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Guy Awakens To Stray Kitten Napping On His Lap And It Turns Into One Of The Cutest Pet Rescue Stories


Making a new four-legged friend does not take a lot. In fact, there are times in life when all it takes is a bit of luck and a twist of fate. This guy was used to his lonely life, without any pet friends. But, in a minute, his life was changed by a sweet cat that fell asleep in his lap, and the cuteness of the cat made him change his mind about pets in general… He named the cat Angel and he loves it with all his heart.

His Sleeping Company

Canberra, Australia, one of the places that spells out relaxation. And, Ali Safa was doing just that, he was scrolling through his social media on his phone, and enjoying the sunny day when at one point, he fell asleep. What he didn’t know was that he wasn’t all by himself. Namely, next to him was an adorable kitten. The kitty was with a beautiful white color, and it had an amazing face. While Ali was sleeping this kitty looked around and thought that Ali would make the perfect bed for it. So it approached him and climbed on his lap.

Image Source: Newsini

Once Ali got the sleep he needed, he didn’t know that he had something sleeping on his lap. But, once he looked down, he couldn’t realize what the little white creature on his lap was, at first he thought that it was a white rat, it took him a while to realize that the creature was a cat. He stated that the kitty actually looked so adorable on his lap, so he decided to leave it there for a while. He realized that the kitten was a stray cat, and the next thing he would do will leave you speechless.

Uploading the Heart Warming Story

He wasn’t worried about the diseases that the kitty might be carrying. Instead, he decided to give the cat exactly what it needed. Some head rubs and a lot, and I mean a lot of attention. He was quick to take his mobile phone, and he decided to take a couple of selfies and photos of the cat. While he was doing that, the kitten didn’t care about its surroundings. Instead, it was playing with his shoelaces. And, after Ali posted the pictures on his Reddit profile, the story started going viral, and people wanted to know something more about the playful kitten.

Image Source: Bored Panda

Ali wasn’t shy with the information he was sharing and the constant information about the kitten’s status. He didn’t think twice about taking care of the stray kitten, and after he spends some time with it, he decided to call it Angel. He even posted that he loved that the kitty was playful, he said that he had a lot of fun with the cat, and he also added that the kitten was the most stubborn attention seeker that he has ever seen. The kitten got comfortable, and she even started sleeping with her owner, in his bed. She left her bed in the corner and didn’t look at it ever again.

The Reddit Community about Pets

It’s not a secret that the internet community loves cats and pets in general. And, nobody was surprised that the little stray kitten got so much attention all over the social media. Users on Reddit were quick to try and advise as well as encourage Ali on how to live his life with Angel.

Image Source: u/A_H_S / Reddit

Some Reddit users even posted some comments on his post. One user said that the cat was Ali’s now and that he is now the chosen one to take care of it. And, another user jokingly said that he was adopted by the cat while he was sleeping…

Take a look at the original post that Ali posted about the kitten:


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