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Got Back Pain? Here Are 5 Simple Exercises That Can Help


Do you feel dragged down by the constant back pain that you’re experiencing? Well, if you answered yes, then we have great news for you. There are things that you can do in order to improve this! All you need to do is get yourself a yoga mat, a foam roller, and a towel and start the exercise that we’re going to talk about today. Make sure that your doctor approves of these exercise before you start though!

A Simple Warm up Pose

The following exercise is an easy and simple one to do. And it’s the first stretch because it will warm you up for the next, more complicated exercises. It’s called “The Legs Up The Wall” pose and the name of the pose explains how the pose is done. All you need to do before you start this stretch is to put a foam roller or a yoga mat on the floor below you. Rest your legs up on the wall and remain in this pose for around sixty seconds.

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The Hamstring Stretch

This next exercise is a bit more complicated than the first one. And it focuses on the fitness in your legs. This also helps out your posture and the support for your lower back too! All you need for this exercise is to lay down on your back and raise one leg up in the air. With the hamstring pull your leg towards your chest keeping it straight and the knee slightly bent. Repeat the same for both legs.

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Partial Crunches the Exercise for Your Core

Partial crunches and any kind of crunches are a great way of building support for your back. They are a great exercise that will improve your back, posture and will strengthen your core and midsection. For this exercise, you need to bend your knees and your feet on the floor. Lift your head up with your arms behind it up until you feel comfortable. Gradually increase the reps of the exercise so that you can further strengthen your core.

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Alternating Leg and Arm Raises an Exercise for Stamina

You can build strength in your back and increase your stamina by going to the next exercise. This exercise is the alternating leg and arm raises. The intensity makes this exercise doable only for the people that are trying to eliminate the chances of further back pain and not for the ones that are trying to eliminate the already existing one. For this exercise, you will need a floor mat. Lay on your stomach lifting your head and chin off of the ground. After this, you can lift your right hand and the left leg together at the same time, lower them and when you’re done switch to the left hand and the right leg.

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Partial Bridge – A Strong Finish

The partial bridge is a great way of building up the strength in your lower back, as well as your abs and quadriceps. To do this exercise you will need to lay down on your back and bend your knees. Next, you are going to have to lift up your lower back as far up as you can and hold that position for about 10 seconds.

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