She has stated that she feels the need to speak up about a particular person who has been the unsung hero in her fast success – this person is Adam, her trainer. “I thought I was serious before I met Adam,” she said. “But I feel like even in the year and a half that I’ve known him, my mental state has changed completely.” She added.

She felt that even when she was skinny, she didn’t feel ready to take on the next level. But, Adam was here for her to help her achieve those things!

Recurring doubts

It doesn’t matter who we are as a person. Each and every one of us has his fair share of disbelief and doubts. There is always a voice in the back of our heads trying to bring us down and make us question our abilities… “I still had doubts,” She stated. “I believed in myself, but I still had doubts in myself.” She added.

Each and every one of us has this feeling and it’s a normal feeling to have. It is especially normal for a person who wasn’t a fitness lover before and now is getting awards left and right. I mean, who wouldn’t have the occasional flashbacks…huh?

The confidence boost she really needed!

She met Adam – her trainer just at the moments that she felt like she needed someone the most! Adam worked at the gym that Rachel was going to, ARC Fitness, and once they met he instantly wanted to help her achieve her goals. “When I met him, he was the only person I ever met that asked me my goal.

And he was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’ There was no question, like, ‘Are you sure?’ There was no nothing. He was just like, ‘Let’s do it.’” And this is the real confidence booster that she actually needed at the time.

The student becomes the teacher!

She actually loved spending time at the ARC Fitness, and this is mainly as a result of her and Adam being such a good tandem. And once she started to go on the PRO scenes, and winning tons of awards the staff took notice.

In no time, she wasn’t only going to the gym to train there. She started training other people to achieve their goals as well. She is the current director of operations at the gym she used to build her dreams – ARC Fitness. And, it fits perfectly, I mean take the fact how many people she inspired already with her story!

She deserves the credit!

No matter how much Adam helped Rachel in achieving her dreams, he says that she deserves all the credit! “She’s one of the most committed competitors I’ve ever had the privilege to coach. I’m just amazed, and I couldn’t be more proud of what she’s accomplished.”

He knows how hard she worked for her goals, and he also knows that he didn’t have to force Rachel to do something, she just did it.  Her willpower and mindset were already there he just needed to help her out with the workout routines.

Emotional for him

He even went into detail for how it felt watching Rachel – his trainee achieve her goals and even going further… “It was very emotional, especially for me, because I’ve been there. I’ve been there from the very beginning.

I’ve seen that change from the very beginning – where she said she would never get on stage, to the mindset that it took to change, to the mindset that it took to change other people, and love herself.” Even Rachel herself has lots of things to say on how you need to first love yourselves!

First, you need to love yourself!

Love yourselves, that’s what Rachel recommends for her followers. Here’s what she said, “Love yourself today because, at the end of the day, you’re all you have.”

“You’re number one, and if you’re happy with yourself and doing you, everyone else will follow. Winning attracts other winners. Moral of that – surround yourself with great people.” This quote is on one of her Instagram posts, but it is not the only one… there are a lot more!


Getting through to the end is all about knowing that you have a reward waiting for you there is another one of the quotes that Rachel gave us. “The reward of helping people, inspiring people, getting up on stage and doing something that I love, that I had no idea I loved until I did it. That’s my reward.”

Everybody who has gone through the process of achieving their goals, and have gone through the path of most resistance are aware of the feeling you get when you get to the end of the tunnel and see the light shine in your face!

Dieting is not what people present to you!

She also speaks wise words about the wrong perception of dieting people give us. “You can’t eat healthy your whole life and deprive yourself of things. Food is meant to be enjoyed. It’s not meant to be feared. It’s not about that. You have all the power over food. Food has no power over you.”

And this is the real truth you need to know about dieting… People oftentimes fall sick because of the unhealthy food shortage that they expose themselves to. And the only thing they need to do is to start eating healthy and not starve themselves to death!

Dad was wrong – I was right!

And, one of the best thing she got to tell her pops is “You were wrong, I was right!” This is because her father told her that he will believe that she will lose the weight when he sees it. And now he has seen it! At the beginning as an overweight teen she didn’t think that she would make it past 25.

And now, when she is well over 25 she looks healthier and better looking than ever before!

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