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Glued To The Smartphone? Steps To Improve Mental Health And Manage Screen Time For Kids


I am sure that you already know this, but too much screen time for your kids on their smartphones and tablets might result in decreased language development and cognitive skills as well as bad mental health. Lucky for you, there are a couple of steps that you as a parent can take in order to develop a positive relationship between your kid and technology. Limits on the screen time that your kids spent in front of their tablets, computers, and phones are one of the more crucial steps, and in the next couple of paragraphs, we’re going to speak about some lesser known steps…

Schedule a “Screen Off Time”

Fear of missing out (FOMO as kids these days want to call it), as well as tech addiction, keep your kid’s eyes on the screen all the time. So one of the better tips we can give the parents is to schedule parts of the days when all the screens should be turned off, this includes tablets, mobile phones, TVs, computers, laptops etc. During the meals you should all try your hardest not to take out your phones, yes we’re talking to the parents too! A penalty jar for the ones who break and spend some screen time is a good idea. And once you collect enough money in the jar you can use them for screen-free family day.

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Late Night Texting Impacts Your Sleeping Schedule!

Screens emit blue light, and this light results in suppressed melatonin levels which are known to affect the sleeping cycles of people. So in order to improve your kid’s sleeping cycle, you should not allow them to use their phones, computers, and tablets two hours before going to bed. Instead of using the phone you can teach them how to implement something useful in their “before bed routine” like meditation, drinking tea or practicing focused breathing.

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Talk to Them

You should be spending more times with your kids. In fact, you should be spending as much time as you can with your children. You don’t need to do anything special, all you need to do is to ask them about their days, lives, and answer any questions they might have. Yes, Google can help kids out a lot today, but kids who have a better connection with their parents are less stressed and more aware of their emotions.

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Reduce Their on-screen Time with Other Activities!

As they spend more and more time on-screen you might notice a decrease in their ability to read non-verbal signs, their soft skills as well as their language usage. Given the state that social media are in now too much screen time might also result in bullying, stress, anxiety, feeling worthless and more! You will help out your kids a lot if you sign them for some kind of sport or any activity that is going to decrease the time they spend in front of the screen.

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How to Raise Your Kids Right

Another great way to decrease their on-screen time is to force them to leave their phones away during family meet-ups and dinners. But you should also do the same in order to set an example. In order to raise your kids well, you can actually teach them how to meditate, exercise, or how to eat well in order to further improve their health. You’ll also need to tell your kids not to share their feelings online and write them down in a journal or a diary instead.

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