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Grandma and grandson go on a trip of a lifetime


Traveling the world has to be one of the most desired things to do, and everyone wants to visit someplace on this planet at least once. No matter if you’re going to visit a specific city somewhere or go to every capital city in the world, you should be allowed to do so. Joy Ryan, an 89-year-old, when she was young, she didn’t have the opportunity to travel. So her grandson Brad Ryan decided to take his grandma on a trip around the US. In 2015, they went on an adventure visiting all 61 national parks in the United States.

When she was young, Joy lived a very simple life and never got the chance to visit the mountains and cost lines in the United States. Living in Duncan Falls, Ohio, she rarely had the opportunity to go somewhere outside her town. She has always dreamt of visiting the ocean and climbing mountains. And when her grandson was showing her photos of his trip when he went hiking the Appalachian Trail, Joy told her grandson that she never had the chance to travel. Brad had said that she told him she regrets that she didn’t experience as much as she liked when she was younger. Joy’s husband died 20 years ago, and since then she would just stay at home all the time. She has always been a hard-working person, working for a minimum wage until she was 80-years-old. Brad knew all of this, so one day he decided that he should take his grandma on a trip she would never forget.

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Brad took his grandma for a trip to The Smoky Mountains in 2015, but he thought that wasn’t enough and that she needed to see more. He decided to make a GoFundMe page, so they could raise money so that they could go visit 21 National Parks. They were traveling for a month, and Brad realized that everywhere they went people would find them unusual. This was because of the fact that people thought that traveling with your 89-year-old grandma wasn’t very typical. He said that it isn’t every day you see a 30-year-old grandson and his grandma traveling together.

Since 2015, when they started their trip, they have visited all of the United States national parks such as The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone, The Everglades National Park and many more. During their travels, they have seen all kinds of animals, bears, deer, moose. They have also seen Joy’s favorite animal they saw that she found hilarious was the prairie dog. Brad has said that it was amazing how his grandma was reacting to seeing all these animals. He knew that she would have never seen them in her hometown of Duncan Falls.

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Brad realized that this trip meant so much to his grandma and that it was some kind of a reward because she was positive all the time, and she rose the kids and grandkids with love. Even though she has been through a lot of tough times in her life. With losing her husband and her two kids when they were only 40-years-old, she has always maintained a positive look on life. She hasn’t seen much and hasn’t left her town a lot, but she has always been grateful for what she has. Brad has said that through everything she lived through, she always starts her day by thanking for the sun for coming up. Brad knew that because of her unique character, people would enjoy her story and her travels. So, he decided to create an Instagram page for grandma, where he documented every place they have been during their trip. Sharing photos and videos, she has racked up more than eleven thousand followers, and that number is growing every day.

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They have also gained a lot of attention on Twitter, and more than a hundred thousand people have seen their journey. A lot of people have commented on the photos and videos. They said that it is so heartwarming seeing the two having fun together and that their bond is something that everyone should have with their grandparents and grandchildren. They have also inspired people to think about and do the same thing with their grandparents. A lot of people had said that they should have done the same thing with their grandparents when they were still alive. Everyone had something nice and positive to say about the pair as they were seeing them having an amazing time.

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Both Brand and Joy will continue to travel around the United States. Not just because Joy is seeing something new every day but also because it is beneficial to her. Going out of the house and walking and seeing new things can make her more and happier, plus he gets to have so much quality time with her amazing grandson going places she has only dreamt of.

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