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Gotta Taste ‘Em All: You Can Now Dine À La Pikachu At This Pokémon-Themed Cafe in Tokyo


You probably heard about the Pokémon Café, but, today we’ve decided to talk about it a little bit because it is its one year anniversary for the Tokyo based themed café. This café is more popular amongst people who love the animated series – Pokémon, and the ones that loved playing the ever-rising game, Pokémon Go! The Pokémon Café is a pretty interesting place and it has a lot of themed foods for the true fans of Pokémon. People and fans of Pokémon loved the new dishes and, but not too many of them have heard that this café was here for a whole year before.

Delicious Looking Bulbasaur, Charizard and Pikachu dishes!

In the menu, you will be able to find almost every Pokémon that ever caught your eye. The all-time favorite for the visitors of this café was the Bulbasaur veggie burger. A lot of people actually said that this one looked too good to be eaten. And, what’s even more amazing is the fact that even people that love eating meat liked the way that the Bulbasaur veggie burger looked. Many were even tempted to try the beautiful looking burger.

Image Source: The Pokemon Cafe

Luckily, for all of us that enjoy eating meat, there is the Charizard dish… This dish is made using a roast beef volcano. You can also find a Pikachu in the menu, and you will get Pikachu in the shape of a latte, marshmallow cage. You can literally find any pokemon that you love, some are even represented as a drink.

The Most Popular Item on the Daily Menu

You were always able to visit the Pokémon café, and you would always find some amazing and delicious daily dishes that were cheaper than before. You could notice that Pikachu was there on the daily menu, it was the most frequent dish that circulated the daily dish. The Pikachu curry was one of the most recommended items in the menu, and guests loved the waiters’ recommendations. The Pikachu dish was highlighted by a Pikachu drawing in the middle of the curry, the masterpiece was created using rice and some star-shaped potatoes and veggies as well.

Image Source: The Pokemon Cafe

You could get the infamous Snorlax in a Hamburg Steak along with a bed of rice and some veggies. You could also order some of their more popular Pokémon themed lattes that helped visitors to soak up their surrounding atmosphere.

Dessert À La Pokémon

You are able to satisfy your sweet tooth with the numerous desserts that you will be able to find in the café. There is something for everybody’s taste. And, the fact that they are sweet and tasteful is not the only thing. In fact, the most important thing about these creations is how they actually look. You can order everything ranging from a regular Pokémon Pudding, all the way to some of the most delicious Pokémon pancakes that I’ve ever tasted.

Image Source: The Pokemon Cafe

The best-selling desert was the Evee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait. Eve’s tail was created by a couple of fluffs of cream. It also included some sweet and sour berries, coffee jelly and lots of chocolate.


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