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Habits that will help you not stress about money


We know you have experienced it at the end of the month when you get your paycheck, then go pay all of your bills, pay your rent, go to the grocery store and buy the essential that you will need at home. Put a bit aside to have so you can go and get back from work and get left with very little money even though you know you worked yourself to the bone. And of course we all want that life where we can buy for our self every car, house we want or just have enough to feel stable, but it just isn’t the case. Yours always have options on how to deal with this. The first one is, feeling all stressed and worried every night or keep calm and apply these four habits we gathered so you can stop feeling stressed out on how much you have left after paying your expenses.

Budgeting your money

This is the most cliché method, but we all know it always works. Thought to us from a young age, budgeting is one of the best ways to stop stressing bout your money. Although it differs from one individual to another, there are various ways that can help people with low income. Some people when they get their paycheck, cash it out and put it in a different savings account, where one is for paying rent other is for the bills, etc. And there are others where they use the same method of cashing their check and letter put the money into various envelopes for the different expenses they have. It is way easier to know how much you have to spend on every part of your life and be organized.

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Getting a pay rise

If you know that you are worth more than you earn, you can always go to your boss and present your case that you need a pay rise. Knowing that you are the one individual at the office how always goes beyond what is required, does extra work, takes extra hours and lays it all on the line for the company yet still is payed the same as the ones that do less of course at the end of the month when you get paid as everyone you will be stressed. Keep in check everything you do and at a certain point, present this to your boss so he can see how much more you do and that you deserve some sort of pay rise or even a promotion.

Benefit from the money that you already own

You may not know that you could be earning even more without even trying, although you may know how much you earn each month. You probably have no idea of the interest your savings account makes if you are that person who relies on internet banking. The best way to fix this problem is pretty simple, all you need to do is try and find a new bank, or a different account in the same bank, which will make you more money. The same thing goes for your credit cards. By always paying with your credit cards with the thought in mind that you will pay that amount back, you need to see the fees which you will collect, and, in some cases, you even have to try and get the rewards without it ever affecting the money that you already own.

Less hand-outs

This might be a little confusing because you don’t really see how this can affect you. But just try to recollect some moments in the past where you gave money to your friends and family without even thinking about it. For example, the time you didn’t want to go to that concert but your friend really wanted to go so you pay for both of your tickets or the time where your friend really needed the money and said he would pay you back but didn’t. So next time, pay attention to whom at how much you give, because this can lead to additional stress.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

You may not have so much money in your bank account right now, but adopting these habits will surely guide you in the right direction and keep you from stressing out at night. You might even start to save up much more then you imagine, heck that car you spotted at the dealership on your way home from work could be right around the corner.

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